WATCH Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Hot Half-Naked Sexy Dancing Video

WATCH Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Hot Half-Naked Sexy Dancing Video

Just after Justin Bieber finished his deposition in Miami for one of his assault cases he flew to Texas for a hookup with his little girl lost, Selena Gomez. The two alleged druggies began their make-up make-out weekend with a Starbucks date in Hidalgo and then moved to a dance studio to practice a routine for their new single.

Justin posted two videos on his Instagram of his dancing session with Selena and then took them down after Selena complained.  Of course she complained! The videos, of which we got a screen cap before Bizzle deleted them, show that he and Selena are intimate and very much doing the nasty.  We also have one video below courtesy of Daily Motion.

Selena’s friends like Taylor Swift and Demo Lovato must be totally disgusted with her now. After Justin slept with strippers, prostitutes and urban models during their break up he posts an ‘elegant princess’ pic on Twitter and desperate Selena is back in the sack with the little creep. No wonder her parents are freaking out!

All that Justin had to do was promise Selena a duet song recording and she took him back as if she was a total career whore. Of course Selena is behaving like a total career whore without a drop of self respect. Let’s see how long she can keep up with the Biebs before she’s back in rehab this time.

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