Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne Dating – Romance Fake, Just A Ploy By Selena To Make Justin Bieber Jealous!

Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne Dating - Romance Fake, Just A Ploy By Selena To Make Justin Bieber Jealous!

It appears as if Selena Gomez & Cara Delevingne are dating — but not because they’re in love but because Selena wants to make Justin Bieber jealous. Selena Gomez is just looking more and more pathetic these days. Between the back and forth with on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber, the crying at award shows, the emotional new song that is obviously about Biebs, the tantrum at Taylor Swift’s birthday party, and now…this. Selena is so desperate to get Justin’s attention, and hopefully have him feeling jealous enough to actually put in some effort to win her back for once, that she is using friend Cara Delevingne to give Justin the wrong idea.

Cara, a successful model and friend to Selena, is the latest pawn in Selena’s never-ending plan to win back the heart of Justin Bieber. Desperate and pathetic, right? Yes! Especially because she is using the model, who is openly bisexual and was recently in a relationship with Michelle Rodriguez, to make it appear as though the two are an item. Selena believes that Justin will not only become jealous over the fact she is getting close to Cara, but will be excited at the possibility that perhaps Selena was involved with a bisexual—helping her to ditch her goody-good image. While no normal person thinks Selena is an innocent flower any longer, Justin still does, and it burns Selena up because he continually dumps her for dangerous, rebellious women.

During one of their thousands of break-ups, Selena famously spent time with Cara on a yacht in St. Tropez where they were pictured showering together after a swim. Now, Selena has brought Cara home with her for the holidays reports TMZ. The two have since been at a Dallas mall shopping for bras together at Victoria’s Secret and holding hands in Nordstrom. Cara topped all that by slapping Selena’s bottom.

Selena has Justin on her mind 24-7 and every single move she makes and absolutely everything she does is with him in mind. She obsesses over him, what he is doing, and how she can make him jealous enough to want to come back to win her over. It is really sad that she cannot break this sick cycle because he obviously doesn’t care nearly as much as she does. It has been hard for her since she has always gotten what she’s wanted growing up…so Justin is a challenge for her because he doesn’t want her. Expect another reunion from these two soon. And then another break-up. Well, you know the drill.

Do you think it’s okay for her to use Cara like this? Think Cara knows that Selena wasn’t inviting her to be with her family just because they are friends? Tell us your thoughts below.

Image credit to FameFlynet