Talking Dead Live RECAP 3/23/14: With Steven Yeun and Josh McDermitt

Talking Dead Live RECAP 3/23/14: With Steven Yeun and Josh McDermitt

Talking Dead returns this evening on AMC at 10PM EST and this week’s guests include Steven Yeun and Josh McDermitt. Did you watch the last episode of Talking Dead? The special guests were Melissa McBride, Yvette Nicole Brown and Phil Brooks and we recapped it right here for you so if you missed it then check it out!

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad.  Chris will spend time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’s TheWalking Dead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

Tonight’s episode will feature the special guests discussing the new episode, “Us” in detail. Will everyone finally find their way back together and also manage to find a safe spot to stay in finally? We’ll find out on tonight’s episode and then get to dish all of the inside details with Steven Yeun and Josh McDermitt afterwards.  Since Steven and Josh play Glenn and Eugene on The Walking Dead they should have a lot to say about the episode.

The Talking Dead begins at 10PM EST and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. AMC asks viewers to submit questions in advance so what are you the most curious about this season? Hit up the comments and tell us!

While you wait for the recap of Talking Dead,  Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s  The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15, “Us”.  [CLICK HERE] – and next weeks spoiler for episode 16 is RIGHT HERE!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Chris introduces his guests Josh McDermit and Steven Yeun; Chris asks how Josh prepared for his role as Eugene. Josh mentions going to the source material of the comics; Chris asks if the character comes to life with the mullet. Josh says he is doing an impression of his little brother for the character and the mullet transforms him completely; he hated the mullet but everyone else loved it. Chris loves how Eugene is such a nerd and loves it; Chris knows how Josh and Steven both have comedic backgrounds and ask if they use it on set; Steven says they do just to past the time between shooting. Steven mentions how Glenn in the beginning he was never much of a leader and now he has grown so much learning from all the people he has met in his journey in the apocalypse and believes that before he met Maggie he was much more reckless but now realizes that isn’t something he should do.

Chris asks if Eugene was always the same before the apocalypse; Josh says that Eugene seems like he is fitting in and that he has a clear idea of how to deal with things, even though he maybe confident yet socially awkward. Chris is amazed how Josh looks just like Eugene in the comics; Josh says that on set when they shot the first scene of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene the whole crew was just blown away at how accurate they looked like the comic book characters.

Chris announces next week there guest is Andrew Lincoln who has never been on the show; they are going to accept Skype videos for Andrew to answer their question. A guy comes up and Chris loves his dinosaur tattoos, he asks if Glenn was truly willing to leave Tara behind in the tunnel; Steven says that Glenn has blind hope and would never leave a person behind. Chris gives the audience member a mullet; Chris asks Steven why Glenn didn’t mention where Tara was from.

Steven says that Glenn sees Tara was a good person and she really didn’t have much to do with the prison assault; he’s trying to make her realize that she did nothing wrong. Chris asks why Eugene wanted to find Glen and Tara; Josh says that there isn’t much good people in this world and he wants to help what few there are left. Josh says that Eugene is probably envious of Glenn who is more brave and forward. Chris asks Steven if Glenn would have joined Eugene’s missions if he were single; Steven says that Glenn would try to find the rest of his family from the prison since they are equally as important.

Chris asks how much of the boundary Eugene is willing to push with getting his way; Josh says that with Rosita it will be a battle though with Abraham he usually gets his way. Chris asks Steven what he thinks of Glenn and Abraham’s realationship; Steven believes they equally have a mutualy respect for on another. A caller asks if Glenn was mostly using Tara more than anything instead of trying to save her; Steven believes that he thinks that he understands how she was a valuable asset to his mission though over time he got to know her and felt like he couldn’t leave her behind after all they have gone through.

Steven asks what his favorite Glenn moment was; Chris mentions his visit to a pharmacy with Maggie was quite nice. Chris asks Josh how long Eugene would last without Abraham; Josh believes that Eugene could adapt to any environment. Chris asks how Glenn would work in Daryl’ group; Steven believes that Glenn wouldn’t be able to stay with them since he is more pragmatic and doesn’t want to be with those kind of people.

Chris asks from a fan saying how Glenn was hesitant about bringing a baby into this world and wonders if almost losing Maggie would change his mind; Steven says that they need to find a civilization of some sort. Chris asks what is significant about burning Maggie’s picture; Steven says it shows how they are now together and doesn’t need to look at it. Chris asks who the leader of the group is, Josh thinks that Eugene is the leader and that he is giving the orders; Abraham is more of the bronze of the group.

Steven mentions it was gross the walkers were actually really flexible; one of the guys playing a walker fell asleep and drooled on himself. Chris announces that everyone is taking a Funco Glenn figurine home with them.

A fan comes up from the audience named James asks what their zombie apocalypse catch phrase, Josh says Eugene’s is like “I’m Smarter Than You” and Steven says “Don’t be dumb, just be smart hahahaha.” Chris asks why Daryl stayed with the group after the rabbit incident; Steven feels like he is just using them for now and wants to basically just survive with them but wont stay long. Chris asks what it means for Glenn and Maggie at Terminus; Steven says it’s a moment to breath but the mission is to find everyone from the previous group. Josh mentions he had to unlearn how to fire a gun because he has combat training but had to make it look like he was an idiot for the episode he shot at their military truck.

A caller asks Steven what happened to Glenn to end up at the prison still intead of being on the bus with the others; Steven says that he ended up on the bridge and passed out from his illness. Chris asks how Lizzy would have been handled if the group was together, Josh says that Rick would have tried to stop it though believes Carol would have taken matters into her own hands. Chris asks if it’s been a great season having everyone split up; Steven says it’s great that they all get to see what each character is truly made of.

Now we see the sneak peek of next weeks season finale; we see Rick, Carl and Michonne walking in the forest and talking about if they are close to Terminus. Carl wonders if they will all tell the others the truth about themselves; Carl questions who they really are. Chris mentions that the next episode has so much action that the scene they used was the only one that didn’t spoil anything in the finale. The poll showed that everyone thinks Terminus is worse than Woodbury.