Who Won Survivor 2014 Blood vs Water Finale Recap All Women Final 3: Season 29

Who Won Survivor 2014 Blood vs Water Finale Recap All Women Final 3: Season 29

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2014 Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur airs with an all new Wednesday December 17, season 29 episode 14 two-hour finale episode called, “This Is My Time,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, after weeks of competition the final five castaways compete for a spot in the final tribal council where they are questioned by the jury.

On the last episode, shocking tribal council results in one of the biggest blindsides yet; a sudden injury occurs. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The final five compete for a spot in the last Tribal Council and the $1 million prize, on the two-hour season finale.”  Who are you rooting for?  Who do you think should win the $1 million dollars.

Tonight’s season 29 episode 14 finale looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2014 San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 29 of Survivor. Who will be sent home tonight? We are also recapping Who Won Survivor 2014 Blood vs Water reunion show right – click here!

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The #SurvivorFinale starts now. Jeff says they started with 18 players and are down to Jaclyn, Natalie, Baylor, Keith and Missy. Tonight we’ll found out who is going to be sole survivor and take home the million bucks. There are 500 screaming fans watching at the live finale. It was 35 days ago when nine pairs of loved ones were dropped off in Nicaragua but then were quickly pulled apart and told they were competing against one another.

John Rocker was quickly found out to be the infamous MLB pitcher who had wanted to hide from his reputation. Coyopa kept losing which led to a Natalie versus Rocker standoff. Hunahpu was winning but was fighting constantly. They lost their flint and then lost all the items they won because they went through their rice too fast. Playing against their loved ones proved stressful and few pairs were left. The only blood couple left is Missy and her daughter Baylor.

Jon and Jaclyn have been a power couple for quite a while. There were blindsides a plenty – the most recent of which took out Jon. Now Jaclyn is all alone and says she’s not going down without a fight. Keith was an underdog but has hung in to be a beast in immunity challenges. He thinks he’s got this and credits his success to PMA – positive mental attitude. On night 35, we pick up with the survivors at camp. Missy is carried back by Natalie.

Jaclyn says they got screwed by Natalie and Baylor. Jaclyn tries to say that Jon is loyal but Natalie says he’s not. Jaclyn gets angry and says in real life not in the game. They break into yelling at each other and Jaclyn ends up in tears. She says she thought everyone loved she and Jon and it just made her snap to hear Natalie criticizing him. Jaclyn tells her she doesn’t need to hear it. Natalie thinks it was good that Jaclyn had a fit in front of everyone.

She says she is trusting Baylor and Missy to take her to final three and hopes the Jaclyn tantrum helped.  On day 36, Missy and Baylor talk strategy. Missy says their goal is to win and that’s what needs to be foremost. She says she’s okay with taking Natalie with them but is worried about the challenges since she now has a hard cast on her foot. She says Natalie and Baylor need to crush the challenges to carry them through.

Jeff calls everyone in for the #RewardChallenge. They have to be attached to a rope they unspool, assemble a bridge then use sandbags to knock down blocks. The first finished wins reward which is something that will help them win the game. If they win, they get an advantage in the immunity challenge. Jeff tells Missy the bad news is she can’t compete in the challenge but the good news is she’s still in the game and he sends her to the bench.

They start unspooling their rope attached to them in an octagonal structure. They have to be careful not to let it get knotted or tangled. They work feverishly and Keith is the first to head out with Natalie right behind him. Jaclyn also heads out and then Baylor. They all start working on their bridge. Jaclyn gets her rope tangled and has to go back and fight with it. Natalie and Keith are neck and neck. Baylor is struggling with her rope now too and Jaclyn falls and hurts herself.

Keith also falls and loses some pieces but he has a lead and has just three pieces left on his bridge. Baylor is falling too far behind. Natalie falls and Jaclyn is pretty much out of it. Natalie ties it up with Keith. He has two left and Natalie goes back for her last three. Keith is done and is untying his sandbags then starts throwing them. Natalie is snagged on her rope and is falling behind. Natalie makes it to her sandbags and starts throwing.

