Susan Schneider, Robin Williams’ Wife: Evidence of Marriage Trouble – Timeline Of Suicide Death Is Telling? (PHOTOS)

Susan Schneider, Robin Williams' Wife: Evidence of Marriage Trouble - Timeline Of Suicide Death Is Telling? (PHOTOS)

Susan Schneider, Robin Williams’ wife, woke up the morning of August 11, got dressed, did her hair and make-up, and headed out on errands around 10:30 AM, all while her husband, legendary actor Robin Williams, was hanging from his belt after committing suicide sometime after 10:30 PM the night before. Williams’ body was discovered shortly after by his assistant who apparently was concerned when he did not answer the door when she came. While Schneider apparently claimed to have believed her husband was sleeping when she left on errands, his assistant must have felt it was strange for him to still be asleep or she would not have become so concerned about him not answering the door. Given his current state of depression, she didn’t take a chance on leaving without knowing he was okay.

Not only does the scenario make very clear that Robin and Susan were having marital issues, but it also paints her as a very cold woman. Not only did she not feel a need to say or kiss her husband goodbye, she didn’t have the forethought to even check on him before leaving, knowing of his fragile mental state. I mean, the two lived in the same house. Most people would not only check on their spouse before leaving someone with severe depression alone, they would check on a friend, a roommate, etc.

So had the couple talked divorce recently? Perhaps the marital strife only added to the actor’s anxiety as he seemed to be concerned about finances as of late. His show The Crazy Ones was recently cancelled, and Williams sold his sprawling Napa estate recently as well. Given that he has made it well-known that he’s lost a fortune in past divorces, was he possibly driven over the edge at the thought of another divorce, and another hefty paycheck he’d have to come up with, being forced to take roles he did not want, and go on the road doing stand-up again.

Robin must not have liked the direction his life was going in, whatever that was. But something caused him enough pain to end his life, rather than seek his wife’s help as she apparently lay nearby in another bedroom while he apparently struggled to slit his wrists, later ending his life by hanging himself.  Did he feel he couldn’t ask for her help? Based on reports of when his body was found and the level of rigor mortis that had set in, he likely had been dead for several hours before he was found. So, in that approximate 12-13 hour time frame between Susan going to bed and his body being found, it would seem like his death occurred sometime late Sunday night. Given Susan saw him at 10:30, reportedly, before heading off to bed, what could his mental state have been like if she did not pick up on any indications that within an hour or so he was at the point of suicide?

There is something missing here. Something that likely only Susan knows now. She released a statement shortly after the death of her husband of three years was announced to the world, “This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

Hollywood Life has reported that Susan has no plans to reenter the home where her husband took his life. A source shared, “As soon as Robin’s in his final resting place, the house is going up for sale. She absolutely cannot be there. It’s too frightening for her.”

Given Susan’s highly-attuned senses—the graphic artist described herself on her company’s website as an antenna, very in tune with emotions from people she meets as well as her surroundings—it seems strange that she didn’t detect anything abnormal about her husband’s mental and emotional state hours before taking his life because if she had, it would seem she most certainly would have checked on him at some point before leaving the house.

Your turn, CDLers. I know you’ve been carefully noting all the little details that have come to light. Tell us what you think below…was their marriage on the rocks? Was Susan negligent for not checking on her husband before leaving the house? We want to hear from you!

Update: Susan Schneider released today, August 14, that Robin Williams was suffering from Parkinson’s disease – details here – that just compounds everything we said above, right?

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  • Jonathan Mainzer-Sweeney

    As a fellow Army Veteran struggling with PTSD..I often question aspects of my marriage. While reading your post I began to remember my wife and her selfless and loyal steadfast care for me. Her actions mirroring yours…For opening my eyes Just wanted to thank you…and your husband for your service and his.

    • Kat Katostrophic

      Jonathan, Glad you make it each day. No one understands unless they live it and we thank your wife and you for both of your selfless service. It really does get better. Thanks for sticking around :)

  • Adrienne Caldwell

    This whole discussion re Robin William’s wife leaving in the am without checking in on him reminds me of the whole Monica Lewinsky debacle. Everyone was in a tiff re Bill’s disloyalty to Hillary when behind the scenes they had an open marriage and had been sleeping separately for years.

    The possibile scenerios re Susan Schneider’s morning exit are endless –

    1) They could have had an argument.

    2) Maybe she gave him an ultimatum and was standing her ground.

