Teen Wolf Recap 6/23/14: Season 4 Premiere “The Dark Moon”

Teen Wolf Recap 6/23/14: Season 4 Premiere “The Dark Moon”

Tonight on MTV, TEEN WOLF premieres with its fourth season called “The Dark Moon.” On tonight’s season four premiere episode, Scott searches for a missing friend in Mexico.

On last season’s finale, Scott and Derek called upon their friends and allies to make a last stand — the battle lines were drawn. Did you watch the third season finale? If not, we recapped it all for you right here.

On tonight’s episode, in the fourth season premiere of Teen Wolf, someone has gone missing in action and it’s up to Scott and the pack to rescue their friend. They’ll be heading to Mexico — and they are not there for Spring Break! This season is teased to be a big one for Derek — full of surprises!

Tonight’s episode is going to be really intense. You’re not going to want to miss even a minute! We will be live blogging TEEN WOLF on MTV beginning at 10 PM EST. While you’re waiting for the show, hit up the comments and tell us who you think may die this season!


In Mexico, Stiles and Lydia wander. She says his plan is the worst ever and says they’re going to die. He asks if that’s her opinion as a banshee. He says to stick to banshee predictions. Later the walk through a market street and come to a door. Lydia speaks Spanish to them and Stiles holds up the skull card. He holds it up to the security camera and they are admitted. The door locks behind them and they look afraid. They creep down the hall.

The lamps on the walls rattle and shake as they come to another door. They push their way in and see a rollicking dance club. The crowd looks wild and the music blares. A man looks down on them and speaks into a walkie talkie. They weave their way through the dancers to the bar and are given shots. The guy comes up and tells them the drinks are on the house. Lydia says they didn’t come to drink. She drops the skull emblazoned gold object into her glass.

Lydia tells Araya they’ve come for Derek and are willing to buy him. Stiles lays out $50k and she asks where a teenager gest money like this. They asks if it’s Japanese mafia. She says it wasn’t smart for them to come alone and Stiles asks why she thinks they came alone. We see there is Kira, the kitsune, and Malia, the werecoyote, downstairs in the crowd. Their eyes blaze. The woman says she can’t believe they brought wolves into her home.

Stiles says they brought an Alpha and we see Scott, eyes flashing alpha red. Security works its way through the crowd looking for the wolves. Malia and Kira dance and Kira says something is up. Malia tells her to blend in and tells her to dance with her and calls her dumbass. They dance. Security speaks into the walkie and moves on.

Malia pulls Kira in close to dance sexily. Kira smiles at the touch and attention and they dance close, touching often. Some guys take notice. Malia keeps a casual eye on security while they dance. The woman asks Lydia and Stiles if they know what the Dark Moon is. Lydia says it’s a time of grief and the woman says – and loss.

Araya asks why they are risking loss for someone like Derek Hale. Security tells her that the front door is clear but one security guy is down. Scott has his radio and tells Stiles to pull $10k off the table. Lydia tells her to take the deal and she says she’s inclined to listen to a banshee, but declines. Security works their way closer to Malie and Kira and she asks Kira if she’s ready. She nods yes.

Malie flips the guy and Kira pulls her bad ass nunchucks and they take two down. Scott takes out another. The wolves are on the move. They head to a back area. Stiles says that Derek is a downer and she doesn’t really want him – he tells her to take the money. Araya grabs a walkie and says to shows them how the Calaveras negotiate. We see the DJ shoot out some fog looking stuff onto the crowd from a dispenser.

Scott and the girls creep down the hall and see gas coming out from under a door. He tells the girls to pull back but then tells them to run because it’s wolfsbane. He tells them to look out. Security descends on them and Araya says he should be more careful when taking on a hunter with 40 years experience. She says he’s a long way from home.

He looks at her and says – you don’t know where he is either. He’s hit with a ton of volts from a high powered taser and arcs back in pain. Flashback to Stiles and Scott talking about where Derek might be. He shows Stiles the bullets that belong to some Mexican hunters – the Calaveras. They wonder why they would want Derek. Scott asks Lydia to do her stuff.

