Selena Gomez Attends 12 Step Meeting With Demi Lovato – Rehab Next Step?

Selena Gomez Attends 12 Step Meeting With Demi Lovato - Rehab Next Step?

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have been friends since they were little girls starring on Barney & Friends. They then traipsed over to The Disney Channel together and in the past, Demi has credited Selena in helping her to get herself together during her rehab stint three years ago. The two seemed to have a brief falling out but recently patched up their friendship and seem to be thick as thieves again. Perhaps Demi realized that Selena has been traveling a bit of a familiar path and decided it was time to help her.

According to the Jan. 13th print edition of The National Enquirer, Selena accompanied Demi to a 12-step meeting at the West Hollywood Recovery Center in early December. Three years into her recovery I kind of doubt that Demi was feeling like she needed her friend to support her at a meeting. Instead this was more of an introduction for Selena, to the idea of reaching out and getting some of the help and support that she herself now needs. According to party-goers, Selena has been seen on a few occasions mixing about a gram of the drug Molly into her water bottle. It’s a highly addictive stimulant that can cause coma, cardiac arrest and a multitude of other problems. It’s not always cut with the purest of stuff and every time Selena decides to roll with Molly she is taking a huge risk.

Since she turned up at the meeting, Selena has canceled her international tour and now claims that she needs “me time”. Hopefully that will include more meetings with Demi and less random hook ups with Justin Bieber. The two were spotted together yet again and you just know that he has helped to contribute to whatever issues Selena is really having. Do you think that she’ll keep hitting up those 12 step meetings or is she still in a bit of denial about how serious her problem is? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet