Teen Mom War: Farrah Abraham Calls Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith “White Trash”

Teen Mom War: Farrah Abraham Calls Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith "White Trash"

The war between Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham and Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans wages on. Apparently these two troubled reality stars are not familiar with the phrase, “Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.” Neither of them have any room to be criticizing each other’s morals or parenting techniques, Jenelle and Farrah really need to stop worrying each other, and get their own lives together!

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans have been bickering for weeks now, but the war of words got vicious when Jenelle’s latest baby-daddy Nathan Griffith took to Twitter and compared Farrah Abraham to a “prostitute on crack.” Apparently Farrah Abraham was not impressed with Griffith’s analogy, and she dished on her feelings about Jenelle and her baby-daddy to Radar Online. When Radar asked Abraham how she felt about Griffith’s Twitter comments Abraham stated, “You know what I don’t really pay attention to white trash.” Ouch!

Yesterday was a big day for Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abrahams. Vivid released images from Farrah’s new porno video, “Back Door Teen Mom 2” and Evan’s ex-boyfriend sold a nude photo of her to a website with her legs spread-eagle on a bed.

It’s ironic that the two Teen Mom stars can’t get along, because they sure have a lot in common! They both started their rise to fame/shame on MTV’s Teen Mom series, they both have nude photos all over the internet, they both appear to be pathological liars, and they both pawned their children off on their mothers.

Evans and Abraham’s feud has basically boiled down to which Teen Mom is a hotter mess. Are you Team Jenelle or Team Farrah?

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