Rookie Blue Recap 8/21/14: Season 5 Finale “Figments; Everlasting”

Rookie Blue Recap 8/21/14: Season 5 Finale “Figments; Everlasting”

Tonight on ABC ROOKIE BLUE continues with a double episode called “Figments; Everlasting.” On tonight’s show a bomb explodes in a downtown parking garage in the Season 5 finale.

On the last episode the officers of 15 Division had been assigned a thankless task: “helping” tenants move out of a condemned subsidized-housing complex and into a neighboring building. While checking on an empty unit, Andy and Chloe found a man who has been tortured and beaten unconscious, leading to the discovery of a ruthless criminal operation. Meanwhile, Nick and Gail arrested a pair of teenage siblings with secrets of their own, forcing Nick to divulge some of the darker truths of his own past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show Andy McNally and Sam Swarek are in such a good place that she just can’t help but feel like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. So when Andy learns her former rookie, Duncan, is back on active duty and hoping to reconcile, she’s sure that this is what her anxiety was anticipating. But it’s all hands on deck when a car bomb explodes in a downtown parking garage – quickly followed by a second explosion at a busy local intersection. Duncan, eager to prove himself, goes rogue – only to come face-to-face with the car bomber. Now, it’s up to Andy and Nick to get the situation under control and save Duncan before they run out of time.

Tonight’s episode is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Rookie Blue tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Rookie Blue! In the meantime, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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On tonight’s finale, both old and new relationships appear to get in the way of the cops doing their jobs. Andy and Chloe were teamed together this week because Duncan is back on the job and Andy didn’t want to be adult enough to work with him – so Nick had gallantly offered to switch with her. And that meant he was stuck with an annoying Duncan.

Duncan thought he could come back to the job like nothing ever happened and so he was surprised by Andy’s reaction to him. He truly thought that she would understand where she went wrong in their partnership. Hence he continued trying to be her friend despite her best efforts at putting him off.

And then the first bomb went off.

Andy and Chloe were the first on the scene and prior to the explosion they both witnessed a car speeding away. Later when the explosion was proven to be an IED – Andy went back to thinking about that car. Not only was it suspiciously speeding away, but she could have sworn she’d seen it before. So she thought on it and realized that she saw that car back when they were clearing out that old housing complex. And seeing as she was wearing the body cam that day – she had asked Dov to review the footage for her.

However, Dov came upon more than just a car in his search. He had noticed that Chloe’s footage from that day had been tampered with and so he had asked a techie friend of his how to recover it. Then he checked with Chloe and told her that she wasn’t supposed to have mess with the footage – to do so would compromise the whole thing.

Chloe had felt bad about what she did. It probably would have always have eaten her up and the truth is she was bound to confess sooner or later. And well now was that later – Chloe told him about the kiss and then she tried to say it didn’t mean anything. But it meant something to Dov. He already forgave her for lying once. Could he really do that a second time?

Dov recovered the loss footage and covered for Chloe. At the moment, that’s all he prepared to do for. As for the case, he got Andy the footage she needed and she was able to trace the car back to Ted McDonald from last week. He was the irate citizen that nearly attacked Andy because someone had stolen his bike. And Andy was the one that forgave him for grabbing her and let him go with a mere warning.

Fast-forward to the present and that same man is responsible for two bombings that could have potentially led to a gang war. Apparently, Ted had lost a son to a bombing that took place exactly four years ago. Some say that incident was the result of a gang conflict so Ted is seems is doing all of this to get revenge.

And unfortunately innocent people are getting hurt.

So the police sent out one of theirs “Have you seen this car?” memos and someone answered. Duncan was the one that answered the phone and picked up on the tip, but instead of informing his superiors, like protocol demanded, he decided to investigate on his own. Earlier, Andy had said he wasn’t a real cop and he had wanted to prove her wrong. That’s why Duncan went behind everyone’s back – he wanted to look like a hero.

It was dumb of him and he paid for his mistake. He showed up at Ted’s place alone and without backup so Ted was able to get the better of him.

By time Andy and Nick found out about Ted – their suspect had fled the scene. Though he was nice enough to leave behind one of their own. Ted had handcuffed Duncan to a car and left a bomb attached underneath it. And it was the perfect distraction.

The police, the bomb squad, and essentially everyone were focusing on Duncan which gave Ted the right amount of time to escape.