She looks at the bullets and plunges her hands in the container. She holds then in her hand and closes her eyes. She drops them to the floor as she hears a man screaming. Stiles asks if he’s dead and Lydia says no but she’s not sure he’s alive either. Stiles asks what that means and she says she doesn’t know. She says there is something not right, but she doesn’t know. Stiles asks how they find the Calaveras and Scott says Mexico.

Scott wakes and Stiles asks if he’s okay. They’re locked up in a bathroom and Scott says they don’t have Derek. Kira says she knows then tells him they’ve taken Lydia. Araya tells Lydia she doesn’t have a lot of experience with banshees and Lydia says that makes two of us. She says it’s strange being one. They are eating at an outdoor cafe. The woman tells Lydia that she’s underestimating her abilities.

Araya asks her which of these men is about to die and Lydia looks around. The others try to escape their prison. Kira says they are already looked for a way out. Malia says they should take out the first person to open the door and says they can just leave Lydia. Stiles says they can’t and she asks why. He says they never leave anyone behind.

Malia says, as a coyote, if hunting is bad you eat who you have to and move on. Stiles says this is actually progress. Scott says they’re still alive because Araya wants something from them. Kira wonders who has Derek or if he left on his own. Araya asks Lydia if she needs to touch them or if it’s just a feeling. Lydia says she doesn’t know. Araya asks how close to death they have to be.

Araya taps a knife and the men turn. She throws a knife into one of them and Lydia screams and screams, “Why? Why did you do that?” Araya says he stole from her and Lydia asks what she wants. Araya says she wants to know about Scott and what kind of alpha he really is.

Scott is chained to a chair and tells Araya to let the others go. The guy says that Kira is going to turn the dial to amp up some electricity on Scott if he doesn’t answer questions the way Araya wants. Scott tells Kira to do what they say and says he can take it. Araya says they want to find Derek and ask who took him. Scott asks how he would know that. Lydia says they don’t know and that’s why they came here.

Araya tells Kira to shock Scott. Araya threatens Lydia and Scott tells her to do it. Araya says to start at one. She does and Scott struggles in pain. Stiles asks Malia if she can hear any of them. She says she can’t concentrate and Stiles tries to keep her calm. He says to do what she needs to concentrate. She kisses him and her eyes blaze blue.

Araya is interrogating Scott and he’s sweating in pain. He says he doesn’t know who took him. Scott pants and says it’s okay. He tells Kira it’s fine and to do it. She cranks the voltage up and Araya screams out who had the power of a shape shifter and she asks who could have turned without a bite, wihtout him knowing. Araya tells Kira to push it to 10.

The lights flicker in the room where Stiles and Malia are and she says they’re killing him. Scott snaps into alpha mode then recalls a conversation he overheard between Kate and Chris Argent. He busts loose of his chains as Araya screams at him to say the name. He looks up and says Kate. Stiles says that can’t be what he said when Malia tells him and he says she’s a hunter and an Argent.

We see Kate and then Derek. As she leads the gang out into the light, Scott asks Araya if she’s just going to let them all go. Shetells Scott she has sent four men after Kate and none have come back alive. She says she wants to see if he can do better. Scott says she could have just told him Kate was alive. She says he would not have believe her and now she knows what kind of alpha he is and where his next step lies.

She says when he takes the life of an innocent and makes a wolf, she will come knocking at his door. Scott says that Araya is giving them a guide to help them find Kate and Derek. It’s Braeden. She’s a mercenary. She says they have to do to la Iglesia and Lydia asks if it’s a church but Braden says you won’t find God there.

She speeds on her motorcycle and the others follow in a jeep. Malia asks who Kate is and Kira says she wants to know. Stiles says since he was at her funeral, he’d like to know too. Lydia says she was Allison’s aunt and a total sociopath. He says she was never in the coffin. Scott says Kate killed most of Derek’s family in the fire.

