Selena Gomez Wears a Gold Engagement Ring From Justin Bieber – Are They Engaged? (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez Wears a Gold Engagement Ring From Justin Bieber - Are They Engaged? (PHOTO)

We are all still amazed that Selena Gomez actually took back Justin Bieber earlier this month. But, according to a new report Selena may have done more than just take Justin Bieber back, rumors are swirling that the young, troubled couple is actually engaged. And, there is a ring to prove it!

On March 7th Justin Bieber flew to Texas and surprised Selena Gomez, the couple was photographed out to breakfast together. Later that day they rented out a dance studio for a few hours and spent the afternoon in a private studio together. The next day Justin Bieber performed a surprise show at a charity event, in which he dedicated a song to his “baby” Selena Gomez. Ever since Gomez and Bieber’s whirlwind weekend in Texas, Selena has been sporting a golden band on her ring finger, sparking rumors that the couple were engaged.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and told the website that the ring is definitely from Justin, however they aren’t engaged (yet). The source also told the website that Selena’s parents are panicking about her relationship with Bieber, and have reason to fear that she may elope with Justin.

Ironically, Selena and Justin’s reconciliation and possible engagement occurred less than a week after Justin’s deposition in which he mocked the lawyers and learned that Selena would be subpoenaed to testify against him in his assault case involving an episode with the paparazzi. It’s beginning to look like Justin Bieber put a ring on it so that Selena wouldn’t slaughter him in her testimony in court. The last thing the pop-star needed was his bitter ex-girlfriend taking the stand. Justin has been on his best behavior since Selena took him back, it will be interesting to see how long he keeps up his good-boy act once she has testified in his assault case.

Do you think Justin and Selena could be secretly engaged? Or maybe they already have eloped and the gold band on her finger ring is actually a wedding band?! And, do you think Justin is sincere about their relationship, or just buttering Selena up before she heads to court to testify against him? One way or another you just know that Selena wants to be with Justin – he was her first love and she identifies (correctly) her professional success with being his girl. Whether he be Bizzle or Biebs, thug or sweetie-pie, Selena will always be true to her man.

16 responses to “Selena Gomez Wears a Gold Engagement Ring From Justin Bieber – Are They Engaged? (PHOTO)”

  1. ashanti says:

    i just think hes martying her so she wont testyfiy agenst cause me and him are a thing.

  2. amber says:

    i agree

  3. SupercuteBlogger says:

    FOmfg this is big news for selena and the j man may all your struggles and dreams be yours to live

  4. Mirela says:

    His supposed good boy or behavior as you claim has been corrupted. He left a Montreal club on March 29 (last night) with three female club goers, apparently.

  5. Aaron says:

    don’t do it selena! just look at to know why you shouldn’t!

  6. Victoria McGuire says:

    BS. She wouldn,t wear even a promise ring from that imature idiot.

  7. Ragen Cobra says:

    I see a divorce in the Future, Chalk one up for the lawyers. I guess famous people never learn.

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  12. MaryDtn9 says:

    Together, or apart, Selena and Justin will be just fine.
    Selena’s Family and BFFs ultimatums will be regretted.

    Today Media Lies and Hater BS flourish unchecked.
    Add BIEBER to anything and exposure will be ten fold.
    “BIEBER SELLS”. The Media knows this and uses it daily.
    JB’s CLOSET supporters are Media, Paparazzi, Haters,
    Celebs, Judges, Lawyers, Cops, Family, BFFs, Etc…
    All of you talk about BIEBER every day, everywhere!
    You own this. You are all responsible for keeping JB
    Relevant and Wealthy! Some say JB is worth $150 MIL.
    This endless dribble increases his net worth every day.
    You just can’t help yourselves. You are all sheep. LOL

  13. Lauren says:

    Justin shouldn’t get get engaged to that he can do so much better then that thing Selena I have zero respect for her no I’m not a fake Belieber I just don’t like Selena anymore

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  15. Lauren says:

    People its fake their not engaged nore will they ever be their not even dating their just friends or will be just friends after I have a chat with Justin and believe me I will have a talk with him I mean he should understand that not all his fans are gunna be thrilled for them or the least bit happy nore should they have to be no one can force anyone to be

  16. Lauren says:

    Their not engaged their not dating they never were dating peole get it through your thick skulls that he cares about the beliebers not her