Tony Vlachos Wins: Survivor Cagayan WINNER RECAP Season 28 Finale!

Tony Vlachos Wins: Survivor Cagayan WINNER RECAP Season 28 Finale!

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with the finale of season 28 called, “It’s Do or Die.” On tonight’s episode, the four remaining castaways are reduced to the final three, who face the jury. The jurors then vote for the winner.

On last week’s episode castaways scaled new heights as they battled for a guaranteed spot in the final four. Tony thought he was in control but with just two episodes to go he is losing control when something he told Kassandra in secrecy got blown out of the water. Old allies were now enemies and new alliances were formed while Kass had a renewed confidence in the game. Meanwhile, Woo had a lot of power being the swing vote last week.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the challenge has the players perched atop a telephone poll with a small stand at the top; players rapidly pulling up a rope with a bucket of water attached. Tony is the first to fall, then Spencer is second; if they can’t climb back up, that leaves Woo and Kass to compete. Rumour has it that Kass wins the first Immunity Challenge of the season finale. But that’s not all, we will see the final surivors plea to the jury for their votes.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and tell us who you think should win Survivor Season 28.

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Jeff welcomes us to the two hour finale of Survivor Cagayan live in Los Angeles. Their is a studio full of fans that are cheering like crazy. Jeff says to lay out your snacks, call your friends and put your feet up to watch the #SurvivorFinale. They go back and talk about the original tribal configuration of Brains, Brawn and Beauty. They review how the Brawn tribe was building and acting strong from the start. The Beauty tribe also thrived from the start. The Brains, however, was a disaster from the start.

Jeff says Brains was one of the worst tribes in Survivor history that never won a challenge and could never get along. The merger saved the remainder of the Brains tribe – only three of them were left and all went to Aparri. They show when Cliff got blindsided in a shocking vote and Lindsey quit. Then the tribes merged and it was Tony’s alliance against the Brain/Beauty mixed tribe plus Sarah on the outside.

They talk about the special powers idol which no one had at that point. We see Kass flip on her alliance to blindside Sarah. Spencer said that meant that Kass would never win the game. They show the battle for the hidden immunity idol, rock drawing for advantage at the auction and Tony’s spy antics. Jeff talks about Tasha’s immunity run for three in a row.

We see Woo’s fall from the tree, Spencer’s idol find then Tony’s ongoing idol finds. We see blindsides against LJ and Jefra then the last #TribalCouncil and Tony’s bluff about the idol. Trish got blindsided and Spencer found himself again at the bottom of the heap but still in the game. There are four left. Tony, the New Jersey cop that has been ruthless and scheming.

There’s Woo, the martial arts instructor who is strong and plays an excellent social game as well. Then Kass (aka Chaos Kass) has been an aggressive and erratic player who isn’t looking to make friends. Finally, Spencer has gone from top to bottom and has never given up. Jeff calls him an underdog and wonders if he’ll finally catch a break.

At Solarrion, it’s night 36 and the #FinalFour come back to camp. Tony tells Trish that he plays strategically not emotionally but doesn’t feel good about Trish being sent home. Tony says you can’t take someone like Trish to the end because she’s a good player that no one dislikes. He says it was his most strategic move. The final four congratulate each other for making it this four.

Spencer is amazed that he’s in the final four but says he was demoralized at Tribal when Tony pulled out the special powers idol. Tony tells Spencer that final three is up to him. Kass says that’s not true because there is still an immunity challenge. Spencer says he and Tony have been arch rivals and says the vote will fall 3 to 1 or 2 to 2. Tony says we’ll see.

Spencer asks Kass how shocked she is about Tony’s special powers idol. He reveals to the camera that he can’t use it and it’s just a souvenir now since it can’t be played. Tonight’s Tribal was the last time he could have played it, but he’s going to try and bluff and tell them that he can still use it to get into the final three.

In camp in the morning of Day 37, Kass tells Tony that Trish has a great capacity for evil but he insists she misunderstands Trish. Kass thinks Tony is stupid and that people didn’t like her as much as he thought. Kass thinks they made a mistake voting Trish out. Tony says he’s safe and Kass says Tony hasn’t had to do much because he’s been on the winning team.

