Sons of Anarchy Spoilers Season 7 Episode 5 “Some Strange Eruption” Synopsis (VIDEO)

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers Season 7  Episode 5 "Some Strange Eruption" Synopsis (VIDEO)

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 is heating up and episode 5 “Some Strange Eruption” promises to be even wilder than episode 4, “Poor Little Lambs” which we review for you below – before revealing the synopsis and preview video for episode 5.

Episode 4 begins: Tully is meeting with Jax. Tully uses code by asking Jax if he got the right size bowl how much does he think he would be feeding his dog. Jax tells him two cases high end priced chow. Tully says the old Asian recipe. Jax nods and says that’s right. Tully then says he has some relationship issues to work out some sharing the dog shit. Jax ask if that’s a yes. Tully tells Jax he is going to meet his dog Walker he will make the final call. Jax tells Tully it will have to be soon dog food has a expiration date. Tully whips out a cell phone and says yeah. Tully entering a number on the phone. Jax ask him what he is doing there are cameras. Tully says oh no I bought this room it ain’t on. Jax gives him a quizzical look and shakes his head then ask why in the hell were they talking in code. Tully says in a serious voice that he misses his dogs. Jax smiles and says he is guessing German Shepherds. Hilarious. Manson fits into this show perfectly.

Gemma is dropping Able off at school. As soon as she gets out of the car the woman behind her starts honking. Mrs. Harrison (Courtney Love) who is dressed in her usual frumpy I just did a eight ball all by myself look comes up to the SUV to him. She explains to Gemma that it’s easier if she just stay in the car while dropping him off. After a brief introduction and little more honking Gemma strides right over to,the car and leans her head in the passenger side window. Gemma tells the mom that if she beeps at her one more time she is going to shove her coffee cops so far up her ass that she will be shitting mocha chino for days. Gemma then gets in her car and takes off. Mrs. Harrison states that damn…grandma is kind of crazy. Truer words…..

The girls are at Diosa helping clean up. Colette walks over to Nero and they chit chat a bit before she ask about Jax. Nero tells her Jax is doing what any man would,do that sit lost his wife. So all men who lose their wives go on murder sprees? Good to know. Kiki is behind a counter working on the books. Nero looks slightly concerned and points out that she is good at the door. Colette gets to the point and say she dumb as a thumb. Just then as if to prove her point Kiki comes over and ask if she needs to use math and stuff to figure out these percentages. Just wow. Colette looks back at Nero and tells him she will be there all day if he needs her. Nero heads towards the back.

Gemma meanwhile is having another lovely chat with Tara. Gemma tells her she is going to take Wendy’s lead on that private school. Gemma shakes her head and says expensive as shit and that she just doesn’t get it that she never sent Jax and Thomas to any of that daycare or Jim Bob Jamboree shit. Gemma says it feels lazy to her dropping off your kids for strangers to raise. But she knows that it’s what Tara would want. Schools are different now kids gotta keep up. Gemma goes on and says who,knows maybe Thomas will be a doctor like Tara. But Able she can see it in his eyes he is his daddy’s son. He knows his tribe.

Juice is sitting in the bathroom listening to the shower. He is also having a lovely chat but it’s with himself. Juice says he never doubted his loyalty. Remember Prulo? Fat little shit head from Wood Haven. Bailed out his pussy ass she the crew was going to gut him for losing that numbers something. Juice says he didn’t have to do that. He just knew his heart was in the gang. Whispers something and then says it just isn’t fair. A knock at the door tears him out of his conversation. It’s Wendy and Unser. Unser ask him who he was talking to. Wendy ask of someone is in the shower. Juice just takes the coffee she brought him and says thank you. We get to see his cute little butt before he shouts,the door and gets in the shower. Unser notices the guns Juice has laying out at tells Wendy it isn’t going to end well. Wendy tells him she will take the morning shift. Unser looks towards the bathroom.