Nick with the help from the bomb squad was the one that freed Duncan. And after what he had just been through – Duncan finally apologized to Andy. Properly this time and not just because he was scared he was going to die like the all the things had said from when he was inside of the car. This entire ordeal has humbled him. He was able to admit all the times he went wrong and knew he shouldn’t have been so quick to act or, in the case with Andy, judge.

Duncan was free and that left Ted as the Divisions sole focus. But because of the damage Ted had done – the big guns were called and the officer they sent to oversee the case just happened to be Marlo as in Sam’s ex. It seems these bombings are causing havoc in more ways than Ted could have ever imagined.

Afterwards all hands were on deck for the manhunt. And one of those hands was Chris. He’s recently come back from rehab and he looks good. No more fidgeting or shifty eyes. So Dov at least has one reason to be happy.

In part two of tonight’s finale, Dov still hasn’t forgiven Chloe. She thought that maybe she would get the chance to win back if he saw how beautiful she looked at the Commissioner’s Gala (that’s how soppy she is) yet with recent events being the way they are – the gala has been canceled. It was a necessary safety precaution.

Though that hasn’t stopped some of the guys from creating an alternate party. And the moment Chloe learned about it – she invited Dov. She’s desperately holding onto him seeing her in her dress. Now all she has to do is convince him to go to the party.

Meanwhile Duncan isn’t allowed to be in trouble. Again because of his stepfather. His stepfather has once again made Duncan’s mistakes appear insignificant. Like the world’s greatest magic trick. Then on top of cleaning up after his stepson the Commissioner has also demanded around the clock police protection for him and his family. And poor Nick was recommended. The Commissioner liked the way Nick handled himself during Duncan unfortunate incident.

So Nick was partnered with Gail while everyone else was actually doing their job. Though the baby-sitting wasn’t all bad. Gail had asked him to be a reference for her. She hasn’t told anyone yet that she’s planning adopting a child but she still wanted Nick to be a part of it. Gail wants to adopt the little girl that recently lost her mother, Sophie, and she’s going to need people to vouch for her.

And Nick will do it because he’s Nick. He’s the guy that always comes through. Well for everyone except for the woman he keeps running into. Every time Nick sees her – he put his foot in it. He doesn’t mean to and yet that’s how it tends to play it out.

Then when did finally make a nice impression and had even learned her name – Juliette by the way – she was turned off by him being a cop. Who knows maybe she has something to hide!

The entire security detail had at first seemed extreme, but later events showed the Commissioner was wise to believe his family was still in danger. Ted was apprehended (by Andy and Oliver who decided to screw the desk job) and oddly that doesn’t appear to have altered his plans. Because he wasn’t going after all the people responsible for his son’s death – he was punishing them by attacking their kids.

The judge that had let the people behind the original bombing go (the people directly accountable for Ted’s son) had a daughter and bomb was found under the nanny’s car. And the gang leaders each had their child injured and in one case murdered by a bomb. So Duncan falling into Ted’s hands must have been a godsend to him.

But Ted isn’t done.

You see after he was brought in he started go off about corruption. He believed the mob has been paying off judges, councilman, and the police. All so that he could have control over the city. And Ted claims to have gathered some proof to support his theory. However before he was able to explain there was another bomb. This time though it wasn’t Ted. He had told Sam that bomb for the councilman’s kid was his very last.

He was just as surprised by the explosion as Sam was. Plus the bomb went off from inside of the precinct – even if Ted was acting earlier how it was it possible that he set up a bomb without anyone noticing. So Sam had left in the interrogation room while he went out to see if Andy was ok. She was and truthfully that was a miracle. She was literally in the middle of the blast when it occurred.

And when Sam returned to the room to check on Ted – Ted had killed himself. Chris had frisked him when they had arrested him and he swears Ted didn’t have anything on him so where did the razor blade come from? Could it be – was Ted right about corruption inside of the city?

Sam thinks Ted’s suicide is suspicious. And if he weren’t so worried about Andy and her recovery – he probably would have already opened an investigation into it.

Although, as for everyone else, they want to be believe the case is closed so they go about their lives like today was a job well done. Gail went on to tell Holly about her adoption process and Holly informed her she got a job offer in Chicago. One she doesn’t sound like she’s going to turn down.

And Dov received some helpful relationship advice from Marlo of all people. She told him no one was perfect (in this cute little way) and then right after that Dov found a picture of Marlo’s. It was a sonogram and seeing as he doesn’t know how old it is – he might be thinking that Marlo included herself when she said no one was perfect.

But here’s what I want to know: Who’s the daddy?