    3) He could have asked for space and she was respectfully complying

    4) Perhaps she was creating distance in hopes that it would resolve something.

    I understand the motive is concern and respect for a beloved genius in both the comedic and dramatic arena, but I am going to give the family the privacy they requested and trust (barring criminal evidence) that it was a very complicated situation – the vicissitudes of which they are not obliged to share.

  • K Houston

    Im glad to hear im not the only one thinking there is just something wrong with this picture, if she was clairvoyant she would have known and as far as the house I think his daughter should get it, I think when Robin turned down the job that would pay 6 figures I think it pissed her off because she’s became accustomed to a certain way of life and she didnt want to give that up!
    Robin would never do that to zelda and parkinsons no I dont believe that either, I think he was drugged and someone took his pocket knife and threatened to cut his wrists telling him “this will hurt your beloved children!” As far as the hanging she drugged him turned a chair around put his feet through the arms then kicked the chair out from under him then left the room for awhile but went back in moved the chair at this point he was probably still breathing then she locked the door went to bed got up and left “she says she took a bath and got ready and left at 10:30 am” she didnt wake up till close to 10:30 she threw on clothes knowing his personal assistant would be there around 11 so she made herself scarce so she would find Robin…..what gets me is he was cremated the next day I hope they did a thorough autopsy on him and if my scenario is true …. may god have mercy on her…..

  • Lady_Clare

    Initially, the police said the toxicology report would come back in two to six weeks. They’re extending it into November…from August 11th. It doesn’t take that long to get a toxicology report.

    They’re investigating other things, such as why didn’t Susan Schneider even quietly peek into the room to see how her husband was doing that morning? Did she know what she’d find? Much better to let the Personal Assistant find him, and Susan can play the shocked and devoted wife, who had to sleep on the other side of the house because he was an insomniac.

    I don’t care if my husband were an insomniac, I’d still check in on him before I walked out the door. Chances are he had morning medications to take, especially with Parkinson’s. Love cares. This woman didn’t.

    Oh, and did everyone know he had a fascination with soldiers? Ever since he was a child. He had a whole collection of knives of weaponry. He apparently had the house to himself — and the Ice Queen — so he could have gone down to get one of his knives to do the job instead of a dull pocket knife.

    I’m another who doesn’t believe he’d kill himself without a word to his children, to whom he was devoted.

    Susan Schneider had only been married to him for three years. With a pre-nup, that wouldn’t have given her much in a divorce. Is anyone surprised the police said there’d be an extension on that “toxicology test”? They want to get this air-tight, is my suspicion. Of course, there’s always the “perfect crime.” But this is just a little too pat.

  • Girl Blue

    I never heard of a case wherein a family member had the body cremated within 24 hours after the death. It almost seemed obvious that it’s a guilty act trying to cover up something. Foul play???
    It’s sad that having been married to her gave her all the power/right to do anything with Robin’s body and estate while his children have no say or decision regarding the matter.
    Some cold cases get solved after having to exhume the body after several years to get/collect more evidence to solve or prove something. In this case, that can no longer be done because susan made sure that Robin’s body is 100% gone. Even the ashes aren’t even around, in case it can be used to test anything. :(( Rest in Peace Robin.
    If susan is guilty she will never have peace neither here or in the other world. But if she is really that wicked, I guess that won’t matter to her. All she had ever cared about is $$$ — and everything be damned including her soul.

  • sal

    He said the last thing he wanted was to be alone. Some men have to be married.

  • sal

    The divorce papers are on ROL. Check them out. She and her ex were involved with a CULT.

  • Sarah Detore

    I’ve been suspicious about his death as well. Who kills themselves with a belt and razor blade? He had a lot of money, there was less painful ways to die. Now that he’s dead his wife gets all his money minus the divorce settlements? She probably found out he was divorcing her and they probably had a prenuptial agreement that she would get 2 of the 700 million dollars he was worth. They had no kids together and was making less money so she wouldn’t of got anything. I can’t believe his kids don’t suspect anything. I didn’t even hear that there was a funeral, nothing for his fans to mourn. He sold the Napa mansion that I’m sure made her mad because it was bigger than the one they were living in. Nothing really adds up. To me this was plain and simply murder. She didn’t marry him for a good laugh right? The question is how did she lift up his body into the noose? She must of had help right? I would look into to see if she had been dating anybody. Why didn’t he have any bodyguards? It doesn’t make sense.

  • Persy61

    I would truly like to read those, can you point me to them, please? Thank you.