Selena Gomez NOT Pregnant and Expecting Twins by Justin Bieber – Hoax (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez NOT Pregnant and Expecting Twins by Justin Bieber - Hoax (PHOTO)

It wasn’t until the sonogram started to float around that people actually started to think the story about Selena Gomez being pregnant with twins was real, but the idea that Justin Bieber was the one to father them is what I still find a bit sketchy. I mean these two have barely gotten back together and now we’re to to believe they managed to get to the sonogram stage already – don’t these things take a couple of months first. Or in Justin’s case a couple of months and a prayer! If his babyface self really did father children then you will hear about a blogger who fell and literally could not get up from laughter!

Anyways with the way he’s bulked up (exercise not included) then its highly unlikely his swimmers aren’t strong enough to impregnate anyone. And  on top of that I don’t think Selena would risk her career on a relationship we’ve all pretty much figured was never going to last. These two only seek each other out when they’re at their lowest. But soon one of them will be back on top and whoever that is won’t want their favorite self-destructive friend hanging around!

It’s harsh and true all at the same time. Selena got a lot of flak when it was revealed she went to rehab so the moment she feels like she can reemerge from that drug fueled haze with Justin then all we have to do is sit back and watch as she drops Justin and starts hanging out with Taylor again. And although that sounds bad; it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. She’s just fallen into a pattern and can’t seem to escape it!

So no there will not be any babies coming from these two and congrats to whoever donated their own sonogram! By the way the hoax site calls and everything they post is absurd – still this got our attention.