A boat speeds toward camp and Kass asks what it is. Tony says he hopes it’s a picnic. The boat pulls up and it’s Kass’ husband. She runs out and hugs him. Woo’s cousin is there. Kass says it’s like the Love Boat showed up. She’s crying. She says she’s not supposed to be human and asks where her devil horns are. Spencer’s sister is there. Tony’s best friend is there.

Tony’s wife couldn’t make it and he’s crying about it. They have a four month old so he knows that’s why she couldn’t come. Tony cries and asks about his baby daughter. Arnold fills him in on what’s going on with her and Tony bawls like a baby himself. Woo is also in tears about his little cousin Mikey and says it has psyched him up.

The Survivors share a picnic with their family and friends. They have peanut butter, sandwich fixings and then Woo says they need to check out tree mail. It says it’s not a good time to be afraid of heights and to go ahead and jump in. It sounds like this is the final day and Woo is determined to be the sole Survivor and proposing to Christina Hamilton, his girlfriend and starting his life and family with the million dollars he’ll win.

Kass talks to her hubby about the competition and they agree it has gone fast. She says she’s going to appeal to the women that she came out and played tough like a man and that makes her strategic and not a bitch. She’s going to go for the female power play. She tells him a lot of people are pretty damn mad at her right now. She says chaos is always a part of her strategy in court too.

Spencer talks to his sister and says he is going to try and do everything he can to win it. The Survivors and their loved ones head out to the immunity challenge. Jeff is back in the studio and says he’s asked where the final contestants are. He shows a Survivor lounge with all the contestants. Woo is waving for camera time and Jeff teases him. Jeff says the vibe is good and most of them all still get along. He says it’s one of the best groups of people they’ve ever had.

The Survivors show up and Jeff asks Kass what it was like to see her husband. She says it was a great surprise since she’s been hated out there. Tony says it was great to see Arnold. He says alliances in the game are different from alliances from childhood friendships. He says you can always break game alliances. Spencer’s sister says that he’s neurotic and he’s always full on into everything he does.

Woo says it rejuvenates you and gives you a second wind to have a loved on there. Jeff says the loved ones can watch the immunity challenge. Jeff takes it back from Spencer whose sister says he’ll have it right back. They have to perch on a pole, dip water, raise a key, swim to shore, unlock puzzle pieces and solve a block puzzle.

The winner is guaranteed a shot in the final three. He lets them draw for spots before they get started with the #ImmunityChallenge. Tony is up high and asks the others if they feel the poles shaking. It looks like they are about 15 feet up on a narrow platform. It’s also very windy. They throw down their buckets on a rope and the more you get, the faster it will go.

Arnold and Kass’ husband encourage them. Kass gets no water. Tony and Spencer are doing well. Woo is now in it as well. Spencer is crouched down and pouring and is neck and neck with Tony. Kass is failing miserably. Spencer encourages Woo to work hard. Spencer can’t quite reach his key. Tony grabs his key and says he can’t jump in because he can’t really swim. He climbs down and swims for shore.

Spencer has his key and dives right in and swims for shore. Woo is close and Kass is gaining on him. Tony is back at the beach and Spencer is right before him. Jeff says it’s the same showdown as the last challenge. Woo finally has his key and grabs it then dives in to swim for shore. Kass is still struggling to get water in. Tony is working on his puzzle and so is Spencer.

Woo gets there too and starts. Spencer is making progress. Woo is untying his pieces and Kass’ rope gets stuck on the key pole and has to climb down to get the key. Spencer has another piece and his puzzle is looking good. Kas finally gets her rope untangled and then climbs back up. Spencer is zipping along. Kass almost has her key and reaches down for her key and finally has it.

Spencer is struggling with one piece in particular. Kass is working her puzzle slow and steady like always.

Tony is just throwing things in there. Kass is catching up. Woo is struggling somewhat. Spencer is about half done and Kass is making up time from her horrible beginning. Kass and Spencer are neck and neck. Kass has two pieces left. She gets them in and wins individual immunity. She runs to hug her hubby. Kass tells her husband she just needed him there.

Jeff puts the necklace on her and says her comeback couldn’t come at a better time. That means Kass is in the final three guaranteed. Either Tony, Spencer or Woo will be going home. Spencer says losing is devastating but to lose to a brain dead weasel like Kass is even worse. He says now he has to really play his ass off to stay in the game.
– – –
Kass is thrilled because she thinks she’s going to get to send Spencer home. Spencer tells her that it’s impressive. Kass says her plan was to go to the end with two Brawns and Tony laments that he’s never gotten to wear an immunity necklace. Spencer asks if he can talk to Tony about that. They walk off and he asks if he has a trick up his sleeve.