Jax is smoking as usual. Jax tells the guys that Tullys boots on the ground is named Leland Gruin would meet them at Oswald’s Timber Trail. Jax tells Bobby he gave him his number to,lock,down a time. Tig who hit smart all of a sudden ask if anyone knows him. Happy says he is a AB lifer. He was doing time for assault. Happy says he thinks he got out last year. Weasel wants to know if they talked price. Jax says Leland will test it and give them the street rate. Bobby says it isn’t about profit it’s about protecting their flank. Chibs says and dumping this poxy heroine. Layla knocks on the door to let them know Tyler is there. Layla tells them they can use the bar she is going to be posting all day.

Tyler tells Jax that some Chinese places got hit last night and they think his crew did it. Jax ask of it was when he knows damn well who it was. Tig is holding his hand on his mouth. Tyler tells him no and that marks is flipping out. Tyler tells them he has some outreach project going on. Jax ask if that’s the one his partner is MIA from. Tyler tells him yeah that a Pastor named Haddem from Peadmont Grace. Happy gives another guy the oh shit look. Tyler tells them that Marks needs those signatures to get it done. Tyler tells them the Pastors wife is also MIA. Chibs ask why are they all disappearing. Tyler says he doesn’t know but that the wife has power of attorney and can sign off on the papers. Tyler says Marks thinks she will be easy to find. Jax wants to know what Tyler wants from him. Tyler wants him to find the wife before Marks does. Jax says ok. Tyler says he might want to have Andre the Giant ( the big blonde biker) and Captain Psycho (Happy) to sit this one out. Everyone laughs. Tyler tells them he doesn’t want to scare any fragile white folks. Tyler leaves. Jax and company discuss what a small world it is after all. Bobby points out if they don’t find the wife Marks will keep digging (no pun intended) until he finds the Pastor. Chibs wants to know where to start looking. Jax says they are going to ask the Preacher.

So over the hills and threw the woods to their makeshift grave they go and dig him up. They gag at the smell. I gag at the thought of the smell. Jax leans down and makes sure it’s the right guy. Well I guess he comes to this place often. Tig tells Weasel the ohine is in his pocket. Weasel says some smart ass remark that implies Tig gets off on that sort of thing. Which I have no doubt that he does. Anyway the phones are wet. Tig says he will charge them up and see if he can salvage anything. Jax hands them to him. Jax leaves to head to Diosa. Tig tells Weasel and the other two hurry hurry this hole isn’t going to fill itself. Weasel says that’s what he said. Tig laughs and says that was funny..honey as he wipes the water off the phone with his pants. And on that note the opening rolls.

Jax comes into Diosa and sees Montez. Montez tells him he has Gemma duty for the day. Jax ask him if anything is going on at the docks. Montez tells him it’s quiet. He sees Colette and looks at her for a second he nods and gives her a half smile. Jax heads to see Gemma. Jax tells her the room she is working on looks good. Gemma tells Jax she is going to lose the blinds and hang some drapes. Gemma thinks it will help with the noise. Jax reminds her how loud a good “massage” can be. She ask Jax if he is ok. He tells her yes and then ask if she took Able to school. She tells him yes and that he is tough as nails. Jax ask Gemma if Nero is around. Gemma tells him his blonde mommy fetish (Colette) out there said he would be back in a few hours. Jax laughs and tells Gemma that first of all if he had a mommy fetish he would be hooking up with some psycho dominatrix. Did he just call Gemma psycho? Second the words mommy fetish coming out of his own mothers mouth should never happen again. Jax tells her he needs to get back to Red Woody but when she sees Nero to give him a heads up Juice is around. Gemma wants to know why Nero would care. Jax tells her just to tell him. Jax kisses her on the cheek. Jax tells Montez to stay with Gemma. Jax hugs Colette while Gemma watches. Colette tells him she is sorry and Jax thanks her. Colette ask if she will see him later. Jax tells her he doesn’t know. She touches his face and tells him she hopes so.

Colette goes to the bar after Jax leaves and pours herself a glass of tequila. Gemma comes over to her and tells her to be careful with Jax. Colette tells her not to worry that they are just friends. Gemma tells Colette that Jax needs more than a friend. Gemma ask her not to complicate his life more than it already is. Colette ask him how she would do that. Gemma says by making him think too much. Kiki,comes over and tells her she thinks the calculator is broken because it keeps giving her the same answer. Colette tells Kiki there isn’t a problem as long as the calculator is there. Colette heads off with Kiki.

