The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June: Liam and Hope’s Marriage Plans Attacked by Deacon Sharpe and Wyatt

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June: Liam and Hope's Marriage Plans Attacked by Deacon Sharpe and Wyatt

The love triangle between Liam-Hope-Wyatt seems to be one of those storylines that just won’t die. It’s basically the Thorne-Brooke-Ridge love triangle that spanned most of the 90s reincarnated. Despite the fact that Hope clearly chose Liam and blatantly dissed Wyatt, he just isn’t ready to give up and move on. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt will find a new ally in his fight for Hope’s heart.

Hope’s father Deacon Sharpe recently returned to Bold and the Beautiful and, according to B&B spoilers, he will join forces with Wyatt to help him win his daughter back from Liam. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Deacon isn’t a fan of Liam and Hope’s relationship. The last time he was on Bold and the Beautiful he was working for Bill Spencer and trying to stop Liam and Hope’s wedding.

Wyatt and Deacon really do make the perfect partnership; they are a lot alike. Deacon was the underdog on Bold and the Beautiful, the outsider who was always fighting an up-hill battle, just like Wyatt is now. Back in the day, Deacon also managed to steal Brooke away from the almighty Ridge Forrester, and now Wyatt is trying to steal Brooke’s daughter Hope away from the all mighty Liam Spencer. History really does have a way of repeating itself (over and over and over) on the CBS soap opera.

According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Deacon may have a tough time helping Wyatt win back Hope though, because when Brooke returns from Abu Dhabi she orders Hope to cut all ties form her father. It will be a little difficult to convince Hope to take back Wyatt, when Brooke doesn’t want Deacon anywhere hear her.

What do you think, B&B fans? Will Deacon try to break up Hope and Liam for a second time? Are you excited to see Wyatt and Deacon working together? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Sharpe and Wyatt Scheme Together To Split-Up Liam and Hope

28 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June: Liam and Hope’s Marriage Plans Attacked by Deacon Sharpe and Wyatt”

  1. JoJo says:

    Okay….with this news I am tempted to STOP watching the show…..I think even in soap opera land that some things must come to an end! Deacon & Wyatt teaming up is no different than Wyatt & his mom……Writers I am very disappointed that this where it is all headed……..Liam & Hope looks so Awesome together & finally need to have the Happily ever after….lets move on and stop dragging love triangles out….People get tired of that….enough is enough!!!!!

  2. BrittJackson12 says:

    YES! YES! YES! Wyatt and Deacon! That’s gonna be great! Hope deserves a better guy Liam has hurt her over and over. Let’s see her try her life with Wyatt he won’t hurt her!! But having Liam there will only turn bad again. LETS GO B&B I WANNA SEE THIS!! LETS GO WYATT LETS GO!!

    • starlett says:

      I think it will be great liam isnt right for hope enough already end it let her go back to wyatt their great together

      • Pam says:

        Wyatt can’t change Hope into a decent human being. He tried and it didn’t last. She’s still mentally immature. Most of her decisions are by impulse and based on what people will think about her or doing what everyone wants her to do. Liam and Hope will eventually self destruct and she’ll be looking for Wyatt who will be with Ivy Forrester creating another triangle.

    • Marin says:

      Wyatt already has hurt her. And is showing he hasn’t learned. And that he has no respect for her decision. What a winner.

    • Pam says:

      The problem with this is that Wyatt is way too good for a selfish person like Hope. She only takes from men but gives nothing. She’s too emotionally abusive and Wyatt is too kind and giving to be used again by her.

  3. icky says:

    Im about stop watching and go two days of our lives the writing is lame u got this story line for over a year come on now do something new people you going end up where All My Children and One Life to Live no where trying get on hulu and fix Brooks story line let her be with bill

  4. Latesha says:

    I’m tired if this routine. Let Liam and Hope be together for once. I am also sick if Quinn, Wyatt. And Deacon. Let’s move on already. This is getting old. Also when Quinn came to the scene her role was pretty stupid. She had too much access to the company, just to only have a part as a jeweler

  5. shirls says:

    So tru I think Liam should step ah side n let hope b wit Wyatt once n for all

  6. shirls says:

    N for u Brooke I think u should b wit bill n Katie go n marry Ridge

  7. Judy says:

    I agree this is a repeat of Brooke. And ridge. They really need a new story line and need to get rid of Wyatt and his mother. They are both totally wrong for the show. Liam and hope should get married and get their happily ever after, and if they don’t this time I’m DONE with this show. This has been going on for way to long. And as for decon he should be on hopes side NOT Wyatt’s. This is all just plain stupid.

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  9. Patrisha Draughn says:

    Yes Wyatt n Hope are a perfect couple. