Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Shopping Addiction – The Drug That Ruined Them and Led to Jail

Teresa and Joe Giudice's Shopping Addiction - The Drug That Ruined Them and Led to Jail

Teresa Giudice is not always the smartest person in the room but she has taken flaky behavior to a new low. She was indicted for fraud and pleaded guilty to 4 of 41 of the counts against her. However, Tre still has not learned how to spend money responsibly. She and her husband Juicy Joe are still spending like they own a money tree.

A source told Perez Hilton “Teresa and Joe are completely in denial. They still live in their house that nobody thinks they can afford, they’re driving leased cars and they still shop and go out places.” This does not surprise me. Teresa and Joe are used to a certain lifestyle and will not give it up..

The Giudice’s history with money was never good. In season 2 of Real Housewives of New Jersey Joe told Chris Laurita about his wife’s spending habits. He also confided that the money wasn’t coming in like it used to. In the same episode Teresa asked Joe for a diamond ring. She wanted it as a 10th wedding anniversary gift and as a push present. Tre and Juicy have 4 girls, the youngest being born just before she asked for the diamond ring.

Joe is partly to blame for his wife’s spending. If he told her no once in a while she may have learned her lesson. Instead Juicy kept their money problems to himself and Tre just kept spending. Joe hints to her in season 2 that they may not have as much coming in as in previous years. He never comes right out and says what’s really going on. Instead Joe takes Teresa on a tour of the pizzeria he bought and tells her they are moving into the apartment upstairs from the business. Juicy confides in his friend but not his wife. Why was he afraid to tell Tre the truth? His ego is hurt because he cannot provide for her and the girls like he did in the past. He is hoping things get better so he never has to disappoint Teresa.

Both Joe and Teresa grew up in middle class homes. When they started making money they went overboard on the spending. Shopping is an addiction. It soothes pain and anxiety the same as alcohol or food. My guess is that the stress of getting Joe’s businesses off the ground and raising a family drove them to this addiction. Tre and Juicy bought rental properties that didn’t make them money. Joe closed 2 businesses in the span of 1 season of their show. Part of the reason they got into this trouble was trying to recover from each failure, but they went about it all wrong. On top of that when you live in their neighborhood you have to live in a certain house and wear certain clothes. The Giudices were trying to live a life that was out of their reach.

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  • disqus_nx4MfF4kvy

    Oh Yeah, come on now, do you really expect Teresa to drive a used car? It’s not safe, she has 4 beautiful daughters who need to be protected. T & Juicy have worked very hard for that beautiful house and now that they have it people want them to give it up. Well, that ain’t going to happen anytime soon.

  • Steve

    When in God’s name is Dirty Joe’s DMV trial ? He tried to obtain a driver’s license using his brother’s ID way back in 2010 ! What’s taking so long? We want more jail time added to this scumbag !

    Look up the word “fraud” in the dictionary , his picture is there

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