Selena Gomez Turns To Religion As Miley Cyrus Feud Making Her Sick!

Selena Gomez Turns To Religion As Miley Cyrus Feud Making Her Sick!

Remember way back when Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus were really good friends? Justin Bieber is of course what came between the two. Selena dumped him after hearing that he was hooking up with Miley and, days after the split, Miley was seen doing the walk of shame from Justin’s house, basically validating Selena’s suspicions. At a recent concert, Miley pulled a cardboard cut-out of Selena from the audience and said she had two letters for her, “FU.” Of course, that moment made major headlines and it doesn’t take much these days to send a shaky Selena spinning out of control again.

According to the June 30th print edition of Life & Style Magazine, Miley’s comments caused all of Selena’s insecurities to flare up again making reconciliation number 3 million with Bieber extra difficult. In recent months, Selena has supposedly relied on religion to pull her through — so that trip that she took to a popular bible study with Bieber isn’t all that shocking. She also didn’t mind sending the message that, while Miley is still hot mess-ing all over the place, she and Biebs are turning to God for help. In other words, they are nothing like Miley — at least not this week.

Why do you think Selena is still so insecure? I mean, she’s working in one of the hardest industries around, shouldn’t she have thicker skin by now? Do you think that Selena and Justin are any better than Miley or all three of them all really in the same boat? Will Biebs eventually gravitate back to Miley for more adventure?

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