Rush Recap 9/18/14: Season 1 Finale “Bitter Sweet Symphony”

Rush Recap 9/18/14: Season 1 Finale “Bitter Sweet Symphony”

Tonight on the USA Network Rush returns with an all new Thursday September 18, Season 1 episode 9 called, “Bitter Sweet Symphony.”  On tonight’s show Rush struggles to make life changes for Sarah, but continues to be haunted by the ghost of his past. Eve deals with the ramifications of her last encounter with her ex, and Alex’s mistakes come to a head when Steffi comes to him with a shocking proposal.

On the last episode Sarah’s desire to find a sperm donor complicated things with Rush, while Alex tried to control the fallout with his wife. Elsewhere, Sarah encouraged Eve to think about future possibilities, but J.P. devastated them when he resurfaced.  More happened!  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and deetailed recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s episode Rush (Tom Ellis) makes some big life changes in order to start a new life with Sarah (Odette Annable), but he can’t seem to escape the ghosts of his past. Meanwhile, Eve (Sarah Habel) deals with the ramifications of her last encounter with her ex-boyfriend J.P. (guest star Warren Christie). Also, Alex’s (Larenz Tate) mistakes come to a head when Steffi (guest star Tiffany Hines) reappears with a shocking proposal.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Rush” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Rush tonight.

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Tonight’s season finale of Rush begins with Sarah and Rush in bed, he wakes her up and tells her that he has a proposal. He wants them to take a trip together to Bora Bora before her surgery. She reminds him that the last time he wanted to go to Bora bora he missed the flight. She caves and agrees and he confesses he already booked the flight and they are going to leave at 10:00 PM.

Eve calls Rush crying and says she is downstairs at the bar. Rush comes down to check on her and she has a black eye, she announces that she killed JP. He came in to her house and tried to rape her, so she shot him. He tells her to call the police because it was self-defense, but she argues that it wasn’t because she wanted to kill him. Rush’s cell phone rings, he answers it and it is a not-so-dead JP.

JP tells Rush that if he doesn’t come over and patch him up he is going to go to the police and tell them that Eve called him over to the apartment and set him up and tried to murder him. Rush heads over to JP’s and he demands to know why Rush took his girl away from him. Rush ignores him and says that he will take the bullet out, but he isn’t going to give him anything for the pain because he doesn’t feel like it. Rush pulls the bullet out and warns JP that if he goes near Eve again he will kill him

Alex is eating his breakfast and his wife rushes by and says that she is going to the gym and buying the plane tickets to Cabo. She asks him if he deposited the money for the tickets in to the bank, and he lies to her and says the money is in the bank. He rushes to the hotel to meet Rush and borrow the cash from him to put in the bank. Rush reveals to Alex that he is leaving for Cabo with Sarah, and before he leaves he is going to meet with Emily Chase at the hospital about getting a legit job.

Max calls Rush freaking out and cries that he needs Rush to come help him because he did “something stupid.” Rush demands to know what he did, and he says that he thinks he killed his girl. Rush hurries over to the hotel room, and Max confesses that he injected her with saline because he was practicing being a doctor for his movie audition later. She also took oxycodone and anti-depressants. Rush reveals that she isn’t dead, just unconscious, and uses smelling salts to wake her up.

Max is amazed that he saved his girlfriend and begs to tag along with him during the day so he can see how a real doctor works, and do some research for his movie audition. Rush says that he can’t, he is going shopping for an engagement ring. Max offers to hook him up with his ring guy “Schmo” if Rush lets him tag along. Rush agrees.

[9/18/2014 11:44:21 PM] Amanda Austin: Rush and Max head to his friend’s hosue to pick out an engagement ring for Sarah. Afterwards, Rush ditches Max and heads to the hospital to see Emily Chase about a job. Emily says that she mentioned him to the board and they all have to approve hiring him, however one of the board members voted “no,” his father. Rush calls his father who is at a kid’s soccer game, and says he is coming to meet him. He heads to the doctor’s office with Sarah for her appointment and says that he has to tie up a few loose ends before their trip. She tells him that she has everything under control and he can go.

Mannie comes to Rush’s room to see Eve, she says that she shot the guy that hurt her with the gun that Mannie gave her, but he kept the gun and is blackmailing her with it. Mannie says that he is glad she is okay, but he needs that gun back ASAP.

Rush meets his dad at the game and demands to know why he blacklisted him at the hospital, his dad argues that he can’t have a doctor on his staff with a substance abuse problem. He tells his dad he is clean and he will take a test to prove it, his dad agrees to the test, and as they are leaving his dad’s new wife announces that she is pregnant. Rush freaks out and begins searching his car for drugs to take, he finds a pill under the floor mat and is about to swallow it when he receives a phone call saying that Sarah’s engagement ring is ready. He throws the pill on the ground and jumps in his car.

Alex heads home and asks his wife if she got their tickets to Cabo, she says she ran out of time and she will get them tomorrow. Alex tells her that he has to be honest with her, he confesses that he went to a crazy party with Rush and “something happened.” She demands to know what happened, he admits that he “let a girl go down on him.” His wife already knows, and say that Steffy was just at their house and the reason he is telling her is because he knew that she was going to “out him.” Alex apologizes profusely, but his wife doesn’t want to hear it, she says she doesn’t know if she will ever trust him again and he needs to move out.

Max’s girlfriend Maria calls Rush freaking out, Rush heads over to the hotel room and finds Max unconscious. He panics and thinks Max is dead and begins frantically working on him. Max finally comes to and brags that he got the part he auditioned for. Rush prepares to leave and Max tells him to take Maria’s blow with him because he doesn’t want it around him.

Rush arrives at home and finds Eve crying, JP is texting her every minute and threatening her. Rush runs out the door to talk to JP before he leaves for Bora Bora. Eve begs him not to go, but he does. He arrives at JP’s and JP says he is predictable. Rush told JP that as long as he is alive he has to stay away from Eve, so JP has decided to kill him. He shoots Rush with Eve’s gun and he drops to the floor. JP stands over him to take another shot and Rush jumps up and attacks him, he manages to take the gun away from him and pushes JP through a glass table severing an artery in his neck. As JP lays on the floor begging Rush to save him, Mannie walks in and takes the gun away from him. Rush screams at Mannie to “get out” and watches JP die on the floor.

Rush jumps in his car and starts driving, and gets a phone call from Sarah. He tells her he will meet her at the airport, as he drives down the road covered in blood with a gunshot wound to the arm. He rushes back to his room and doctors himself up in the bathroom. He tells Eve that Jp won’t bother her anymore and she can go home. Meanwhile, Mannie is pulled over by cops, with the murder weapon in his bag. Rush is about to run out the door, and Alex shows up on his doorstep with all his bags, his wife kicked him out. Rush tells him he can stay at his place while he is in Bora Bora.

Mannie swears to the police that are arresting him that he didn’t shoot anyone and he didn’t fire that gun. Rush pulls up to the airport and is about to get on the plane with Sarah when he receives a phone call from his dad’s wife Corinne, she reveals to him that the baby she is carrying is his, not his father’s.

Rush climbs out of his car in shock, and Sarah greets him. He tells her that he can’t ruin her life, and he really wanted to change, but he realizes now that his life isn’t perfect. Rush informs her that they can’t be together. Sarah is shocked and confused, then she sees the blood on his sleeve and demands that he tells her what happened, he says he can’t. Sarah warns him that this is it and she isn’t giving him another chance and walks away as she grumbles that he is a coward. Rush heads to the bathroom at the airport and snorts Max’s cocaine from earlier. He walks out of the bathroom and the hangar is full of police cars.