Selena Gomez Hopes Jennifer Aniston Can Save Her Career

Selena Gomez Hopes Jennifer Aniston Can Save Her Career

Does Jennifer Aniston think Selena Gomez is the next Jennifer Aniston? For one, this trend of a certain young actress being the ‘next’ somebody else is ridiculous, and needs to stop. Why can’t Selena Gomez just be Selena Gomez, without any pressure to take over the reins from someone else? But alas, we can’t have Hollywood without putting undue pressure on young celebrities, can we?

So without further, we introduce Jennifer Aniston’s supposed plan for revamping Selena Gomez’s career. Apparently, Jennifer and Selena went out to dinner at Madeo’s in Los Angeles on May 17th to discuss Selena’s romantic issues with Justin Bieber. You know, I didn’t realize Jennifer Aniston had so much time on her hands while filming a movie, and that too to mentor a young actress that she’s never been spotted with before nor has mentioned in any interview.

Anyway, a source tells Hollywood Life, “Jennifer is really interested in making Selena’s transition very easy with her new movie career goals, now that they are working with the same people. Jen sees money in Selena and sees her as the potential ‘next’ Jen Aniston.” 

All this interest, and nary a mention of Selena’s personal troubles. If Jennifer truly was interested in ‘helping’ Selena, the first thing she would do is help her get her life back on track, not focus on her career. Selena’s not in a place to revamp her career right now, especially because her personal life is a mess and her health seems to be deteriorating. Sure, she keeps uploading Instagram pictures and messages about how she’s ‘taking back’ her power, but we’ll believe it when we see it. For now, seeing her even return to the tour she was supposed to do at the beginning of the year would be a step in the right direction, and then maybe we can believe that Jennifer Aniston is ‘mentoring’ her.

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