A cop named Eglee lets Jarry know that Ken Hass was severely beaten and has spent the last 36 hours in the hospital. Jarry guesses that he has dropped the charges and Eglee confirms it. Jarry tells Eglee to grab Cane and follow her to the whore club.

Tig is having Jax watch a naughty video,on the Pastors phone. He is licking a boot. The camera starts moving up and we see Venus. Jax is stunned and ask Tig if he is shitting him. Tig says no that happens later. Ewwwwww. Tig says the phone has no personal info on it all he used it for was to record his comings and goings. Jax smiles. Jax tells him to find Venus. Without hesitation Tig tells him he knows exactly where she is. Everyone looks at Tig. Tig explains that they are staying touch. Tig leaves. Jax ask if he should be worried he stayed in touch.

Nero comes in and tells Gemma she does good work. Gemma tells him thanks. Nero ask her where she has been. Gemma tells him she has been putting in long hours at TM. Nero ask her if everything is ok and she tells him everything is fine. Nero walks in the room and closes the door. Nero tells her he knows everything is a little upside down because of Tara and that she has every right to be far away. Nero thinks it has something to do with them. Gemma rushes over to him and says no and reassures him. Gemma tells him they are perfect. Nero looks up and sees Jarry walk in. Nero tells Gemma to call his lawyer. Nero ask her how he can help her. Jarry says she is there to deliver the good news. Ken Hass isn’t pressing charges. Nero says ok. Then questions why she brought back up to tell him that. Jarry tells Nero someone picked up where he left off and beat the shit out of him. Nero ask if he thinks he did that. Jarry says she doesn’t know and tells him maybe she should ask the den mother. Jarry introduces herself to Gemma. Gemma says her parents must have been hoping for a black baby when she hears her first name is Althea. Nero cuts her a glance and then tells Jarry they don’t know anything about what happened to Sandy’s dad. Jarry ask for Teller and Scot(Chibs). Gemma tells her they are working. Jarry tells Gemma to tell them she would like a few minutes of their valuable time. Gemma says absolutely and then calls her sista. Nero says if they see them they will let them know. Jarry leaves. Jarry tells Eglee and Cane she will find Chibs and to keep it off the radio it’s personal.

Venus is watching the video on the phone. She laughs and tells Jax she loves those boots. Tig says he does too. Venus wants to know why they are looking for him. Jax tells Venus that the Pastor and his family may be in danger. Venus says she isn’t surprised that that freaky little holy man liked to live close to the flame. Venus wants to know why Jax has his phone. Tig calls her baby and ask where she would meet him. Venus tells him different places. Venus tells him about a apartment, the hotels and then a lake house. Jax asked if he owned the lake house. Venus says she thinks so it had family pictures in it. Jax ask her if she remembers where it was. Venus tells him Lake Ansa and says she has the address in her appointment book. Jax tells her he is going to need that address. Tig says please. Venus says she will help them because she is fond of them all. Venus tells them she is meeting with someone but it will be quick. Venus says to give her five minutes and then Tig can come up,and get the address. Tig watches her affectionately as she walks away. Jax ask if there is something they need to know. Tig tells him they are friends, that they have things in common. Bobby says he can think of one thing LOL. Tig gets pissed and tells him not to be disrespectful. Tig says he is going to head upstairs and get her to move things along so they don’t dilly dally. Jax looks at everyone with a smile on his face and says now I’m worried.

Gemma is pouring some tea when Nero,comes in and ask her what happens to Hass . She tries to bullshit him and Nero tells her not to lie to him. Gemma tells Nero she didn’t want to involve him. Nero guesses that Jax did it. Gemma says he did it to protect Nero. Nero says that is a lie. Nero tells her that Jax is unchained and that he is looking for any excuse to rage. Gemma ask if he can blame him. Nero says he understands it. The problem is that it gets to a point to where you do it because it just feels good. Gemma changes the subject and tells Nero Jax was looking for him and wanted to let him know Juice was around. Nerom says ok. Gemma ask why Juice matters to him. Gemma ask him what happened with Juice. Nero just stares at her. Gemma gives him a half smile and says see baby there are just something’s we just can’t share. She gives him a kiss and leaves.