Spencer says he has a theory. He tells him it’s a final two. He says every time on Survivor there is a spot in the final to plead your case. Spencer says it’s going to be a final two this season. Tony is listening because Spencer is a super-fan. He asks who Kass will take and he says she’ll take Woo and that Woo will take Kass.

Spencer says if they vote Woo out, it will go better for him if it’s a final two. He says if Tony goes with Kass or Woo, he’s automatically screwed. Spencer says if it’s a final three, he wouldn’t plead and tells Tony is makes sense to take him along. Tony says he’ll consider it. Kass asks Woo what he thinks Spencer is working on and she says they need to get Spencer out no matter what Tony says.

Woo says that’s good but Spencer is still making moves. Woo says he can’t remember what happens if there is a tie in the final four. It would make it so neither he or Spencer can vote. He thinks they might have to draw rocks or fight for it. He has no idea then wonders it it’s the make a fire competition which is what Spencer told Tony it would likely get down to.

They get ready to leave and Kass says she’s voting Spencer and is worried about a tie. She wonders if Tony will force that but says she doesn’t really care since she has a necklace and is safe. They head out to #TribalCouncil and take their seats. The jury comes in – Sarah, Morgan, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha and Trish. They take their seats and stare at the four that remain.

Jeff says that Kass had an unbelievable comeback. Kass says she thought she was still going to be up on the pole in the water when the challenge ended. She says her husband cheering her made all the difference. Tony says the loved one visit was bittersweet because his wife wasn’t there. He says it was a huge lift to see his best friend.

Jeff says Spencer’s despair when Kass won was the first big emotion he has showed. Spencer says if he leaves the game two days sort of his dream, it will bite. He says Tony is in a great spot to win if he takes Spencer. He says Kass will vote Tony out right after she votes for him. Spencer says in front of the jury that he would take Tony to the end and ask the jury to not vote for him.

Tony says that he would be nervous to take Spencer to the end but Spencer says Tony has played a better game. Jeff asks Woo if people would think he didn’t really do anything. Woo defends himself. Kass says they think that Tony has his magic idol that could be played tonight. She says if the jury is bitter, Woo will win – if they’re not, she or Tony could win it.

Tony asks Kass if she could beat him over Woo. She says she thinks she has a better chance of beating Woo. Spencer smiles because Tony takes it in and says that’s exactly what Spencer told him what would happen. Spencer says Tony would have to win immunity to make it to the final two. Jeff says it’s time to vote and sends Kass off to vote. She writes down Spencer’s name.

Spencer votes for Woo and says he made the only argument he could make. We don’t see Tony or Woo’s votes. Jeff goes to tally the votes. Tony asks about the special idol and says it can be played after the votes are read but admits it couldn’t be played tonight. Spencer smiles. Tony says he used it to bluff and hopes he won’t get sent home.

Jeff reads the votes: Spencer, Woo, Spencer and the last vote is Spencer. Aww. So sad. I love Spencer but they sent him home. He brings up his torch and Jeff snuffs it. He’s devastated. The jury seems sad as well as he walks off. Jeff congratulates the final three and says there will be a last immunity challenge. OMG! Spencer was 100% correct in what he told Tony but he didn’t believe him and now his neck is definitely on the line since he has never won an immunity challenge.

[9:28:20 PM] Rachel Rowan: After he’s voted out, Spencer says he made the only argument he could. He says Survivor is more than a game to him, it’s a passion. He says he learned a lot, but getting voted off was a tough pill to swallow. At the studio, the crowd cheers and Jeff says there are a lot of disappointed people because Spencer was a fan favorite.

He shows what happens as soon as you get voted off. First you get weight. Spencer is down to 136 pounds and says he hasn’t been that skinny since before he kissed a girl. Jeff talks to Spencer’s mom Joanie and she says she thought he was going to be one of the first to go. Jeff talks to Adam, a vet from the Afghanistan war that was severely injured. He says part of his recovery was bonding with his family over Survivor.

Back at Solarrion, Woo, Tony and Kass congratulate each other. It’s the #Final3. Kass is pleased that things went as she wanted and Spencer went home. Woo says he’s over it and Tony says they are pretty lackluster. Kass says it’s depressing because one of them will be going home tomorrow. Tony says one of them will be going home instead of all three of them going to the jury.

