Supernatural RECAP 3/18/14: Season 9 Episode 16 “Blade Runners”

Supernatural RECAP 3/18/14: Season 9 Episode 16 "Blade Runners"

SUPERNATURAL continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called “Blade Runners”. In it Dean is frustrated when he can’t reach Crowley, who has promised to find The First Blade, but finds out soon that Crowley fell off the wagon and needs his help.

On the last episode teenage girl (guest star Ali Webb) was killed and the final selfie she took before the attack showed a ghostly figure in the background. Looking for something to keep them busy, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) headed to Washington to find the ghost. While the two interviewed the girl’s mother, Betty (guest star Maria Marlow), they were surprised when she started talking about cold spots and fritzing.

When they asked her about bringing up paranormal signs, Betty replied that the “supernaturalists” who called earlier brought it up. Enter Harry (guest star Ryan Moss) and Ed (guest star A.J. Buckley), the famous supernaturalists.  Did you see the last episode? If not then there is a detailed recap of it for you right here.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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Sam looks online at info on Cain and Abel while Dean calls Crowley to find out where the first blade is. He’s upset that he hasn’t heard from him. Crowley leaves a message that is unintelligible. Sam thinks it’s a drunk dial. Dean calls again but Crowley doesn’t answer. He’s busy getting busy. He tells Lola that he wants a treat and she goes to the guy hanging in the closet and draws some blood. She tells him the pantry is almost empty and they’ll need a volunteer. He shoots up with the blood and tells her to add that to her to do list. He collapses on the bed looking high. He tells her he’s ravenous and she leaves to obey. She comes back with pizza and sees the guy from the closet slumped over the divan and Crowley sniffling as he watches Casablanca.

Aldo meets with Lola and she tells him she’ll only talk to Abadon. He says she appreciates the hard work she’s doing but should give him the update. She says that the king is off his game and is only interested in sex, human blood and pizza but keeps getting calls from the Winchesters. She says they leave messages and one was about the first blade. He tells her to monitor it and report back and she tells him next time it better be to Abadon.

The brothers are in the middle of the road spray painting a pentagram to summon Crowley. Dean calls out in Latin and a demon appears but it’s Snookie! Sam asks if that’s her and she tells him it’s Nicole now. He tells her they can do this the easy or easier way and threatens her with a knife. He asks about Crowley and she says to Google him. She tells him what happens in hell stays in hell and they remind her without Crowley her sweet life is done. They ask where he is and she says the Western Pacific is the last she heard. She tells them hell is getting crazy and Abadon is ready to take over. Instead of releasing her, they exorcise her and she’s annoyed.

Lola comes in and tells Crowley she’s been out shopping. She has a new dress for her and blood bags for him. She injects him and tells him she loves what it does for him. He flings her across the room and tells her he knows she’s reporting to Abadon. He tells her he could have helped her and she mocks him. He ends her for good and injects himself with more blood. He looks around at all the dead bodies around him and then in the mirror at himself. He’s not pleased.

Sam researches the Mariana Trench and wonders if that’s where the first blade is. He wonders if Crowley double crossed them but Dean says he knows he wants him to kill Abadon. Sam suggests them using the blade on Crowley and Dean swallows but then plays along. His phone rings and he says – speak of the devil. He asks if he found the first blade and he says he’s in a jam. He asks Dean to help him and the brothers take off. Crowley finds them in his hotel room and greets them.

They asks him what’s with the bodies and he says it’s refreshments. Sam wrestles the bag from him and sees it’s a plasma bag. They chain him up and Dean tells him he’s a mess and says they were counting on him and so were his slimy hell followers. He asks if they’re staging and intervention and Dean tells him to stop letting hell go to hell. He tells them human DNA is his crack. He says Lola was spying on him for Abadon and they ask if she knows about the first blade but he can’t remember. Dean says that means she’ll be looking for it too and tells Crowley he’s off the blood cold turkey. They take him back to the bunker and chain him up in his old chair.

Crowley tells them the blade had been snagged by a sub and then it changed hands until pirates lost it in a poker game. Crowley stares at him and says he’s still tainted by humanity and it makes him sentimental. Sam tells him to stop but Crowley tells him they had a moment in the church and are bonded now. Sam tells him past nailing Abadon he has no interest in him. Sam presses for more info about the blade.

They are out with Crowley who’s stealing candy from a vending machine. Dean tells him to stop it and says he’s the king of rotten and should act like it. They wonder if their contact will show up. Sam says Andre brought the blade from the pirates and is shopping it. A shadowy figure shows up and says he wants to talk to the serious collector. Dean flashes a badge and Andre gets ready to take off. Crowley listens and then released a cloud of his red gassy flame stuff that flows into Andre and back out. The guy doesn’t even know what happened and they tell him they’re watching him and let him go.

Crowley tells them it’s at the National Institute of Antiquities. The guards play gin when smke clouds come under the door and invade the guards. The now demon infested guard grabs a key and opens the vault. He heads in as a museum workers comes in with snacks. The other guard grabs up a knife and slits her throat. Next day, Sam and Dean are at the crime scene and they are told the guards were breaking into vault one. He shows them security footage of the one guard shooting the other in the chest and then the other shooting back. Then one shoots out the security camera.

Sam asks about the vault and he says it was for rare new acquisitions but nothing has gone missing from it. The blade was not there. The vault was empty. They suspect it was Abadon’s minions looking for the sword.