They pull up to the lake house. Tig is driving a van. They make Weasel wait in the front. Bobby and Tig go in the back and Jax and Chibs the front. Jax rings the doorbell and when no one answers they decide that some good old fashioned breaking and entering is a good idea. They meet in the middle. All,of a,sudden they hear a door creak open and then some footsteps, thinking they are they are the Scooby gang they go to investigate. Tig gets shot and goes down. A car comes out of the garage and Weasel chases it into the lake. Jax and the others run out to the lake and pull their guns he they see the boy has one of his own. He yells at Jax to leave us alone. Jax says what do you mean us. The bit tells,him his mom is in the back. Jax takes off his shoes and jumps in to help get her out of the car. Chibs says shit and jumps in next. They get her out. His mom is a straight up junkie. They ask if Haddem is his father. Stepfather he says and then he ask if Marks sent them after them. They help him get his mother inside. Jax is picking up,his stuff and Bobby is standing with him. Bobby ask him if he remembers when the inky problem that had was deciding which Mayan to kill. Jax says it was simpler times. Bobby says simpler men.

They have them sit on the couch. The son explains that Pope helped them out hears ago and now Marks expects a favor in return. He tells that Marks wants to build low in me housing but he will use it to launder money and never build the houses. Jax explains that they can’t stop,what Haddem started. Jax reminds them if he can find them in a hour so can a Marks. The wife agrees to sign the papers. Bobby tells Jax they will need someone to pick her up. Bobby tells the son he will give his mom a fix to keep her even. Chibs comes in and says he has gotten Tig’s bleeding under control. Chibs says Tig will need someone watching him. Jax tells Chibs to call Venus.

Jax tells Weasel to stay with the wife and son until Tyler gets there. Jax wants Weasel to make it clear nothing is to happen to her or her son after she signs the papers. Jax decides to take Tig back to the ice cream parlor because they have medical supplies handy there. Chibs gets Tig in the van and they head off.

Jarry gives Unser a call to inform him they are going to put a APB out on Juice and it will cover the entire northwest. Unser thanks her for telling him. When he hangs up he tells Juice and Wendy. They all decide Juice needs to get out while he still can.

Gemma answers a call from Wendy who informs her of the situation. Gemma hangs up and then heads over to Colette and tells her she needs her help to distract montez. Colette tells Gemma she will keep him busy. Gemma thanks her and then tells,her she will be good for Jax. Colette makes clear she isn’t looking to get married but appreciates what Gemma said. Colette heads over to Montez.

Jax is meeting with Leland. One of the guys with him sees Eglee and Cane. He yells cops and then shoots Cane dead. Eglee tries to out run them but they shoot her. They all decide to just take off and leave them there. Eglee moves.
Unser and Jarry watch as they put Can in a bag and Eglee into a ambulance. Jarry lets Unser know that Eglee is alive at the moment. Unser wants to know who did it and Jarry tells him she doesn’t know because no one called it in. Jarry thinks they were ambushed.

Gemma is with Juice. Juice tells her had to know of there was anyway he could,get back in the club. Gemma tells him now he knows. She tells him no more games. She is going hime and she is going to pack a bag and she is going to drive him to her dad’s place herself. Gemma ask Wendy if she has the boys. Wendy says ok. Gemma tells him of he stays either the MC or the cops are going to find him. Either way Jax will get to him and he will wind up dead. Gemma ask if that’s what he wants. Juice tells her he doesn’t want to die but that he doesn’t like being alone. Juice says he isn’t good on his own that his head gets so loud and shit doesn’t make sense and nothing syncs up. He starts thinking about his thinking and gets lost in the details of nothing. Nothing is what we have. Juice sits down on the bed and Wendy tells him it will be ok. Gemma looks taken aback at how broken he is. Gemma shakes herself out of it and sits down. Wendy has Juice laying in her lap and is rubbing his arm. Wendy tells him he is isn’t going to be alone.

Jax is pacing in his office. He stops and grabs the chair and rocks it as he screams. Venus looks terrified while Tig is to out of otut of it to do much of anything. Everyone else walks over to Jax. Jax tells them he will reach out to Tully tomorrow and try to explain what happened. Bobby says if Cane or Eglee called what happened in they will all be able to talk to Tully face to face. Happy says they are going to need help of this thing unravels. Weasel comes in and tells Jax that Jarry is downstairs. Chibs ask him how many are with her. Weasel says she is alone and she needs to talk to Chibs and Jax. They all sit for a minute and then get up and leave.

