Talking Dead Live RECAP 3/30/14: With Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple

Talking Dead Live RECAP 3/30/14: With Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple

Talking Dead returns this evening on AMC at 10PM EST and this week’s guests include Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple. Did you watch the last episode of Talking Dead? The special guests were Steven Yeun and Josh McDermitt and we recapped it right here for you so if you missed it then check it out!

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad.  Chris will spend time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’s TheWalking Dead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

Tonight’s episode will feature the special guests discussing the new episode, “A” in detail. Will all our favorites survive tonight’s finale. We’ll find out on tonight’s episode and then get to dish all of the inside details with Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple afterwards.  Since Andrew plays Rick on The Walking Dead they should have a lot to say about the episode.  Scott is a writer on NBC’s Life and Fox TV’s Drive, and ABC’s FlashForward.

The Talking Dead begins at 10PM EST and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. AMC asks viewers to submit questions in advance so what are you the most curious about this season?  Hit up the comments and tell us!

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RECAP: Chris welcomes Andrew Lincoln and Scott Gimple, Chris asks how Rick has changed Andrew. Andrew says he is a lot darker as a human being and that he has had his confidence immensely and it wearing a new set of cowboy boots; Scott says it’s been the same boots the whole series. Chris asks for them and Andrew tells him that he really doesn’t want them; Chris says that Rick is just changing the whole time. Andrew says it’s amazing to be a character for four years and that there is a bunch of turning points and loves playing a character that is transforming continuously; he believes this episode shows that Rick has become a brutal person to protect those he loves. Scott mentions how they saw them at the car covered in blood; Rick wasn’t regretting anything. He doesn’t let the violence get to him no longer and knows he has to do what he must; kind of like waking up and figuring out what he must do. Scott says Rick has gone through so much that he can now accept himself. Chris asks what they planned with this season; Scott mentions to give each character a story to find out more about each of them.

Chris asks what the symbol of the flash backs; Scott says it was to show his journey how he used to be less aggressive by Hershel’s teachings. Though that world is over and Rick is now in an entire scene; Andrew mentions that Scott Wilson who plays Hershel is a legend. Andrew says he loved seeing his pony tail and hobbling around; Scott mentions how he told Scott Wilson to never cut his hair or shave his beard after the show because he thought he may use him again. Scott mentions that he was happy he didn’t shave; it would have made things much harder.

Chris asks Scott what made him write the ambush scene; Scott says it was straight from the comics. They made it reimagined into their story, it is the moment of transformation for Rick; it makes him a warrior. Chris says he got so excited to see Rick bite the guys throat; Scott says that he wanted the audience to get super pumped up about the fight but weird at the throat bite. Andrew says that when he read the script and felt they may have been crossing the line of violence in the show with the bite. Andrew says that after he did the scene it made complete sense to him; Andrew chose chicken and actually went ahead and bit some raw chicken as the neck. Chris says it was so wonderful; the whole time you watch the show and made him realize how Rick basically took the walker approach with the bite.

Chris asks what is the significance to Rick calling Daryl his brother; Andrew believes that it’s the ultimate alpha male thing to say. Like it’s saying I love you and trust you completely; Chris feels like Daryl now has another older brother. Andrew mentions how the rag had no water on it; he was just rubbing it against his beard. Chris asks what is with Michonne talking to Carl about what she did in the past; Scott believes that it is to tell Carl to not think of his father as a monster. Andrew mentions that he feels that Carl may be afraid of his father; though at the first scene at Terminus and how Carl is getting to understand him more. A fan asks what’s Rick’s biggest regret in the apocalypse; Andrew says he doesn’t regret anything. He makes the choices to stay alive and that right now he is much stronger and lethal; having made peace with the brutality within him.

Chris says that next season they will have Chandle Riggs who plays Carl on the show next season, Chris gets a Skype question from a fan named David; he asks Andrew what celebrity he would love play themselves in The Walking Dead. Andrew says he would love to see William Shatner. A video message from Christian from Norway; he asks what was the biggest lost this season Hershel or the prison. Andrew says that it was obviously Hershel for everybody though the second part of the season they all have his memories to carry themselves to keep in living from his teachings. Another live caller called Jessica ask Andrew when he was running through Terminus and that it looked like it was non-stop; Andrew says at one moment Norman took his crossbow and threw it on the ground. Andrew mentions how he wanted to kill someone the whole time. A fan asks what advice Rick from the apocalypse would give Rick before it all; Andrew says he’d tell him to not wake up. Scott says that he would tell him about how bad things do get.

Chris asks Andrew if it was hard to nail the final word of the season; Andrew says that there was another word and that the comic readers would know about it. Andrew says it was spicy and it was an F-bomb; he wishes he could have used it. Scott says that for families and that people can change the words; Chris says that was the emotions from the word. Andrew says he was embarrassed shooting that scene; he was punching the ground to pump himself up to not mess it up. Scott says that every 8 episode reinvents itself and it’s exciting; though next season will feel like a whole new show. It’s going to be a nuclear weapon; Chris shows off a special hoodie everyone in the audience is getting.

A fan asks if Rick will have hope for a sanctuary and Andrew mentions that it drives him; the prison was close but the pesky governor ruined it all. Chris asks how as an actor what is Andrew taking into it; Andrew says he needs to grow his beard and that he is going to listen to a lot of ACDC and flip tables. Andrew can’t wait to go back to Atlanta and see his family as well; he honestly loves what he is doing. Chris asks Scott how he feels about the next season; he says that they are really happy about it and they feel like it’s going to incredible. Andrew says that their head of make up is not coming back season and thanks her for all her amazing hard work.