Robert Pattinson’s Sister Lizzy Pattinson Struggles To Win The X Factor Without Using Brother’s Fame and Connections

Robert Pattinson's Sister Lizzy Pattinson Struggles To Win The X Factor Without Using Brother's Fame and Connections

Ah, it’s good to know that nepotism is still alive and kicking in the entertainment industry. Lizzy Pattinson is currently a contestant on the UK X Factor, and why is she there? Well, because she’s Robert Pattinson‘s sister, of course. But the show’s host, Dermot O’Leary, claims that Lizzy doesn’t want to use Rob’s name, fame, or connections to win the show.

He explained [using Twitter] that Lizzy wanted to win on her own terms, stating, “That’s what I love about her, she came on her own. I like that, because I think I’d come on my own.”

Uh-huh. Except Rob has already raved about his sister joining The X Factor, so too little too late. Granted, I doubt Lizzy told Rob to rhapsodize about her in an interview, but let’s face it – the fact that she’s even on the show is probably 70% due to her being Rob’s sister.

Usually, the contestants on the X Factor follow the same mold: extremely young, extremely attractive, and extremely talented. Now, while Lizzy is both talented and attractive, she’s not exactly that young. She’s 31 years old, which is ancient in the recording world. It sounds harsh, but it’s true – think about which singers you know that have made it after their thirties, discounting the truly talented ones that lucked into it. It takes years of dedication and patience to break into the music industry, and even then, there’s so much more than talent involved – politics, looks, age, managers, agents, publicity, buzz, etc.

The fact that Lizzy is Rob’s sister has probably played a part in helping her until now, but even if she doesn’t want to use her family connections to win the show, the fans don’t work that way. Rob’s fans will continue to root for Lizzy, whether she likes it or not. And the show’s producers will continue to advertise her family connections, whether she wants people to know or not. After all, didn’t the host just mention her family on Twitter [in the aforementioned tweet], even though he did it to defend Lizzy?

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