Robert Pattinson Sends Valentine’s Day Flowers For Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Sends Valentine's Day Flowers For Kristen Stewart

At this point, in how much denial must you be to still believe that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting back together? Since their second [and permanent] breakup at the beginning of last year, the former couple has been spotted together once – in the fall, where rumors abounded that they were hooking up. But since then, they’ve been apart, so they either reunited for a quick friends with benefits session, or they’re trying to stay friends. Either way, they’re not in a committed relationship with each other, although Hollywood Life refuses to accept that.

In their continual desire to Twi-hard bait, they’ve published a new report about how Rob sent Kristen ‘romantic’ Valentine’s Day flowers. And how do they know this, you ask? Why, from their ‘sources’, of course!

These sources tell Hollywood Life, “Rob is good with stuff like that. He has sisters that trained him well. Even though he and Kristen aren’t together, he wanted to make sure that she knows she still matters to him.”

Riiight. Because Rob has nothing better to do while abroad and filming than to send Kristen flowers from across the world? And of course, their source also adds that Kristen’s continuing in her master plan to win Robert Pattinson back, although I’m not sure this ‘plan’ would even work. Based on their conflicting reports, Kristen’s playing hard to get and Rob’s sending her flowers – but he doesn’t want to date her?

Again, denial. Major, major denial. Let Rob and Kristen move on, and let them progress in their careers and romantic lives without the constant shadow of their previous relationships. Especially when the alternative is these ridiculous reports.

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  • Dawn

    Who the devil are these “sources”? Seems to me if any of
    this was remotely true “they” wouldn’t try to hide their
    names. It appears these “sources” keep hoping that
    Rob and ks do get back together. Now that would be a
    very sad thing. Rob needs to find a good woman. One
    that he can trust , and one that will love him honestly.

  • ellenj49

    This webloid acts like it’s other sites that say this. They just don’t believe it! Yeah right! They just propagate this lie.

  • Anonymous~

    I gotta admit Kris and Rob were cute together, but with Kristina cheating on him and all the shit Rob had to put up with, we all know Rob deserves 100% better.

  • melissa

    Hey I understand cheating is not ok everybody makes mistakes I know from experience in my life nobody is perfect need to learn and grow from it take it from there sides kristen and rob always has the spotlight on them its hard when your a young actor to deal with stuff like that maybe if people would of backed off a little bit maybe just maybe the would of been able to work on there relationship I hope myself they will get back together one day it can happened I have been married sence 1995 when I was 18 years old my husband cheated on me in 2005 found out I was pregant I was hurt we manage to work through it but its hard if I can do it so can they.