Robert Pattinson Misses Kristen Stewart’s Unique Aroma – He Loves Her, Wants To Smell Her Again!

Robert Pattinson Misses Kristen Stewart's Unique Aroma - He Loves Her, Wants To Smell Her Again!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both have reputations for not being the ‘cleanest’ of Hollywood stars. In fact, if we’re being blunt, they usually look like hobos when they’re out in their street wear. It’s refreshing, really — Hollywood stars who aren’t always perfectly groomed, even when walking their dogs or going to get the groceries.

However, that has led to a lot of smell and odor jokes, and Rob’s latest interview is bound to add to that. While promoting his new Dior Homme Eau For Men perfume, he discusses the type of women that the scent would attract [because perfumes are what attract women, right?].

He explains, “She’s a girl of her own mind, refusing to smell ‘pretty’ or do what’s expected of her. And clearly someone who isn’t confused about her idea of femininity.” Hmmm… does anyone else get the sense that he’s describing Kristen here? That description fits Kristen to a T, both when it comes to her ‘smell’ and her clothing and fashion sense.

The olfactory sense in humans is actually one of the strongest senses, so it’s not difficult to assume that Kristen’s smell is what Rob associates strongest with his memories of her. And, unconsciously, that’s what he misses most about her. D’awwww. This is actually kind of sad, although it’s bound to give Twi-hards more hope about a possible reunion, no matter how tenuous that chance actually is.

What do you guys think? Does Rob miss Kristen and her smell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • cathy

    I certainly hope he does NOT miss her. He deserves SO much better ~ like a clean, classy, intelligent, loving and loyal girlfriend.

  • Julie Soule

    Guess kstew has to wash her own pits now

  • ellenj49

    No! They are done. I’d be surprised if Rob lives in LA again. He may have left for good. He can do work from London. At least he’s not followed 24/7 there. These webloids have gone too far and so have the paps. Now they prob killed the cash cow for news. They will have to make up more stories and recycle old ones. It’s getting boring now! Haha. Bunch of idiots!