Kass says she thinks she will make it to the final two because they both think they can beat her. She tells the guys this game changes every day. Tony is gone and she asks Woo what needs to happen and they agree on their final two pact. Woo thinks if Kass wins immunity, she’ll take him and he’ll do the same. They agree they have no shot against Tony and Kass tells Woo not to let Tony talk him into it. They agree that Tony is the most ridiculous Survivor player ever.

The sun rises on the final day and we see a giant maze. Jeff welcomes them to the #FinalImmunity competition. This thing is literally as big as a football field. Their jaws drop. Jeff takes back the necklace from Kass. They will race through a maze of turnstiles. Some will turn and some won’t. Along the way they get medallions that release cogs that when worked correctly raise their flag. The winner of this challenge will go to the final two for sure and can make their case to the jury.

Jeff tells them to draw for spots and get started. It begins. They run. They have to check and see which turnstiles won’t turn. They all reach station one and untie the medallion then have to bring it back to their home base. Tony, Woo and Kass have them. Kass makes it to station two quickly. Kass is not near the guys while Woo is shadowing Tony so that he’ll always be tied with him.

This is a good strategy to beat Tony since he’s horrible at puzzles. Woo is letting Tony do the hard work and is just following along. Tony and Woo are stuck circling a station. Kass is back with her second and headed back for her third. Woo has his second and Tony is right behind him. Kass is out looking for number three. Tony makes it back with his second and so did Woo.

They are halfway done. Kass made it to medallion three quickly and then Tony and Woo find theirs’. Tony asks how she’s doing it so fast. Tony loses his and starts to panic. Tony is right behind Woo. They are looking for the fourth. Kass can see it but needs to find the path. She’s on the one that stumped Tony and Woo. The guys are headed to one that is a long way away and have seperated for the first time.

Kass hits a dead end while Woo makes it to his fourth. Kass is working hard on hers. Tony is struggling but then makes it to the fourth station. Woo is headed back with his fourth and is in the lead. Kass still can’t get to her fourth. Tony has his fourth and his headed back. Woo makes it back and opens the chest. Kass is at her fourth and Tony is back to his chest. He’s close behind Woo. Kass also heads back.

Woo has all the cogs and is solving the puzzle. Tony is right behind him. There are a bunch of gears you have to assemble to work together to raise the flags. Jeff says Kass will need her luck to come from behind again. She’s working on her chest now. Tony and Woo have a big lead for now and Tony has several pieces together. Kass has her gears out.

Woo tests his gears as he goes. Tony has never won individual immunity and Woo has only won once. Kass is closing the gap and Woo is very close. Kass has two pieces left and Woo is down to his last. They both get their last piece in and wind it furiously. Woo wins individual immunity with Kass about one second behind.

Woo does a backflip of joy while Kass curses. Jeff tells Woo that he will get to decide who sits next to him at the final. Kass says if you run a marathon and lose by half a second, this is how you would feel. She says Woo may be able to beat her. Jeff says it was the closest finish in Survivor history. Jeff wonders who you take if you’re Woo.

One kid in the crowd says to take Kass because no one respects her. One girl says she’s been watching since she’s 8 – she’s 11 now. They tell Jeff that they watch old episodes on iTunes. He says the show was on before they were born. Jeff says that this is one of the best things about this game is when the kids fall in love with the game and then get to play. He says Cochran was like that and tells the kids he hopes the game lasts long enough for them to play. Jeff laughs and tells them all that he can’t wait to snuff their torches.

It’s day 38 at Solarrion. Kass congratules Woo on his close win. Woo talks about all the Junior Olympics championships and other competitions he’s won and says this is the big one. Woo says he’s feeling queasy about making the choice between Tony and Kass. He says it’s nuts. Tony asks Woo to come for a walk to make his appeal. He says his back is against the wall and he knows he won’t be easy to convince.

Tony tells him that there’s no trickery and knows he needs to be subtle but aggressive and plant some seeds. He tells Woo that he knows he has discipline and integrity. Tony says he’s been loyal to him and that if he takes Kass, he definitely won’t win. Woo asks why and Tony says she was always maneuvering and has stories to tell the jury and says he can’t win against her.