Keith has to run collect his and she starts making big hits to try and catch up. Keith has one left and Natalie has to run get her sandbags. Keith wins reward by a comfortable margin which sets him up nicely for the next challenge. Jeff gives him an envelope that must be opened and read in private and not shared with anyone. He also gets to decide who goes to Exile. Missy is the only one who has never been there and Jeff says it would take her a long time to get there and back.

Keith says he can’t send Missy and decides to send Jaclyn. She’s not happy but heads out. Jeff sends the others back to camp. Natalie says it’s hard to get beaten by a 55 year old man. She says she has to get rid of Keith first to keep her plan going. Back live, Jeff says you can see how physically exhausted they are and talks about how much food they got. He shows what a half cup of cooked rice looks like and says it’s just 100 calories. He sets the bowl of rice down by the average American’s daily intake.

He says it’s about 2,500 calories compared to this. He says this show is real and will kick your ass. He comes down to a little girl in the audience and asks if she’s a fan. He asks if she’d like to play and she says she could do it maybe in a long time. Jeff hands her a bowl of rice and says she can start now and this is all the food she’ll get for the rest of the night. She laughs.

Jaclyn gets to Exile and sees the clay pot. She opens it and reads the note. It’s the same clue everyone else got. She talks about Jon getting voted out and says she knows it’s her or Keith at the next Tribal. She tries to cut up a coconut but starts crying. She says she’s been through a lot and talks about her infertility and says she feels like she’s fighting for she and Jon now. She says this money will help them get a child in the future through surrogacy or adoption.

Back at Huyopa on day 36, the other ladies congratulate Keith. Baylor says the challenge was sucky because he got the advantage. He goes off to read it. The women talk. Natalie says she hopes it’s an endurance challenge. They agree to send him home if they can. Keith reads the note and says that there is practice table that has been delivered for him to practice on but as soon as he’s done practicing, it will be taken away. It’s a series of metal tunnel like things you run a ball through and then catch it on a spoon to move to the next tunnel.

You have to move it over and around obstacles. He plays and plays with it and says he’s going to stay and practice for a while since he needs the necklace. He says he’s going to practice til dark to try and get the hang of it. He’s frustrated and says it’s mentally frustrating that he hasn’t figure it out by now. He says all he can do now is win challenges and go for the necklace. Missy and Baylor talk to Natalie about final three. Natalie says in private she can always decide to go with Keith and Jaclyn.

She also has an idol she plans to use at the next challenge to keep herself safe and since it’s the last chance to use it. Jeff welcomes everyone to the #ImmunityChallenge. Jaclyn comes back from Exile to join them. Jeff asks her how it was and she says it sucked being away from camp. Missy has on a sneaker of Jon’s over her cast so she can try and participate today. Jeff takes back the necklace from Natalie and then explains how the ball obstacle work. They have to transfer three balls to win.

He says the winner is guaranteed a spot in final four and the losers will be up to be sent home. They draw for spots and begin. It’s time to see if Keith’s practice paid off. They begin and most drop their balls straight off. Jeff says there’s a big learning curve and Keith actually drops his. Missy and Baylor are doing okay and Keith is struggling along with Jaclyn. Jeff wonders if Keith’s advantage helped and tells them not to panic.

Baylor is halfway through with her first ball then she drops it. Keith finally makes some progress. He’s on the final obstacle and lands one. He has two more to go. Jaclyn studies Keith’s moves to try and get a clue. Keith is on ball two at the last obstacle. He sinks it and now has two while no one else has even one. Keith is halfway through on his third. Natalie is panicking and rushing and so is Baylor. Keith is on the last obstacle with ball three.

He’s inches away from sinking the last one. He sinks it and it’s done. Keith wins individual immunity. That means Natalie now has to decide if she wants to side with Kieth and Jaclyn or the mom and daughter. Keith gets the necklace and is thrilled. The live crowd cheers and Jeff introduces a special guest Austin who is there via Make-a-Wish. Jeff says he wanted to create a challenge that would make it on the show. Jeff says he’s never made one that made it onto the show.

Jeff says Austin’s whole family came to set, came to Tribal and then Austin pitched his challenge to the challenge coordinator. Austin says it was a really great moment that he’ll always remember. Jeff says Austin left the room and says they decided to put it on the show. He was the one who invented the challenge with the hay and tilting bridge. That was a great challenge. Jeff talks to his parents and his dad says it was great to watch him pitching his challenge.

