The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Special LIVE RECAP June 9 2014: “The Journey So Far”

The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Special LIVE RECAP June 9 2014: "The Journey So Far"

ABC’s popular reality dating series The Bachelorette is set to air a one hour special tonight titled The Bachelorette: The Journey So Far. The episode will be showing from 8-9 pm EDT right before the Diane Sawyer special interview with Hillary Clinton. The Andi Dorfman special will include a recap of the first four episodes of Season 10 again, and a few un-aired scenes that didn’t make the cut the first time around. According to Bachelorette spoilers, fans definitely should not miss tonight’s special because it will also feature the unaired Final Rose Ceremony that was not shown during episode 4.

As well are aware, contestant Eric Hill passed away after a paragliding accident on Easter weekend once he had finished filming The Bachelorette. Since Episode 4 was the last episode Hill would appear on, TPTB at The Bachelorette opted to not show the rose ceremony and dedicated the last fifteen minutes of episode 4 to honoring Eric Hill. The Bachelorette: The Journey So Far will share the rose ceremony that we didn’t get to see last week, and we will get to find out which contestant Andi Dorfman sends home before she and the remaining eleven guys head to Europe.

did you watch last week’s exciting episode of The Bachelorette? If you missed it or what more details then click here because we covered it for you. This season Andi is making the rounds with several of the bachelors. To see who wins her heart and captures the final rose click here. From what CDL hears Andi and her fiance are living together right now!


Tonight’s special episode of The Bachelorette, The Journey So Far, kicks off with a recap of the limo entrances we got to see during the Season 10 premiere. At least half of the guys that introduced themselves to Andi Dorfman the first night have already been eliminated at the first three rose ceremonies. We also get to see the cringe-worthy clip where Bachelorette alum Chris Bukowski gets shut down by Andi Dorfman and denied access to the Bachelor mansion.

The next scene we get to revisit on The Bachelorette: The Journey So Far is the Magic Mike group date when Andi and her guys headed to the strip club and they stripped on stage for charity. Bachelorette alums Kelly Travis and Sharleen Joynt joined Andi Dorfman in the audience. Next up is a recap of the Boyz II Men group date when Andi’s guys performed on stage at a concert and attempted to sing “I’ll Make Love To You” to Andi Dorfman. There is also a quick recap of group date 3, which included an appearance from five WNBA super stars, who smoked the bachelors in a game.

Next on The Bachelorette: The Journey So Far is a quick review of Andi’s 1-on-1 dates so far. Andi chose Eric for her first 1-on-1, they went to the beach and then boarded a helicopter to a mountain top and went snowboarding together. Chris Soules scored the second date with Andi and they went to the horse race track together, and he scored the first kiss with Andi Dorfman. Nick V. and Andi went on a 1-on-1 date next, and hiked through Santa Barbara together.

JJ and Andi had maybe the strangest 1-on-1 date yet on The Bachelorette. They dressed up as an elderly couple in their seventies and went to the park and goofed around together. The next 1-on-1 date was with Dylan, they rode the train together and Dylan filled Andi in on his sad past. Once they arrived in Connecticut, Andi and Marcus propelled down the side of the Mohegan Sun.

Next on The Bachelorette special, is a never before seen clip of what happened after Eric Hill walked out of the cocktail party. Nick Viall stepped up and comforted Andi after Eric Left. Chris was a little irritated because he wanted to be the one to comfort her, after her fight with Eric. Chris Harrison arrives and tells Andi it is time for the Rose Ceremony. After Andi leaves the guys verbally attack Nick because they are mad that he ran and comforted Andi and didn’t give them a chance to.

Marcus, Dylan, and Brian already received roses during their dates. Andi passes roses out to: Nick, JJ, Josh, Cody, Chris, Andrew, Patrick, and Marquel.

Tasos has been officially eliminated from The Bachelorette.