Royal Pains Recap 9/2/14: Season 6 Finale “Ganging Up”

Royal Pains Recap 9/2/14: Season 6 Finale “Ganging Up”

Tonight on USA Network ROYAL PAINS continues with another episode in its sixth season called, “Ganging Up.” On tonight’s episode Hank and Evan search for Emma following her disappearance while Paige and Evan discover startling news about Bob. Elsewhere, Jeremiah realizes he needs to make some changes, Divya faces another custody complication, and Boris worries about his illness.

On the last episode Hank treats Cinco’s wrist injury while Evan and Paige help Emma catch Oz. Elsewhere, Divya and Jeremiah treat a bitter boat-builder, and Charlotte struggles to adjust after regaining her vision.. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Hank and Evan search for Emma after her unexpected disappearance. Evan struggles to understand why Hank refuses to join Boris’ latest endeavor. Meanwhile, as Paige and Evan finally are ready to move on from therapy, they discover some surprising news about Bob. And while Jeremiah tries to accept the changes Viviana is making in her life, he realizes he needs to make some changes of his own. Elsewhere, Divya faces a new hurdle in her custody battle, while Boris worries his disease may be catching up with him.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Royal Pains” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think about the sixth season of Royal Pains so far.

RECAP: The gang is looking for Emma. They check social media, the hospital and hangouts. She’s nowhere to be found. Charlotte tells him that Emma is tough and independent and will be fine until she wants to be found. Paige finds an envelope of money in Emma’s room with a note to Evan – it’s the money he offered when he wanted to bribe her to stay.

Divya asks if they should call Emma’s mom. Hank gets a call from their dad and says Emma is with him but won’t says where they are or let them talk to her. He says she’s upset and embarrassed and wants to be left alone for now. Jeremiah and Divya head to check on Viviana’s case and she tells them she won. Jeremiah tells Divya she’s moving to Tulsa for college.

Divya leaves to check on Sashi. Jeremiah congratulates Viviana and says he fell for her and she tells him it’s sweet. She thanks him for everything. She asks if they can stay in touch. She cries and hugs him and then walks away. Divya gets off a video chat with her daughter when Jeremiah comes over. A guy walks up and serves her.

She opens it and says Rafa has filed a lawsuit for sole custody of their daughter. Boris meets with Hank and asks if he’s changed his mind about being on the board. He says he hasn’t. Boris says he’s buying the hospital because he’s settling in the Hamptons for good with his family. He says he can’t wait until he’s sick to move on with his life.

Hank says he’ll still be his doctor then he gets a call and says he has to take it. It’s Paul. Boris stands and then has double vision problems and staggers. He collapses in the yard then recovers and heads inside. No one else sees. Hank has Paul on a treadmill checking him out for a kidney donation to his brother. He says his brother is a hedge fund guy – and is his twin. Paul tells him his brother is refusing to admit he needs the transplant and wants Hank to convince him.

Evan tells Paige he’s frustrated that Hank won’t take the seat on the board since that means he can’t do it. He says he’s at peace with it but Paige says he seems angry. She asks if they need to talk to Bob but he says no. Evan asks if they can break up with Bob and she says they can but they have to do it gently since he’s gotten attached. Bob comes in with fresh juice and compliments her muffins.

Bob says he wants to talk to them about something. He sits and says the sessions in their home have been so productive he’d like to join HankMed. Evan says he thinks it’s intriguing but then they couldn’t be in therapy with him since it would be a conflict.

Hank is brought to see Danny about the kidney. He doesn’t seem interested in the kidney. He says he thinks the offer of a kidney will settle up what he loaned him for medical school. Hank thinks he’s douchey but Danny says not to let Paul worry him. He groans and Hank says the back pain is a warning sign. Hank also notices his swollen feet and says he’s in trouble.

Danny says he has no time and Hank says he probably doesn’t have time for dialysis three times a week in his busy season either and that’s where he’s headed. Evan leaves another message with their dad about Emma when he and Hank are at breakfast. They want to know where their sister is. Evan asks Hank why he won’t join the board.

Hank tells him that with Boris nothing is as simple as it seems – it’s a rabbit hole. He says he can’t be sucked into a hospital bureaucracy. He says it’s between him and Boris and asks Evan to stay out of it. Evan tells him it’s something he needs to do with or without him. Hank says he shouldn’t pass it up but Evan says he’s worried they’ll go in two different directions.

Hank says he doesn’t see how. Evan says they should just focus on Emma. He asks if they want to go to Arizona since that’s where their dad is on his book tour and they can casually bump into her there. He doesn’t want their disagreement to turn into a rift. Hank says their dad told him the book signing was today. Evan checks the internet and says he’s in Manhattan today. They take off for the city.

At their dad’s usual hotel and room, they knock. Evan says they need a plan B, but Emma answered the door. She’s upset and says dad betrayed her but they tell her they figured it out and ask to come in. She lets them in and they tell her they stayed their with dad as kids. They order room service burgers but she says she’s not hungry.

Evan says he knows why she ran away. He says nothing feels worse than disappointing family and says he’s been disappointing Hank for years. She says her mom never expected much from her so she never let her down. She says she broke their trust again and says she did a lot of stupid stuff. She says she was so desperate to fit in. Evan says he totally gets that.

