Robert Pattinson Recording Solo Album – Report

Robert Pattinson Recording Solo Album - Report

Robert Pattinson, singer-songwriter extraordinaire? In his mind, maybe, but I don’t think anyone’s laboring under the delusion that he’ll become the next big thing in music, even if he’s talented. And we know he’s talented, thanks to the numerous videos of him singing at bars and at karaoke clubs.

According to several new reports, Rob has decided to produce his first solo music album after wrapping up his film commitments. A source supposedly explains to Now, “Rob loves acting, but his real passion is music. He’s eager to record a solo album when he finishes up his film commitments. Last year, he started working with one of the top songwriters in the industry. They hope to produce and record a hit single when they are finished, along with an entire album as well.”

Well, it makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint. Twi-hards will buy anything with Robert Pattinson’s name on it, regardless of the quality. But Rob actually is a musical talent, even though he would hard pressed to match the success of other actor-turned-songwriters. There aren’t many successful crossovers from film to music, especially in today’s day and age where the skills are far more specialized. For every Jennifer Lopez and Jared Leto, there’s a hundred Vanessa Hudgens and John Travoltas.

Plus, this is all a moot point because Rob looks booked solid for at least the next year, with almost three films in pre-production or various stages of development. And if he wants to take advantage of this momentum, he’ll attach more films instead of taking time off to focus on a music career that may or may not take off.

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