Robin William’s Daughter Zelda Rae Reacts to Father’s Suicide Death on Twitter

Robin William's Daughter Zelda Rae Reacts to Father's Suicide Death on Twitter

Zelda Rae Williams, the only daughter of Robin Williams, is completely devastated over the suicide death of her father. Zelda, 25, born to Williams and his second wife Marsha Garces, recently celebrated her birthday and received a touching #TBT picture along with birthday wishes from her father. Only days later would he commit suicide and leave his only daughter without the man she looked up to for so many years. Williams has shared that his daughter was named after Princess Zelda of The Legend of Zelda series of video games.

Zelda is an actress who has done some short films and has appeared on a handful of television series. Zelda, who is currently dating Colin Donnell, who recently starred in the TV series Arrow, will not have her father to walk her down the aisle on the day she marries. A close source shared with Hollywood Life that Zelda  “is inconsolable and this is her worst nightmare. Absolutely devastated.”

In an interview with, Zelda shared that her childhood may have mirrored that of her father’s. She shared that she, too, had a lack of friends growing up, which is similar to comments her father has made about being a loner. Zelda shared, “I was a really shy teenager, to the point where I had like one friend.” The 2013 interview also uncovered her thoughts on her childhood with her famous father, “I had a really good childhood, and Dad’s lovely. I grew up really normally in San Francisco, with a lovely house and two dogs and my brothers. I went to an all-girls Catholic school and got bullied every day and kind of had a normal life. I can’t speak for the rest of the second-generation Hollywood kids, but most of them seem really sweet.

In a reply to a tweet originally posted on her birthday by father Robin Williams, Zelda Williams shares an emotional message to her now deceased father. The original post came from Robin on Zelda’s birthday. The actor posted a touching #TBT picture of the two along with a birthday message on July 31, Zelda’s 25th birthday. But on August 11, the day of her father’s death, Zelda had this to say to her father, shared a quote from the author of ‘The Little Prince’ via Twitter and Instagram:

Robin William's Daughter Zelda Rae Reacts to Father's Suicide Death on Twitter

Williams’ only daughter seemed the most vocal of the actor’s three children about her father’s death. His sons have not yet responded publically, but the entire family is grieving now.

It is surprising that Williams allowed his depression and insecurities to take over as he witness the grief of Christopher Reeves family after he passed. The Sydney Herald Times shared Williams’ comments about the passing of his friend and the impact on his family, “It [death] happens all the time, I know, but I know their kids, they’re amazing, and to see them go through so much loss in one year – that’s tough,” he said.

Williams shared his constant feeling of fear and anxiety that contributed to his desire to drink, telling The Guardian in 2010 that a general free-floating constant feeling of fear was the catalyst in his drinking. He shared, “It’s just literally being afraid. And you think, oh, this will ease the fear. And it doesn’t.” Williams went on to say that he was afraid of everything, “It’s just a general all-round arggghhh. It’s fearfulness and anxiety.”

As CDL reported earlier, Williams admitted to being very insecure as a child and to still carrying those same fears now as an adult. Keep checking back with us CDLers, as you know we’ll keep you informed of all the latest information about Robin Williams’ death.

CDL will continue to keep you updated on comments from Zelda and others close to Robin.

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