Evan tells her they made her proud more than they let her down. Evan reminds her she got an unglamorous job, helped with medical emergencies, bonded with their dad and got to know them as a family. Emma says they’re unstoppable when they gang up.

Jeremiah eats a giant ice cream sundae – he’s eating his feelings. Paige stops by and asks if he’s met with Bob. He tells her that Bob has no license or credentials. She’s shocked. She asks if he’s just a random guy and says Evan found him online. He asks if Bb ever said he was a doctor and she says he just told them to call him Bob.

Jeremiah says the guy only has a theater degree. Paige says Bob helped them. She says he changed their lives and they’d go to him all over again. She finishes his sundae so his picture can go on the champion eaters wall.

The siblings head to their dad’s book signing and they ask her to go back to the Hamptons with them. She says she might go with Eddie on his book tour. They tell her it’s a good idea and the brothers say he’ll love it. He shows up just then.

Hank asks Divya about her lawsuit and she says her lawyer is working on a US visitation plan. Paul shows up and asks where the baby came from and she tells him to ask the doctor about that. Paul says he’s confident that he’ll get him to take the transplant. Paul has a back ache also and says their dad passed away when they were in high school and used to have dizzy spells.

Then he says his dad got up to pee four times a night. Paul says he never thought about it before and says it can have a genetic component. Paul says if he’s sick too then Danny can’t use his kidney. Hank says let’s do tests before we think like that.

Paige, Evan, Hank and Charlotte are at lunch. Hank says Evan did a great job talking to Emma and he says he’s in touch with his inner teenage girl. They hear laughter and Charlotte says she hears the laughter of a Kardashian. She says it’s Khloe and sure enough it’s her and Scott Disick is with her. Evan asks if she’d like to meet them and she grabs him and says yes.

Paige asks Hank why Evan is so intent about the board thing. Hank starts to answer and then stops and asks her the same. She says he’s feeling dismissed and excluded with him and Boris. She says he’s shut out of that and just wants in. Hank says he never thought about it that way. She says she knows he’d be an asset with Boris and asks him to let him help.

Khloe tells Evan that Kourtney lost the paperwork and apologizes. He introduces Charlotte and says she used to be blind. She says she’s a major fan of theirs and Khloe invites her to sit. She sits and starts giving them a Q&A and they all ignore Evan.

Jeremiah heads into Viviana’s bar. He sits and pulls out his laptop. A waitress comes over and asks what he’d like and he says whatever she likes. She says it’s all good and he says it’s not the same. He tells her it’s him and says sorry and goes.

Hank and Paul show up at Danny’s and find him napping pool side with a head ache. They call an ambulance. He tells Hank there’s something wrong with his eye and that he can’t see. He looks and says he’s got a hemorrhage in his eye. His blood pressure is up and Hank says he’s going to be fine. He tells Danny that he’s bleeding into his brain but that he’ll be fine.

They prepare to intubate to help him breathe just as he stops breathing on his own. They bag him and run the tube then start breathing for him until the ambulance shows up. Danny wakes up in the hospital. He had to have surgery. Hank explained that Paul saved his life. He says he’ll need a new kidney and Paul is a match but they have to make sure they both didn’t inherit the disorder from their dad.

Hank says he didn’t want Paul’s kidney because he thought he did this to himself with drug use from years before. Paul says the lab work didn’t show that he was human. Hank checks on Paul and says he’s got a fever too. He says he has to admit him too.

Bob meets with Evan and Paige and says he knew he had a gift for working with people and read all the books but never got certified. They break the news that they can’t use him for HankMed because he’s unlicensed. Then they break the news that they don’t need him for their therapy and he applauds and tells them that he’s glad and was worried they were too attached to him. He says their work here is done and Evan asks for one last group hug.

Paul just had a prostate infection from his kidney testing in Miami so he can still donate. Evan shows up and he and Paul swap insults. Evan takes off and Hank tells them that he’s a good little brother and says they can surprise you sometimes. Hank goes to catch up with Evan but he’s already pulled away.

Paige and Evan sit at home. He tells her he thinks they should buy a house and she’s thrilled. She says she thinks they should get remarried and take a ridiculous honeymoon. He says it’s a better idea than his. He grabs her and carries her upstairs and misses a call from Hank. Bob closes his file on Paige and Evan as he has a knock at the door from Jeremiah.

He introduces himself and says he came highly recommended from Paige and Bob and asks if he’s taking new clients. Bob invites him in. Divya leaves her lawyer and finds Raj waiting for her. They hug and he says it’s been at least 16 months judging from the beautiful little girl with her. Sashi giggles at him. He asks if everything is okay.

Divya says she’s dealing with a custody battle and he says he has a brilliant divorce attorney. She tells him she’s sorry his marriage didn’t work out and she says that’s why their parents didn’t want them to find their own mates. She asks him to tell her about his kids.

Hank tells Boris and Evan he decided to join the board if he’s still welcome. Boris asks what made him change his mind and he says that’s between him and his brother then asks to speak to Evan alone. Evan excuses himself and goes with his big brother. Hank tells him that it should be about the two of them and not about Boris.

Hank says when the two of then gang up there is no stopping them. Evan says he’s with Boris now and they’re really happy together. He says it happened fast but it feels right and Hank says he hopes they’re happy together. Hank laughs and Evan asks if he thinks Boris is pissed that he just walked away from him. They laugh and say they’ll figure it out together.