Austin says he just wanted to help the show and tells Jeff – you’re welcome. Jeff gives him a big hug and tells him he loves him. On day 37, back at camp they talk to Keith about how frustrating the challenge was and Natalie jokes and says he’s good with balls. He didn’t realize none of the others didn’t even get one. Keith says his mind is going because he’s tired and says Jaclyn knows she’s going home.

He later asks Missy and Baylor how Jaclyn is doing and Missy says she thinks she’s ready to leave and get a nice bottle of wine. Jaclyn talks to Natalie and asks if she’s going to vote for her or take out one of the mom/daughter team. She says she’s going to fight. Natalie asks what she’s proposing and she says they should vote out Missy. Natalie says she feels comfortable with them. Baylor asks Natalie to play her idol tonight on behalf of her mom. She tells Natalie she doesn’t need it for herself.

Baylor says everyone is focused on Jaclyn. Natalie is thinking about making a big move and is trying to think strictly about what is best for her. Natalie says she can play it safe and vote out Jaclyn or make a big move. Natalie says a big move could send her home tomorrow and says it’s scary. They head off to #TribalCouncil. The jury comes in and is seated. Jeff asks Jaclyn about how it is playing without Jon. She says the pro is that she doesn’t have to worry about him but the con is she has no one to trust.

Keith says it was heated when they got back after voting Jon out. He says it was a real cat fight but he was just glad not to hear his name. Missy says she’s pretty confident about the idol situation because she knows who has it. Jaclyn says she didn’t know there was one and thinks she, Natalie or Baylor has it. Keith says he didn’t know about it either. Then Jeff asks about Missy and Baylor being the last pair and Missy says that does put them in the danger zone but thinks her alliance is solid.

Natalie says everyone assumes she’s voting with Missy and Baylor and says Jaclyn came to her after Keith won immunity so it shook things up. Jaclyn says she knew it was a toss up between she and Keith. Jaclyn says she did go to Natalie to try and pitch a deal. Missy says there can always be cracks but doesn’t think there is in her alliance. She says you just have to accept that it’s your time. They vote and Jeff goes to count the votes.

He calls for hidden immunity idols and Natalie pulls hers out and hands it to Jeff. She says she was going to play it for herself but then decided to play it for someone else. She asks if Jaclyn voted for who she told her to vote for. She says yes and then Natalie hands it to Jeff and says she’s playing it for Jaclyn instead of herself. Jon says he knew he liked Natalie. Missy and Baylor exchange I love yous.

The votes are Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Jaclyn, Baylor. The jury is ecstatic. The other vote is read and Baylor is sent home on a #Blindside. Jeff says Missy, Keith, Jaclyn and Natalie are the final four and will compete in the final immunity challenge tomorrow. He sends them back to camp. Baylor says she’s proud of herself and isn’t mad at Natalie because it was a good move. She says she was totally surprised though.

After, Keith says there’s no hard feelings and says he loves them all. Jeff says 15 seconds after he was voted out, Keith told him that none of his friends would believe he was sitting in a spa in Nicaragua. Jeff says looking at Wes, you have to wonder who married Keith. His wife Wanda is there and says they’ve been married 25 years. They ask if she embarrassed him. She says she didn’t like him telling Missy how to raise her daughter. She says she had words with him about that.

Jeff tells her a viewer wanted to ask her about all his spitting. She says what you see with Keith is what you get and says he sure did spit a lot on the island. It’s time for final tribal council. It’s time for #FinalTribal. The final three bring in their torches. Natalie carries Missy’s. The jury members come in next – Josh, Jeremy, Wes, Reed, Alec, Jon, Baylor and Keith. Natalie blindsided at least three of those. Jeff talks about how the power has now shifted to the jury.

Missy goes first and says she could easily be sitting in the jury and says this is as big as the jury on a murder trial (dumb thing to say). Missy says the biggest decision and hardest move she made was to vote out Jon but says it was a wake up call that she had to play the game. She talks about breaking her foot and says it devastated her but she helped her team win. She says she’s played consistently with integrity, dignity and mainly loyalty and that’s why she deserves sole survivor.

