Survivor Blood vs Water Recap – First Jury Member Revealed: Season 29 Episode 8 “Wrinkle In the Plan”

Survivor Blood vs Water Recap - First Jury Member Revealed: Season 29 Episode 8 "Wrinkle In the Plan"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur airs with an all new Wednesday November 12, season 29 episode 8 called, “Wrinkle In the Plan.” On tonight’s episode the claws come out when two parents defend their children in a heated exchange and one couple splits apart. Meanwhile, the castaways reap the benefits of a taco bar after exiling one of their own.

On the last episode, the pressure of the game forced one castaway to contemplate throwing in the towel. Also, alliances started to crumble with the impending merge and one castaway committed the ultimate sin.. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the claws are out when two parents protect their children in a heated exchange. Also, the castaways reap the rewards of a Taco Bar after exiling one of their own.”

Tonight’s season 29 episode 8 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 29 of Survivor. Who will be sent home tonight?

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On #Survivor, the group complains about Julie up and quitting. That saved them from tribal but threw off everyone’s plotting and scheming. Jon and Jaclyn wonder if they’re playing the game or just being deceitful. They are still thinking about a big move to take out Jeremy. Jaclyn says Josh and Jeremy are the two leaders of the pack. Jeff welcomes the Survivors to today’s reward challenge. They will be divided into two teams.

They have to put giant puzzle pieces onto a cart then to a tower where they will build a temple that must be climbed up to release a statue that is then hauled up to trigger the release of a flag. The reward is a taco bar with beer, tea and margaritas. They do a school yard pick. Keith, Natalie, Reed, Jeremy and Wes face off against Jon, Alec, Baylor Josh and Jaclyn. Missy has to sit out and will not get a chance at the reward. The puzzle pieces are heavy.

Keith and the others are first out with the cart and make it to the end then unload. The other team is not too far behind. Yellow unloads and heads back with the cart to get their second load of giant Jenga-esque pieces. Blue is back but is slowing down. Yellow (Keith, Jeremy, Natalie, et al) loads up their last piece and pushes for the end. They get stuck toward the end but muscle through it. Blue finally has their load but struggle to push it to the end.

Both teams are starting to build but yellow has an early lead on their temple build. Blue is behind but are moving fast on the puzzle. Yellow gets their temple done and Natalie says she’ll run up it. She goes and releases the statue and they all grab the rope to hoist the statue. It’s a rout – they slaughter the blue team by a huge margin and will get a much-desired taco reward. They also have to send someone to exile and talk and then send Jon.

They figure he can do okay on his own since he’s a big guy. He takes the map from Jeff and heads out. He tells them to think about him while they’re eating tacos. Keith, Jeremy, Natalie, Wes and Reed head off for their feast. They roll up to the taco stand and everyone grabs a margarita for a toast to their win. Reed says he feels bad because Josh has been talking about this reward since the beginning and is missing out. They are loading up on food and Natalie asks if they should talk strategy.

The problem is, there are two alliances there with nothing in common. Keith says he wanted to take Julie out but now that she’s gone, he has no clue. Wes says he had no idea either. Jeremy knows they were targeting him and doesn’t buy this. He says Keith is trying to play the game, but isn’t very subtle. Wes is loading up on food super fast as his dad tells him to take it easy. He’s eating and drinking a lot of booze like he has no will power. Keith says he’s going to get sick.

Wes starts to feel awful and lays his head down. Keith says he’s a good kid that’s never been to jail yet but makes some mistakes. Sure enough, he’s got #TacoOverload. The others tease Keith about how he raised him to be that dumb and Keith blames Wes’s mom. Josh is okay missing reward because he wants this time to work on Baylor and try to get the target off his back. He tells her that he thinks she owes him at least one save for a vote since he saved her once.

Baylor feels blackmailed and thinks he’s not being a good Christian. Baylor says she’s heard from others that Josh is just using her and he sees that Missy has her daughter under her thumb and he can’t get anywhere with her. He then moves on to Jaclyn and hopes they will stick with the couple’s alliance which is important since Missy and Baylor seem not to be. Jon lurks on Exile Island unhappily. He’s lonely, misses Jaclyn and says it sucks.

He goes to the urn and gets a clue to an idol on exile but it is something about water. He thinks it means he has to search at low tide and goes to search near a stone outcropping. He works his way around looking all over but can’t find anything. The tide starts rolling in, there’s a giant lizard there staring and then he decides to head up the big pillar in the middle. He finds it within moments and unwraps the #ImmunityIdol. He says this is a game changer.

They come back to camp and Wes is gassy and burping. Jeremy says they’re rude for belching and farting. Jeremy and Missy agree the others are disgusting and rude and are not acting nice in front of the women. Alec hands Missy some fish trash to throw away and she thinks he’s being rude. Missy tells her that she agrees he’s rude but needs to let it go. Keith tells Baylor to get up and get wood since she’s being lazy. She grumpily agrees to go.

