The Amazing Race Finale LIVE RECAP Winners: Season 24 “Do you Believe in Magic?”

The Amazing Race Finale LIVE RECAP Winners: Season 24 "Do you Believe in Magic?"

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race returns for yet another exciting installment. On “Do you Believe in Magic?” the race continues in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the three remaining teams race to move ahead.

On last week’s episode “Hei Ho Heidi Ho” the final four teams were in Liverpool, England, where they experienced a once-in-a-lifetime shoot-out at the historic Anfield Stadium, home of the Liverpool FC. Meanwhile, one team misread a clue and jeopardized their chances at making the final three.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On Tonight’s episode with the $1 million prize on the line, the final teams race through Las Vegas, where the world’s greatest illusionist, David Copperfield, designs a final challenge that requires the remaining teams to master the art of illusion.

Tonight’s The Amazing Race Season 24 episode 12 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Amazing Race so far!

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Tonight’s season finale of The Amazing Race kicks off with the Final Three leaving England and heading to Las Vegas, Nevada. En route to LV all three teams have to stop at a location and dig up a box, Brendon and Rachel, Dave and Connor, and Caroline and Jennifer all dig up their boxes which hold a ring of fifty keys and then head to the MGM Royale to see David Copperfield.

When they arrive at the MGM, they find a Roadblock and David Copperfield. They must be locked inside a wooden crate and then use the ring of fifty keys to unlock their shackles and use them to free themselves from the crate. The only thing is they don’t know what keys go to their shackles or their crate.

Dave and Connor complete the locked crate Roadblock first, and must make their way to the Neon Bone Yard Museum. Brendon and Rachel finish the Roadblock second and find the clue instructing them to head to the Neon Boneyard. Caroline and Jennifer finish in third place and are currently last.

Dave and Connor arrive at the museum and begin searching for an Amazing Race clue box, they find their clue directing them to head to the Mirage. Brendon and Rachel get their clue next, followed by Caroline and Jennifer.

Somehow Caroline and Jennifer arrive at the Mirage first, they must climb into a skyscraper and head up over thirty stories to the “Mirage” sign and replace all of the lightbulbs in the letter “I.” Dave and Connor head up a few minutes behind Caroline and Jennifer. Brendon and Rachel are still stuck in traffic en route to the Mirage.

Caroline and Jennifer screw in all 241 light-bulbs first, immediately followed by Dave and Connor. Caroline and Jennifer and Dave and Connor are neck and neck and Rachel and Brendon are still at the Mirage.

All three teams head to the next Road Block at the Maverick. They must all sky-dive from a helicopter from 10,000 feet and land at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Dave, Brendon, and Jennifer all head up in their helicopters and Connor, Caroline, and Rachel all head to the Amazing Race finish line at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to wait for their partners.

Dave lands first and he meets up with Connor and they race across the finish line, Dave and Connor have just won Amazing Race 2014 and $1 Million.

Caroline and Jennifer finish in 2nd place and Brendon and Rachel are last.