Sam and Dean ask a curator about the blade and she says there was nothing by that name in the museum. They push back on her and she admits the blade was in the vault but says she removed it. They ask where it is and she says she got a confidential offer. She tells them the buyer insisted on secrecy but they play the FBI card. She flirts openly with Dean and she says he didn’t know his identity but his name was Magnus. She holds out her card and Sam tries to take it but she insists it goes into Dean’s hand.

Sam reminds him Albert Magnus is the name that men of letters use when they want to go incognito. Dean says they’re all dead but now they’re not so sure. They come back and ask Crowley about the men of letters massacre. He tells them they’re ignoring his suffering and he rants. He says they owe him. He tells them they made him a junkie and kept him locked up while his kingdom crumbled. They ask what he wants and install him in the study with a scotch.

They can’t find any survivors from the massacre and Crowley tells them only the active members were killed. He says there was a rogue member and asks how the functioned without him. He surfs Japanese porn while they research. They find a box about dishonored members. Cuthbert Sinclair was the guy who designed their wards and was a powerful spell maker. He was called eccentric and irresponsible. Crowley tells them Cuthbert was ahead of his time and was kicked out in 1956. Crowley says he heard about it and tried to find him to get access to the bunker. They ask where he looked.

The three of them go on a field trip. To a field… He says the demons tracked Cuthbert there but he’s obviously warded the area. Dean says the guy may be watching and tells Sam to give it a shock. Sam calls his name out and tells him who they are and that they are men of letters as well. They say they don’t agree with this ousting and they want to hear his side of the story. Crowley mocks them but then there is smoke behind them. They step through into a hallway with fancy paintings and old music playing.

They head down the hall and then are beset by sharp toothed creatures. They fight back and kill them. They are rewarded with a compliment. Cuthbert says he just wanted to see what they’re made of. He tells him his fortress is invisible and tells them he hasn’t used that name in 57 years. They tell him he looks good for a 90 year old. He tells them he’ll miss the two from his zoo that they killed. He tells them he has a huge collection of supernatural rarities. He tells them he thought the men of letters died out and then Sam admits what they are is hunters. He says the men of letters must be spinning in their graves about them being in the bunker.

He tells them Henry came to visit them – their grandfather – and that he was a wild one. Dean explaisn about Abadon and Cuthbert says things never change. He says he told the men of letters they could have wiped all the demons out. Dean says he needs the first blade. Cuthbert says they should know the sword is useless without the mark of Cain and Dean shows him he has it. Cuthbert is intrigued. He tells them the sword is behind him and Dean asks to borrow it. Cuthbert speaks a spell and blows dust on Sam who disappears!

Sam struggles through the woods and finds Crowley by the car. He tells him the guy kept Dean. Cuthbert explains he has the blade and now has the mark of Cain to complete the set. Cuthbert invites him to stay and be part of his collection and be young forever. He offers to teach him all his secrets and says they can be companions. Dean tells him that’s creepy. He says he’s going to take the blade and go. Cuthbert does a spell that makes him drop the knife and turns out he’s picked his gun out of his pocket. He tells Dean – welcome to the collection.

Crowley tells Sam who would have imagined the two of them fighting together. He says they can get matching tattoors. Sam reminds him that the wards make him useless. Crowley says he’ll still need him and he says that he helped Dean find Cain so he could get the blade and the mark and he got Gadriel out of his head. Sam tells him to shut up.

Dean tells Cuthbert he’s a sorry piece of work for holing up in there and not doing anything about the state of the world. Cuthbert holds out the blade and says he must be curious about how he works. He forces the blade into Dean’s hand and the power flows through him. He drops the blade and his hand shakes. Cuthbert tells him that next time it will be easier and eventually he’ll welcome the sensation.

Sam reads Cuthbert’s file and finds that he wanted to make the bunker invisible and wanted entry to be by spell only. He tells Crowley they need some things and he actually could use his help.

Cuthbert tells Dean they can have anything or anyone they want. He grabs Dean’s head and chants a spell. He took away his will and says eventually he’ll be ready to do whatever he wants.

Sam mixes up a cauldron of stuff and then tells Crowley to stick close, shut up and do what he says. Sam speaks the spell and the cauldron lights up. Sam and Crowley walk through the smoke and into the house. They head down the hall and hide as Cuthbert walks by. He looks where they are but sees nothing. He pulls out a key and Sam puts a knife to his throat and demands Dean. Turns out Sam had a shapeshifter minion of his and he pulls a gun on Sam. Dean is tied up.

Cuthbert pulls a knife and says that he should be torturing Sam to get Dean to do what he wants. He slashes Sam’s cheek. Crowley walks into the room as Cuthbert promises to make him suffer. There’s a noise and Dean is loose and he chops the head off the jerk. Dean glares at Crowley and looks at the first blade in his hand. He raises it up and Sam tells him it’s over. Dean’s lip is twitching but Sam tells him to drop the blade and he lets it go.

The trio emerge from the woods and find that Abadon has been in their car. Fortunately the wards on the trunk held. They keyed his car and Crowley says the message is for him – it says “be afraid, your queen.” Dean hugs the car and is in torment. Sam tells Dean they can do without Crowley now but he hears and pushes them back against the car. He tells Dean that he is a killing machine and that he may be after him as well as Abadon. He takes the first blade and Dean says he can’t use it without him. Crowley says he will hang onto it until they find Abadon and destroy her. He says he can’t trust them and he poofs away with the blade.