Tig is alone with Venus. He calls her baby and tells her she should just get out of there. Venus tells him she made a oath to take care of a good friend. She touches his chin with her finger and he smiles. Tig ask her where she came from. Venus says he she was born a man but believes her true genesis happened a bit later when she was stirred by the gods of love and beauty and transformed into a angel whose purpose is to bring light to shadows and a little bit of joy to those lost souls who,can’t find it. Tig touches her face and then kisses her. Wow…saw it coming but still. They both are enjoying it so Tig kisses her a little more.

Jarry meanwhile is down stairs giving the sons the third degree. She ask if they shot her cops. Chibs says of course they didn’t. Bobby tells her they like Eglee. Jarry ask if it matches any kind of gang pattern, is it retaliation, or someone trying to get street cred. Jax tells her no and that will keep there ears open. She ask if they had anything to do with Hass. Chibs starts the we absolutely didn’t speech. Jax butts in and says that he did it. That he is a scumbag that beats and extorts his own daughter and he made sure that he doesn’t do it again. A van screeches to a halt outside and a guy gets out and throws a rock to break the window and then throws a grenade threw it. It lands where everyone is sitting. Chibs tells,for everyone to,get down and they scramble to,get out of the way. Ever the gentleman Chibs throws himself on Jarry to protect her. They all look,around father wards at the damage.

Weasel helps Venus get Tig’s out of the building. Chibs goes to check on Jarry who has put two and two together and got the Chinese killed Tara. She ask Chibs if that’s what the stuff that went down at the Timber trail was about. Chibs tells her no. Jarry ask if the club retaliated for Tara. Chibs tells her he doesn’t know anything. Jarry calls him Scotty and tells him to focus up that grenade just went off on Main Street. Jarry ask if the MC started a war and says now shit is going to get blown up in Charming. She tells him next time the ice cream shop might be full of kids. She ask Chibs is he could live with himself if that happened. Chibs ask if he can please take her home. Jarry lets him.

Meanwhile at Diosa Tom and some other Chinese guys walk in. Colette offers them a drink and a smile. They look around.

Happy tells Jax that this was retaliation for what they did. Bobby says someone must have sold them out to Lin. Jax tells them to check the guns.

There is a cell phone ringing. There is also a box and West’s dead body has been put in it.

Nero shows up in a freaking panic. Jax tells him the Chinese did it. Nero finds this hard to believe. Nero’s phone rings and it’s Tom. He tells Nero he appreciates him getting them all together. Tom tells Nero what is about to go down at Diosa will impact him but it is meant for the Sons. Nero ask who it is and tom hangs up.

Nero tells Jax and company that the Chinese are at Diosa and they hop on their bikes and take off over there.

Unser is sitting by Eglee’s bed waiting for her to wake up.

Venus is in the back of the van holding Tig’s hand as he kind of nods off.

In the car marry takes her hair down. Chibs reaches over and gently touches her hand. They look at each other for a second and then he squeezes her hand.

Juice puts a gun with a silencer in his bag when Wendy is looking out the door.

Gemma is at home. She takes down a box and pulls out a gun and hesitates before putting it in her bag.

They get to Diosa and run in the back. They get to the front and see everyone has been shot to death. Jax looks around and sees Colette laying in the floor. Jax stands for a minute with his eyes closed and then collects himself. Happy is walking around in disbelief. Bobby is stroking Kiki’s hair. Nerom has his head down and he is holding his necklace while he prays. Back to Jax who has a murderous look in his eyes. I’m guessing the poor little lambs in this weeks title are the dead girls littering the floor of Diosa after all it’s Jax’s actions that ultimately led to their slaughter.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Synopsis Spoilers Episode 5 “Some Strange Eruption” (Airs October 7, 10:00 pm e/p): – Looking for the source of a betrayal leads to violence at the Stockton Ports. Written by Roberto Patino & Kurt Sutter; directed by Peter Weller.