The Walking Dead RECAP 3/30/14: Season 4 Finale “A”

The Walking Dead RECAP 3/30/14: Season 4 Finale “A”

The Walking Dead is back on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness and a new episode, the season 4 finale called, “A.”  In the Season 4 finale, Rick comes face-to-face with sheer brutality when multiple paths collide.

On last week’s episode Glenn was very excited as he walked on the train tracks he came upon a message from Maggie that told him she was going to The Terminus.  Daryl was still with the nasty  survivalists and the leader wanted Daryl to join their group. (this is the group that Rick escaped from in the house)  The survivalists had rules and Daryl is not interested in playing by their rules.  Meanwhile Glenn and Tara split from Abraham, Rosita and Eugene to take a more dangerous, but faster way to The Terminus.  By the end of the episode Glenn and Tara get into trouble and Maggie saves the day. Did you watch tonight’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s finale episode Rick comes face-to-face with sheer brutality when multiple paths collide.  Creator of the series Robert Kirkman described the finale as Savage and the biggest show TWD has ever done  and people will be talking about it for a long time.   Many people mean that Rick Grimes may die Robert also revealed the finale will be a huge cliff hanger, does this mean we will be unsure about Rick’s death?

Sadly this is the finale of season 4 of The Walking Dead :-( so you aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action. We’ll be recapping “A” live right here for you. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell up what you’ve thought of the season so far. Do you like how the cast has been split up for the last few episodes?

RECAP: We see a fence and gate open for a car driving into the prison to see a flash back, Hershel is just watching everyone do their day to day task. We now see Rick shaking and by himself sitting by a truck; he is covered in blood.

We see Rick, Michonne and Carl making something to eat. Rick decides to go check the snares and Carl comes along with him; Rick tells Michonne to come along as well. Rick mentions they will stay a day or two to rest up more. Carl feels like they are close to Terminus and Rick confirms that they are. Carl asks if they will let the new people what they have done, Rick says they will tell them who they are; Carl questions who they actually are. A walker comes out of nowhere and Michonne goes ahead and cuts off its head. Rick goes over and finds that one of the snares caught a rabbit; he shows Carl how he makes the noose to catch the rabbits. They hear a man screaming andCarl runs after the sounds; Carl sees a guy surrounded by walkers. Rick stops Carl and the guys gets his face eaten; Rick takes Carl and they all run away. The walkers are following them; Rick finds a group of walkers and smashes their head in. We now get another flash back of Hershel telling Rick that he never keeps up with time anymore and that everything is in the now. Beth comes and takes Judith; Hershel assures Rick he wont need his gun and holster. Now back to the present and we have Rick and Michonne killing all the walkers; they then start running away from the big herd behind them.

Carl sees an empty car ahead and the three go up to it; Michonne walks up to a walker on the ground and stabs it in the head. Carl is sleeping in the car; Rick and Michonne are outside talking about how they are really hungry and need food. Rick feels like it will take another day to get to Terminus; Rick questions if the new place will really let people in. Joe comes out of nowhere and points a gun to Rick’s head telling him he screwed up.

Joe says that they will countdown the ball dropper; Daryl comes out of nowhere and tells them to hold up. Daryl says that these people must be let go and that they are good; Joe says that Lou would disagree since he was strangled in a bathroom. Daryl says he gets it and tells Joe to take it from him; Joe says that Rick killed their friend and believes Daryl is lying about them being good. Daryl is being beat against the car; one of the guys takes Carl out of the car and puts a knife to his neck. Rick says it was just him; Joe says they will kill Daryl, Carl and than Michonne. Rick is watching the man attack Carl; Rick then repeats to let him go; Rick knocks his head at the guy firing off his gun near his ear; Rick then gets up and is hit by Joe. Carl is trying to escape while the guy is on top of him; Rick is watching everything go on; he is trying to get up but then bites Joe’s neck and rips it open. Michonne picks up a gun and shoots one man; Daryl then beats the two others to death; Rick tells the man to let go of his son. Rick then stabs the guy with a knife several times in anger.