Tony says he’s been a good guy but she has really played the game and can beat him. Woo tells him he’ll really think about. Tony wonders if Woo will buy it and thinks if he’s in his shoes, he would take Kass. Then Kass goes to work on Woo and says she knows she’s unlikeable and that he’s like Fabio because everyone likes him and hates her.

She says if he takes Tony he would say that Woo tagged behind Tony who did all the heavy lifting. Kass says Tony will be able to sway the jury. He tells her he’s going to take the day to think about both arguments and will decide at Tribal. Kass thinks it’s ridiculous that the guy who has made no decisions the entire game has to make the biggest one in the whole game.

Woo thinks he’d be more comfortable sitting beside Tony at the end but isn’t sure he can beat him. Woo says if he takes Kass, it breaks loyalty and would make him a hypocrite. He isn’t sure what he’s going to do as they head out to #TribalCouncil.

He brings in the jury – Sarah, Morgan, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish and then Spencer. Jeff asks Woo about the last Tribal and how it felt to lock in a spot there. Woo says it felt amazing and he’s honored and grateful but nervous to have the immunity necklace. Woo says Tony’s vote last night was strategic but also loyal to Woo.

Tony says that this is the scenario that Spencer spelled out to him was going to happen. He says he’s counting on Woo’s continued loyalty. Kass says losing by the one second – the half a second – was something she relived all afternoon. She says she can’t go back and Woo won fair and square but it’s excruciating.

Kass says the loss of control over your fate is sickening and wondering what Woo is going to do. She says if he’s loyal to Tony, he’ll lose a million dollars. Jeff asks what each of them pitched to Woo. Woo asks if he can go off subject. He says he hopes Tony and Kass will understand and just wants to get to the vote. He doesn’t want to hear anymore from them. Jeff agrees. He explains the vote. Woo is the only person to vote and he will vote for either Tony or Kass to sit beside him at the final council.

Woo walks off and writes down his vote. Jeff goes to get it. Jeff says the person whose name is there will have to leave imemdiately. He says the 15th person voted out is Kass. OMG! He went with Tony. That may have been a million dollar error. Tony whispers his thanks to Woo. Kass’ torch is snuffed and she heads off. Trish looks very unhappy in her jury seat.

Woo and Tony hug it out while Jeff tells them that it’s all in the hands of the jury and says they have one last night on the island. They head back to camp. Kass says Woo is stupid, stupid and made a million dollar losing decision. She says she played to win and in the end, had a hell of a time.

Back at camo, the guys prop up their torches and have a hug – it’s the #Final2. Tony tells him he appreciates it. They chest bump and howl at the moon. Woo says it’s not an easy decision and thinks (delusionally) that he made a big poewr move. He thinks the jury will respect what he did. Woo says he knows taking Tony could jeopardize his chance to win the million, but he felt that it was right to take it.

He says victory is sweeter when you compete against someone who is as strong or stronger than you and it’s a more honorable win. They get the final tree mail that comes with a food basket and mimosas. They have meat, eggs, OJ and more. They cook over the fire but neither knows how to cook. They pop the bottle of champagne and nosh on all the treats.

Tony says there was a clue in the basket and snatched it up while Woo was cooking. He reads it and it says that there is a note to go to the bank of the camp for another surprise. He heads back there and it’s a mirror and a scale. He steps on and sees he’s lost 21 pounds. He says he knew nothing when he came out there about fires and machetes. He calls Woo and says he “found” something. He brings him to the mirror.

Tony says the million will better his wife and that his wife wants a pink chandelier for his baby daughter. Woo looks in the mirror and says he looks fine. He lost 19 pounds. Wow. Woo says being in the final two is a dream come true. He says he’s going to explain to the jury how he’s stuck to the tenets of Tai Kwon Do during the game so no one can question him. He says he has a 50% chance of winning.

Woo talks about how the money will help him start is own martial arts studio, get engaged and help his parents. They grab their torches and head off to #FinalTribal. They sit and then the jury comes in – Sarah, Morgan, LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tasha, Trish, Spencer and Kass. Jeff asks Tony how he’ll work a jury that he mostly got voted out.

He tells them they will have to answer tough questions. Tony says he knows he has a lot of explaining to do and says he will answer them honestly and says every decision was strategy, not personal. He thanks Woo for bringing him to the end. Woo says he knows it’s a game of lies and manipulation and that was hard for him because he has codes of behavior he sticks to.

