Sandra Bullock Eating With a Cocktail Fork To Stay Skinny – Report

Sandra Bullock Eating With a Cocktail Fork To Stay Skinny - Report

There’s no doubt, Sandra Bullock looks incredible for her age. Yes, a big part of that is because her skin is flawless, but she’s also very, very skinny. Toned, but very skinny. So what’s her secret? According to her, it’s because she eats right and stays fit, and running after a toddler definitely helps. According to Star Magazine, it’s because Sandra eats with a cocktail fork.

That’s right, the latest report from Star Magazine attributes Sandra’s weight to her eating with a cocktail fork. The report alleges that Sandra has been, “crediting her svelte figure to something most people have in their kitchen drawer.” 

A supposed source tells Star, “Sandra figured out that she eats smaller portions when she uses a cocktail fork. It forces her to eat more slowly, and she winds up eating less. Sandra is now telling pals that the tiny fork is the secret to her success.”

You know, as ridiculous as this story sounds, celebrities do always have wacky explanations for their behavior. And eating slowly and smaller portions is a big part to losing weight and staying skinny, so maybe Sandra manages that by using a cocktail fork. It’s all about self control and thinking ahead, and who’s to say that a cocktail fork really doesn’t work? I mean, I doubt any of us have tried it, so we can’t definitively say that it’s not possible.

However, I’m sure that with the resources that Sandra has, she has the ability to figure out a better solution to staying skinny and healthy. I mean, cocktail forks? Sure, for the plebeians, but not for millionaire movie stars.

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  • twelfthnight

    It’s honestly a great idea. I use teaspoons when I eat soup for this reason.

    Eating slowly forces you to evaluate as you go how full you actually are and gives you time to process what you’re eating and how much. We’re fast-and-furious consumers these days, we don’t sit down to eat our food. We eat on the go, and that’s bad. We don’t concentrate on the food we’re eating anymore.

    It’s a far better strategy than eating grapefruit and ice water as your whole diet or whatever people are doing these days.