He says some survived – like Cora and Peter. He says Peter bit and turned him and then killed Kate. Stiles says we saw her buried but Scott says they just saw a casket. He says the Calaveras heard Kate was killed by an alpha’s claws and wanted to make sure she was dead. We see Araya checking Kate’s corpse and see that she has wolfy claws. Scott says Kate’s body was healing the closer it got to the full moon.

He says the Calaveras took her because a hunter is supposed to take their own life before they change. We see Kate chained up in the same room they were kept in and a knife was kicked to her. She looks at the blade. Malia says she wouldn’t do it either and Scott says Kate killed six people getting out. We see Derek come into the room where Kate is lying on the floor playing dead. She opens her eyes.

Scott says he doesn’t know if Kate is a werewolf and says that he’s heard that you take the shape of what you are and Lydia asks what’s the shape of a sociopathic bitch. Their jeep is jolted and Braeden pulls to a stop. They get out and say it looks like they hit something. She says they have to get there by night or it will be too dangerous. Stiles tells Scott to go with Braeden.

Kira tells him to be careful and then babbles a little. She hugs him. Braeden says they’re losing light and Scott tells Kira he has to go. He hops on the bike with the mercenary and they’re off. Kira watches him go with longing. Malia checks under the jeep and says something hit them. It’s a huge tooth or knife about six inches long.

Braeden drives them at top speed. She pulls the bike over and Scott sees a church in the distance. She says it’s La Iglesia. She says an earthquake leveled the town but left the church standing. It was built on the ruins of an Aztec temple that was devoted to were-jaguars. She says she’s never gotten this far before and doesn’t know if Kate and Derek are there.

Stiles works on his Jeep as Lydia says they should just walk. The sun is going down and Malia tells him to work faster and says there is something out there with them. Scott and Braeden drive on then ditch the bike in favor of flashlights and shot guns. He asks her what she will do with Kate and she says she was paid to bring her back to the Calaveras.

She asks why he cares and says Kate is a mass murderer. He asks if she would kill Kate and she says if the money was good enough, she’d kill him. They head into the church. She asks if can catch Derek’s scent. We hear a roaring in the distance and Scott says there’s something not human in there with them. They head in..

Kira pulls her sword and she and Malia stand at the ready while Lydia and Stiles work on the jeep. Malia says she can’t see and Kira puts her sword into the light of the Jeep and uses her powers to focus it. She sees something and Malia pops out her teeth, growls and goes on the attack. Lydia tells Stiles to focus on the Jeep but he’s worried.

Kira goes after her. She calls out to Malia and brandishes her sword. She hears footsteps and almost cuts off Malia’s head. Malia says it’s big and fast and cuts deep. We see that Malia has a gash on her body and she collapses.

Braeden asks Scott why he didn’t kiss his GF and he says she’s not really his GF. She says if he dies down there, will he regret not kissing her. She says he should have. They creep forward through the ruins. One of the skeletons in the hall is coming to life. Braeden asks what and Scott says he had a feelings something was behind them. They press on.

The skeletal creature hisses and growls then runs for them. Braeden tells Scott to get ready and then fires when it gets closer. They’ve got the Jeep working and Stiles tells Malia to never do that again. He says he thought she was leaving and she says she would never leave without him. She says she’d leave the others and Stiles tells them it’s progress.

Lydia says the wound looks bad and she says it’s healing. She says the creature has a strong scent, like death. Braeden is firing but they can’t see anything. Scott says it’s coming back. She tells Scott to get behding her. The thing comes running and Scott roars an epic alpha roar and the creature collapses in to dust and bones.

He says he thinks he scared it and she says he scared everything. Some of the wall collapses and they go into a room and see the sign of the jaguar God. She says she thinks they found Derek. Scott touches the seal and tells her to stand back. He punches it and it shatters. They tear the rocks away and look inside. A hand reaches out weakly toward them. Scott says oh my God.

The Jeep speeds on as Braeden and Scott struggle out with Derek. The Jeep pulls up and Stiles and the others run over and Malia asks if that’s Derek. Stiles says sort of and we see a guy with a different face who looks confused.

The guy they bring out is Younger Derek. Somehow, he’s reverted back to his teenage self…