Woo says he did his best and put forth a valiant effort to abide by those codes. He says you have to pull something out to inspire yourself. He talks about his mom’s heart attack and transplant and says her will power inspired him. He thanks them and says he’s ready to answer their questions.

favorite and past winner. She says at the point they are, you’re exhausted and it’s easy to make mistakes. Jeff asks what the biggest mistake is and she says being defensive is not the way to be. She says you have to let your guard down to survive the #SurvivorFinale. She says she likes Woo but would vote for Tony.

Sarah is first. She congratulates them both. Sarah reminds Tony that he promised on his badge not to write her name down and says her badge means something to her, but his doesn’t. She asks Woo who he would vote for if it was her versus Tony. He says her. Jefra tells Tony to look her in the eyes and admit that he backstabbed them all and had no loyalty to any of them. She says he needs to own it or she’ll vote for Woo.

Tony says he owns it but she was planning on backstabbing and blindsiding him. He says when she flipped he had to go to his alliance. He insists that he didn’t backstab her. Jefra says he needs to admit that he’s the villain. She asks if he admits he’s the villain the way he treated the jury. He says he half admits it and says he was half strategic, half villain.

Morgan asks Tony about how he got the men to follow him. Tony says he was geniune offering his last sip of water and last bite of food to others but also playing strategically. Morgan tells Woo that last night he made a huge decision to take Tony over Kass and she respects it. She says Tony deserves to be there instead of Kass who is a goat.

Jeremiah comes up and says to Tony that his big move is to swear on his so-called wife and kid. He says if you’re swearing on people you don’t have, then it’s a brilliant move. He says if you do have a wife and baby you swear on, where he’s from, that’s absolutely pathetic and filthy. Tony asks if he can explain himself but Jeremiah won’t let him. Jeremiah asks Woo if he wants to be a millionaire. Woo says he wants to be sole Survivor.

Tasha is up. She says to Tony that he managed to keep a loyal alliance despite his repeated lies and disloyalty. She asks how he managed to do it. He says he always explained to his alliance why he voted the way he did. He says the only one that he didn’t feel that broke a promise to him that he voted off was Trish.

Tasha asks how Woo ended up aligned with Tony. He says that it wasn’t unitl the 5 and the merge that Tony paired up with him. Woo says he managed to make himself part of it even thse he was the odd man out. LJ is there and says he needs to know from Tony who he is. He asks if he’s living a fantasy. Tony says as far as he’s concerned, he was petrified of him and needed to get him out as quickly as possible.

Tony says as soon as he saw LJ was willing to break a promise, that was his excuse to vote him out. He has no questions for Woo. Kass is next. She tells Woo that last night, he became the boss and has the power for the first time. She asks why on earth why he didn’t cut the head of the dragon off. Woo says last night he had a huge responsibility, for him he’s trying to be honorable. He says the money was important but he had to bring someone that deserved to be there.

Woo tells her that Tony deserved to be there more than her. She sits and says nothing to Tony. Trish congratulates them and asks Woo if it was his idea to blindside her. He says it was her and she asks why. He says she’s a sweetheart and they would have had no chance with her against the jury. She thanks him for the compliment. She tells Tony that they were so close and he wouldn’t be sitting there if it wasn’t for her.

Trish says she spent the entire game putting out fires to try and get others to trust him. She says she talked him down so many times and he pledged his loyalty. She says that he swears on my father’s grave. Trish tells him she lost two siblings that left two holes in her hearts. She says she would never ever have gone back on the promise of the two brothers she lost.

She says she has a million dollar question for him. She asks if it was worth it to him to sacrifice his father to win a million dollars. He tries to defer it to Woo but she cuts him off and demands him to answer for his swearing on his father’s soul and memory. She says to answer yes or no and he says yes. She thanks him and sits.

Spencer comes down. He says let’s do this. He tells Woo that his strategic play is like the behavior of a dog and Tony was his master. He says he was in Tony’s pocket 24/7 and then when he could take a huge goat to the end but stayed loyal to his owner. Woo asks him if he would respect him as a student of the game if he took a goat to the end. Spencer says he would respect him.

