Is Tamra Barney Fired or Not From Real Housewives Of Orange County?

Is Tamra Barney Fired or Not From Real Housewives Of Orange County?

The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Barney is reportedly fired following in the footsteps of many other housewives this season and leaving the show. And the reason for all of these housewives’ departure is pretty much the same: the network is sick of their diva behavior.

See, the housewives need to have a perfect balance of compliance and diva behavior to last on the show. They need to be compliant enough to listen to Bravo, and be willing to fake their way through various scenarios and bitch fights. But at the same time, their diva behavior is what gets most people to tune in, and it’s also what provides most of the drama on these shows. Nobody wants to watch Real Housewives to see a bunch of women knit and braid each other’s hair. No, people watch for the outrageous ‘diva’ behavior, and the yelling, backstabbing, and idiotic fights between them.

But I guess even by the Real Housewives’ already low standard, Tamra failed the bar. Radar Online reports that Tamra won’t be coming back for the show’s tenth season because of her inexcusable behavior. Plus, Tamra called out Bravo for editing the footage and making her look bad, which is a big no-no in reality TV. You simply do not call attention to the fact that these shows are manipulated behind-the-scenes. That guarantees an axe from the show quicker than anything else does.

At the same time, would Bravo be willing to get rid of the Real Housewives of Orange County’s biggest star? Tamra Barney may be a pain in the ass, but at least she’s not a convict, right? Will the network risk the drop to their ratings?

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10 responses to “Is Tamra Barney Fired or Not From Real Housewives Of Orange County?”

  1. janie says:

    This entire franchise needs to end. No one cares about these horrible women. I can’t believe any of them draw in crowds or decent ratings.

    • livelifelove says:

      Then why did you even “stop in” to read the article and better yet take time out to comment if you feel this way¿¿¿

  2. Kim Capalongo says:

    I agree! Tamara’s reaction to her son’s upcoming marriage was so fake and ridiculous! I cannot stand her! She lies, backstabs the other women, and is over the top drama queen! Axe her Bravo!

  3. DrWithAPlan says:

    Yep sick of tamra but she performed according to bravos standard

    • Melissa says:

      Please get rid of Tamara and Heather from OC, Aviva from NYC, and Teresa from New Jersey. No explanation needed for Bravo fans!!

  4. Salvador Rivera says:

    Finally. Next, should be nene, I was going to say someone in particular from NYC, but they all got fired, minus one, and Kelly. Yes I know she’s not on, but it would be nice if they would hire her, just to fire her. Lol. Love the O.C., now.

  5. Frank Alvarez says:

    Bravos big mistake was last year when they fired Gretchen to make Tamra and Vickie happy. They should have kept Gretchen and said goodbye to Tamra and queen V

  6. Mari says:

    Keeps me entertained. Tamara is something else. She tends to forget what she says. Dang, instagater. But she does keep the show going to keep us at home tuned in. I can’t wait for the next episode, when all the girls go on vacation together. Lol.

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  8. Bigday says:

    I think there`s more than meets the eye of the camera . I think maybe Vickie might have had a hand in this all . I am not a fan of Tamera but I really think someone in this group has found a way to really stir the pot. Lying is something I sure they have all have done and drama! Vickie has done that before so really I wonder if there will be a lawyers in this mess