Keith says if she was his kid, he would have whooped her by now. Alec tells the girls to keep the fire going and says they can only trust Natalie. The women discuss that the guys are arrogant and rude. Jaclyn says she sees a huge difference in how she’s treated now that Jon is gone. She tells the girls she and Jon will not vote with the guys. Alec and Keith plot against Jeremy and agree they need to check in with Jon. Alec says Jaclyn will vote with Jon but Keith thinks the women got to her. Alec is confident that their alliance will work and as long as Jeremy doesn’t win immunity, he’ll be gone.

It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff welcomes the group and then Jon returning from Exile. Jeff takes the immunity necklace from Keith. Today’s challenge is about mental stress. They will be shown symbols they have to repeat back. The challenge will get increasingly harder. In round one, Jeff shows statue, sun, skull and ax. Jon is out quickly on the second image. Good thing he has an idol since he has a poor memory or maybe it’s Exile fatigue – he spent two days there.

Reed is out on the next go missing the skull. Wes and Alec don’t show the ax and they are out. They are down to seven in round two. Images shown are ax, skull, mask, sun, temple, ax and statue. Natalie is out when she misses the ax. Baylor is out on skull. It’s down to five. Jaclyn is out on mask. It’s down to four – Jeremy, Josh, Missy and Keith. It’s split and Missy and Keith are out of it. It’s down to Jeremy and Josh. Josh is out when he shows statue instead of temple.

Jeremy wins individual immunity and throws a monkey wrench into the plans of a good bit of the group. They head back to camp to plot before Tribal Council. Back at camp, they congratulate Jeremy and Jon and Jaclyn stage a reunion. Jeremy is thrilled. He knew Josh and his goons were coming after him and now they have to scramble. Alec tells Josh that Keith wants Baylor out and they agree that if Jon and Jaclyn are on board, they can get her out.

Josh doesn’t feel bad since she rejected his olive branch. He thinks it’s her or him. Jaclyn tells Jon she’s tired of the guys and doesn’t want to vote against them. She thinks the guys are bigger threats in the immunity challenges. He doesn’t like to hear the guys were giving his honey a hard time but he also doesn’t want to play with emotions. Jon tells Jaclyn they can’t take Jeremy out in the finals since he’s a firefighter with a family.

Reed comes over and tells them the plan is to vote out Baylor. Jaclyn is disappointed that Jon isn’t doing what she wants and says it’s all still up in the air. Missy asks Keith is he has to do what Josh says and Keith says Baylor sleeps, eats and doesn’t do shit. He then says Missy takes up for her rather than making Baylor work. Missy is annoyed they are gunning for her daughter. She says she has to have Baylor’s back no matter whatever.

Missy goes and tells Baylor that Keith is gunning for her and they have to get Jon and Jaclyn with them. Baylor thinks Keith is stupid for telling her mom that he’s after her. She says she feels sick about it. Missy goes and tells Jon she thinks they need to take out Josh. He says that’s cool but obviously they have to decide Josh or Baylor. They are not on the same page. Jeremy tells Natalie he doesn’t trust Jon and says he’s sneaky.

Jaclyn tells Jon again she wants to stick with Missy and Jeremy. Jaclyn says either way, someone will be mad at them after the vote. They all head to #TribalCouncil. Jeremy says he knows if he didn’t win immunity he knew he was going home. Josh says he felt the same way. Wes says it’s pretty clear where the alliance lines are drawn. Jeremy says he’s not sure. Jaclyn says she and Jon have been approached by both sides and are in the middle.

Jon says they have not been trying to be the swing vote but there is something painted on them that says that. Natalie says she feels protective about the original Hunahpus and feels protective about Jon because of that. She says around camp, when Jon isn’t there the guys treat Jaclyn like she doesn’t exist. Jaclyn says there are definitely people that don’t respect her. Missy says Wes and Alec act like they’re in a frat house and Keith says they are not at the Hilton.

He says everyone there has gas and it’s a normal body function. Missy shudders. Reed says he’s been respectful to the women. He says he wants a chance to make a case to Jaclyn and Jon. He says if they side with a group of singles, they will turn on them. Jeremy says the others will target Jon because he’s a big threat. Jon says right now the decisions he and Jaclyn are making are game changers and it’s scary.

It’s time for the vote. We see that Alec votes for Baylor and Baylor votes for Josh. None of the other votes are shown. Natalie says she’s really nervous as the voting progresses. Jeff goes to tally the votes. He comes back and calls for any hidden immunity idols. No one moves. The votes read: Baylor, Josh, Baylor, Josh. Tied. Baylor, Josh. Still tied. Baylor, Josh. Still tied. Baylor, Josh. Tied again. One vote left. The seventh person out and the first member of the jury is Josh.

He gives Reed a kiss goodbye. Alec looks devastated since his plan fell through. Jon gives Jaclyn a wink – he decided to go with what his lady wanted. Jeff wonders if tomorrow will be a whole new game. They head back to camp and Josh heads off to the jury hotel to get cleaned up. We’ll see him next time. After he’s voted out, Josh says the game is about trust and he found out he couldn’t trust his alliance. He says he’s thankful for the experience and that it was awesome.