Spencer tells Tony that he has no questions but then tells the jury that Tony played his ass off and that Woo was lame. He says Tony was behind every great strategic decision and was a puppet master. He says he took goats with him and played with a ferocity that this game rarely sees. Spencer tells them they should vote for the only guy there that really played the game like it was meant to be played.

is for the winner and they need to write down either Tony or Woo, whoever they think deserves to win. Sarah goes first. Spencer votes for Tony and says he’s written down his name many times in the competitin and it was a compliment then and now and tells him well done. Tasha votes for Woo. We don’t see any others. Jeff goes to get the votes.

He comes back and tells the jury and the finalists that it has been a great season and he’ll see them back in the US for the reading of the votes. He pauses and tells Tony and Woo good job before he heads off. He walks off the council area and then, like always, onto the live set of the finale in the studio. They are ready to read the votes at the #SurvivorFinale.

Jeff tells everyone to take a seat and talks about the crazy energy. He says he can’t think of another season when more people came to play hard and to win. He says that is why this is one of the best seasons and this is how the game is meant to be played. Jeff says there are nine votes and it takes five to win. He reads them: Tony, Woo, Tony, Tony, Tony and then he announce the winner is Tony.

Tony hugs Woo after he’s declared the #SoleSurvivor. The jury hugs him and then he goes to his family and hugs them. Jeff says after 28 seasons, Tony has won. He says there is some unfinished business they will address at the reunion and Jeff says he has an apology to offer Spencer. Jeff also says that Tyler Perry is there and that’s he responsible for the special powers immunity idol.


Tony talks about being a police officer back home but canbe corrupt in the game. He says he’s there to drag people’s names into the mud. We see his multiple idol finds and him calling himself king of the jungle. Jeff welcomes everyone to the reunion. He says that Tony really does have a wife but she’s on bed rest because she’s due with another baby right now.

Jeff says the fan reaction was polarizing around Tony. He says he gets hate tweets and boos but it’s a game, not real life and he knows he did a lot of dirty stuff, lies and manipulating. Jeff says he seemed very impulsive. Tony says he thought about stuff at night and then he would change his mind once he thought about it.

Jeff says he’s not sleeping at night and Tony says he slept very little and then at night was damage control. He says he dug himself a hole during the day and had to rectify it. Tony says he missed three months of work and that he had parasites in his stomach and had lost more than 40 pounds. Jeff asks about his relationship with Trish. A tweet asks why he turned on her. Tony says he thought Kass who everyone hated and then Trish was loved by everyone.

He says when he held the vote up, he says to forgive him. Trish says she was hurt for like five minutes. She says they are friends and that he twitter stalks her every day about 15 times. Kass says Tony is like her jerky brother and they would fight then be good. She says they were both playing hard. Tony says they left everything in the game. He says she made idiotic moves like telling Woo that Tony wanted to take her to the end.

Tony says he would get mad at her but at night, he would rethink it. Jeff asks him to talk llama and Tony trills at her. Sarah is pregnant now and Jeff asks how she knew Tony was a cop. She says that the cop behavior is something you can’t shut off. She says he observes things like she does. Jeff asks about Tony lying about being a construction worker.

Tony says most people get mad about being pulled over for running a red light and want to tell cops to go catch a real criminal. He says he thought it was safer to say he was a construction worker. They show the scene where Tony swore on his badge to Sarah and then him saying he was lying and will continue to lie. Jeff says that the blue blood trust was a lie. He asks if there was any backlash at home.

Tony says everyrone knows him at home and know it’s a game. He says if he had played the way he is back home, he’d be sitting in the jury. Sarah says she and Tony were friends and then when they were doing interviews, Tony was tweeting negatively about her. Jeff asks about the cop thing and him betraying her. She says she forgave it until he showed his true colors and said things about her.

Sarah says they’re not talking anymore. Jeff goes into the crowd and pulls up a fellow officer of Tony’s. Jeff asks what was the reaction back in the station. Nick says that they wanted Tony to win and he went out there and made him proud. Nick says he was out there to get a job done and he did it. Jeff says he came to speak up for Tony but then there an article about Tony in a local paper.

It’s an article about Tony saving a guy’s life. Tony says his neighbor was helping him and went into cardiac arrest and basically died. He says he and a friend started CPR and saved his life. He says the guy had a quadruple bypass and is now okay. Jeff says they are just getting started. He introduced Tyler Perry and beside her we see Yvette Nicole Brown (from Community – love her!).

n idiot not to take Kass. Jeff shows the jury and asks who would have voted for Woo if he was up against Kass. Most hands go up. Woo says he feels fantastic and the love and support has been great. He says he loves Tony and that he played a good game. Jeff says this has happened before. Age vs youth. Experience vs naivete. Jeff says this was a million dollar life lesson.