Jaclyn says she deserves it because she went through a lot of ups and downs. She says she was on the chopping block from day one and then when the tribes united, she was in the middle of these two teams. She says then Jon got blindsided and she had to take the reins, step it up and make it to the end. She talks about her diagnosis at 15 of finding out she could never have kids. She says she has triumphed in life over the negative and has done it in the game too.

Natalie says she deserves their votes because she’s outwitted, outplayed and outlasted better than Missy and Jaclyn. She says she’s made scary moves on her own, has played hard in challenges, the only girl to volunteer for Exile last and always worked hard at camp. She says she had to change her game when her sister was voted out. She says she has done everything with a purpose. She says she’s honored to be sitting in front of them. She says if they had made the right decision last night, they should have voted her out instead of Keith. (Wow – great speech and it was so true).

Jeff says the jury can ask them questions now. Jon is first and speaks to Jaclyn. He laughs and asks her to show a big move or decision she was solely responsible for. She says it was Josh and that kept her from being on the bottom. She says Reed came to her and she said yes and then his loved one went home. Dumb to remind Josh and Reed why they should hate him. Keith asks Natalie how it felt to have the last word she spoke to him be a lie.

She says it was him or her and she had to do it. She says she had to sell him as the biggest threat which was him. He says he hated the constant lying and says he went most of the game without lying and an alliance. (Wah… he’s never seen the show). Alec is up next and asks Natalie what her one biggest move was. She says voting him off changed the game because no one knew she was going to do it. She says getting him out meant Keith was there to help her get out Jon.

Alec asks Missy what was motherly about her in the game. Missy says she positioned herself to direct people to vote for people that she didn’t trust. She says she told her people what to do. (what??) Baylor is up next and says she’s happy for all of them and there’s women in the top three. Baylor speaks to her mom and says they’ve been through the wringer in life and here. She says she’s felt like they were hobbling through all her marriages and divorces and says her making it to the final three on one foot is the most incredible thing ever. She tells her she loves her and congratulates them all.

Josh tells them all well done and says he wishes he was where they are. He asks Jaclyn if she’s there because of herself or because of choices made by stronger players. She says she and Jon argued and discussed everything out. She says her merit carried a lot of those decisions. He asks for one move that was solely hers and not involving anyone else. She says voting him out was her idea alone. He says cool. (that’s not cool – I don’t think he’s voting for her).

Wes is up next and says he’s been watching the show since age nine. He asks what it’s like getting to play with your loved one. Missy says it was a dream come true. She says she adores his dad and that he literally carried her. Jaclyn says playing with Jon was different and says it was great for their communication. Natalie says the longest she’s been without her sister was 10 days and says now it’s been a lot longer. She says she’s never done anything without her sister and just wanted to make her proud.

Jeremy is up next. He says he’s a student of the game and says he likes big moves including the one they made on him. He says the best player is going to win. He says he thought he was up there but clearly Nat balled out. He says they just need to give it to her. He says don’t be mad, just give it to her. He says he doesn’t even need a question.

Reed is next. He tells Nat he loved watching her game play. He says she made some really great choices. Reed says he enjoyed getting to know Jaclyn and says he kept trying with her and says it was nice to play with her. He tells Missy that she cast herself as the motherly figure but clans of classic literary fiction will see she’s more the wicked stepmother of the tribe. He says she made eccentric decisions, spoiled her children in favor of others, take things she’s not entitled to or didn’t earn.

He says she has had more gimmes in this game and has performed the worst. He also says she has abused the help – the minority alliances – and says she made it clear they weren’t coming to the ball. He says in the game of Survivor, unlike life, the outcasts decide. He says she was rude and terrible to people and those people will decide her fate. He says fairy tales always have a happy ending and the evil stepmother never wins. He tells Nat and Jaclyn good luck.

Baylor starts crying over this and Missy tells her to calm down and says it doesn’t matter. Jeff says he’ll give them a moment and then it’s time to vote. Jeff tells the jury to cast a vote for either Missy, Natalie or Jaclyn, whoever they think deserves it most.


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