Selena Gomez Boob Job For Justin Bieber: New Breast Implant Plastic Surgery Won’t Buy Her Bieb’s Love

Selena Gomez Boob Job For Justin Bieber: New Breast Implant Plastic Surgery Won't Buy Her Bieb's Love

Either Selena Gomez isn’t a fan of Hollywood Life, or she just doesn’t care for their opinion, Either way, she cannot say they didn’t warn her. Back on June 26, Hollywood Life ran a post titled, ‘Selena Gomez: Don’t Get a Boob Job for Justin Bieber.‘ The article went on to share that Selena had been tossing around the idea of having her breasts enlarged and shaped with breast implants.

Too bad Selena is not listening to those touting good advice these days, because she sure looks like she has ignored the warnings (and the writing on the wall…hello??!!) and upped her cups. Ironically, she preached on Instagram about not comparing herself to other women and the usual obligatory comments about being beautiful on the inside, blah blah. Obviously she doesn’t practice what she preaches because Ms. Gomez was happily flaunting her new twins in a tight, revealing black tank. She was not wearing a bra and was perkier than any perk a push up bra could deliver. Given the fact that it looked as though Selena was chilly, it is quite obvious she went through with her plans to add another idiotic choice to her growing list of stupid decisions as of late.

Wonder if she was kicking herself for doing something so drastic because probably around the same time she was picking out the perfect cup size, Justin was pictured getting cozy in the studio with model Yovanna. And on June 30, Justin posted a picture with Chantel Jeffries. Does Selena enjoy pain or something? Obviously Justin enjoys torturing her. I don’t get it, though. Selena already has Justin… so shouldn’t she be working to get rid of the boob in her life rather than adding more?

Take a look at Selena now! What do you think CDLers? Is she on the path to career suicide? Which of her three boobs is biggest??

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