Shia LaBeouf and Ruper Gint’s LSD Acid Dropping Naked Freakout Experience

Shia LaBeouf and Ruper Gint's LSD Acid Dropping Naked Freakout Experience

Shia LaBeouf is a method actor. So much so that while on the set of The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman. He got baked out of his skull on acid and scared the hell out of one of those Harry Potter kids. Rupert Grint, who played Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter series did an interview with The Guardian and spoke of witnessing Shia drop LSD because his character in the film is addicted to the drug. According to Grint, LeBeouf exhibited bizarre behavior after taking the drug Including disrobing and trashing the set. The experience scarred Grint so profoundly that it made him never want to do drugs. According to Grint, “If anything will make you not do drugs, it’s watching that.

Shia is a talented actor, he’s came a long way since Even Stevens and he should own that. However, it seems that his copious talent is being overshadowed by his over the top antics which run the gamut from several failed attempts at plagiarism to feuding with veteran actor and Hollywood hothead Alec Baldwin. It seems that every time I try and find some redeemable quality about Shia, some crazy detail about him emerges and I’m left scratching my head. Why on earth would someone take a dangerous drug thinking that the horrific and potentially addictive experience would somehow make them a better actor? Jamie Foxx didn’t blind himself to play Ray Charles and ultimately win an Academy Award for his portrayal. He was able to play a blind man while still being apart of the seeing community so convincingly that his role in the film is responsible for catapulting him into mainstream stardom; that’s why they call it acting.

I’m sure that Shia is no stranger to illicit substances and probably doesn’t need a movie role as an excuse to party. Sadly Shia seems to be “that guy.” Everyone has “that guy”, the friend who gets sloppy drunk or high and humiliates not only himself but his friends by association. Suddenly, rather than having fun, you find yourself inching toward the door and hoping no one saw you arrive with that train wreck. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shia thought he was going to impress Rupert Grint by showing him some true blue method acting. As it turns out he may have just embarrassed himself and Instead of coming off as the cool and experienced method actor he came off as a cautionary tale… this is your brain on drugs Shia, it’s not pretty so put your clothes back on and get to work; you’re making everyone uncomfortable.

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