Jeff asks if he has any regrets. Woo says his decision is based on how he lives and that being said, he took Tony because he was the best other player. He says he wanted to win or lose with honor (I think he just doesn’t want to admit he’s an idiot). Jeff asks Tasha how it was to be on the worst tribe when she had applied three times to get on the show. She says if she got to play again, she would play harder.

Jeff says you should play the first time as if you were playing the second time. He shares a tweet from someone who says she was a great player. Jeff moves on to talking about Spencer and says if something could go wrong for him, it would. We see the series of events where Spencer was up and down. The crowd cheers for Spencer.

Jeff says a former Survivor, Cochran wants to know if he suffers from PTSD every time he reads a Charlie Brown comic. Spencer agrees it was like he was Charlie Brown trying to kick the football but says some if it was his own fault. One tweet calls him a challenge beast and asks if there was a turning point he could re-do. Spencer says it was when they were trying to get Jefra to vote with them. He says he should have revealed his idol.

Spencer says he and Tony had very different game play and that Tony had good instincts while he’s a more cerebral player that gets lost in his head. Jeff talks about the book Blink and that your gut tells you things that your mind can lag on listening to. Jeff says he prejudges players and he has never been so wrong about a player.

Jeff says during casting that he told Spencer that he had no chance at winning. Spencer says he told Jeff that if he won he wanted him to write a letter about how right he was. Jeff shows a letter he wrote on day 15 about Spencer and he mailed it to himself from the Philippines. He says it’s unopened and he doesn’t even remember what he wrote. He hands the envelope to Spencer. Jeff says Tyler Perry is a huge Survivor fan and will be up next.

[11:06:20 PM] Rachel Rowan: We see Tony running through the jungle scrambling for immunity idols. We see him kissing one of them. Tyler Perry is there and says he loves the game and loves everything America loves about it. Tyler texts Jeff ideas all the time about the game even in the middle of the night. Jeff says it was Tyler’s idea to have a special idol that is hidden without a clue with the powers.

Tyler says he wasn’t happy that Tony found it. He wanted Spencer or Tasha to find it. Jeff asks the crowd if they would have loved it if Spencer had found it and the crowd cheers. Tyler admits that Tony played a great game and deserved to win even if he was underhanded. Tony says it was one of his overnight thoughts that inspired him to play the idols.

Jeff asks Tyler if it’s the big idea for the season to go look for idols. Tyler says Russell was the same way. He says his new show is the Have and Have Nots on the OWN. Jeff says he will keep his phone on for more ideas from Tyler and Tyler tells Jeff’s wife happy birthday. Jeff is floored that Tyler remembered that. There’s still more from the #SurvivorFinale.

Jeff asks for a shot of all the playres then starts with Cliff. He says he’s played in the NBA and asks how Survivor ranked for him as a competition. Cliff says basketball is second nature to him but Survivor is a lot tougher than b-ball but he would play again. Jeff says David shocked him tby sending Garrett out immediately. He says it was a great play. David says there is one winner and 17 losers.

Garrett says it surprised him how fast he fell apart and made so many mistakes in a game that was so important to him was so devastating. Morgan took a lot of grief for saying she plays on her looks. Jeff says for him she embodies what they were shooting for with the Beauty tribe. Morgan says it helps to get her foot in the door but then her wits and mind get her to stay.

J’tia gets a lot of boos but Jeff says he would have her back in a second. She says no one should ever tell anyone they are voting them out unless they want the rice dumped. Jeff says the ladies really missed LJ. He says he got a lot of response on social media and lots of invitations and he has no complaints. Jeff says next they will talk about Season 29.

Jeff hands Tony his million dollar check. He says they have been on the air for 14 years and 28 seasons. They talked about Blood vs Water and the family thing and the huge response they got to it. San Juan Del Sur is the next one and it will be Blood vs Water two. Jeff says to get involved on social media and that they are still looking for players.

It was a great season, but I have one complaint – what happened to the fan favorite award? They usually always have that and I was sure Spencer was a shoo-in for it. Ah well. Check back with us in a few months for all our coverage of Survivor Season 29 – Blood vs Water Two!!