We now see Rick talking with Hershel; Hershel says that they can grow their own food with planting seeds. Hershel talks to Rick to teach others how to farm like he is planning; Rick mentions people need him. Hershel mentions its been two months and that they are fine; Hershel mentions that Carl needs his father. Rick is now sitting at the car shaking; he is by himself while the others are inside the car.  Daryl comes back from the woods and uses some water on a rag so Daryl can clean off the blood on his face. Rick asks how Daryl ended up with them; Daryl mentions how he was with Beth for a while. Rick asks if she is dead; Daryl says she is just gone and after that he was found by the men and that he felt their code was simple and stupid. Daryl mentions how they were looking for some guy, he was going to leave but stayed; he then saw it was them. Daryl had no idea what they could do; Rick says it’s not his fault. Rick says being together again as a group is everything, Rick tells Daryl that he is his brother; Daryl says that anybody would have done what he did. Rick says not exactly; Daryl says something happened and it wasn’t him. Rick says that it is him and that is why he is there now; he wants to keep Carl safe and that it all that matters to him. The four now are walking down the rail road tracks; Rick asks Michonne if she is okay and she says yeah. Rick then mentions he’s okay and Michonne tells him she knows. Daryl says they will be there before sundown; they then go into the woods just in case. They find some fence looking into to Terminus; Rick tells them to spread out and watch for a wall and to get ready. Rick asks Carl if he wants to stick with him; Carl says sorry and goes with Michonne. Michonne asks why Carl didn’t go with his dad; Michonne says that Carl never asked why her son died. Michonne says they went to a camp; her boyfriend was bit and she mentions letting them turned. She made it that they couldn’t bite and scratch; even putting chains around their necks. She mentions draggin’ them around with her; she found out they kept her safe and hid her from the walkers. Michonne says that she was gone for a long time, but Andrea and Rick brought her back; even Carl himself did too. Michonne says she has seen Carl look at Rick lately; she assures him he doesn’t have to be afraid. Carl mentions how Rick told him that he was proud of him; Carl says that he still has thoughts that he isn’t what his father thinks he is. Believing he is just another monster too. Rick pulls out a bag full of guns, he puts all his weapons inside of it just in case something happens he digs them under the ground at a certain place. The four of them now are beyond the fence; they here some talking going on. They all go inside seeing some people inside talking on a radio advertising Terminus; Rick walks in and says hello to them all. The people question if they are robbers; Rick says he wanted to see them before they saw their group. They are welcomed to Terminus, Rick introduces all four of them; the guy asks if they are their for sanctuary. Someone named Alex comes over and is going to ask them a few questions; they ask to see all their weapons first. Rick takes his gun out and puts it on the ground; the others follow. They are then searched to have anything on them, they mentions they are not stupid and that they shouldn’t try anything stupid; they are then given their weapons back.

Alex takes them out and is showing them around; he mentions how many people have come. A woman named Mary fixes the people up a plate; Michonne asks why they let people in. Alex mentions the more people the stronger they get; it makes them survive. Rick hits the guy and takes a stop watch from his pocket wondering where he got it; it’s Hershel’s which he gave to Glenn.

We see another flash back of Patrick playing with LEGO; Patrick thanks Rick for getting them and mentions he isn’t ashamed of them being for kids. Rick goes over to Carl and telling him the gun isn’t needed. Rick is asking Alex where he got the watch; Alex tells the sniper to put the gun down. Rick repeats his question again; the guys says the watch is from someone who is dead and the poncho is from a clothesline. A guy asks Rick what he wants; one of the guys opens fire and Alex is killed. Rick and his team are trying to run away from the gun shots; they are led into a room; they are being shot at again on the run. Daryl is leading them off; the people shooting at them are leading them somewhere. Daryl and Rick run into a room with a bunch of candles lit; Rick goes over to a door that is shut on them. Michonne figures they are not trying to kill them; they are now aimed at by several armed people.

They are told to drop their weapons; Rick and their group do exactly that. They are told to put the leader on one side; Rick walks over, then Daryl, then Michonne and they are told to stand at the door; Carl then walks over. Rick then goes ahead and opens the door to the container thing and walks inside the dark room; the others all follow inside. Inside is Glenn and the others; Rick is so surprised to see everyone.  We now see a flash back of Rick, Hershel and Carl farming together while Beth is taking care of Judith.  Rick says that they are going to feel stupid when the people find out they are screwing with the wrong people.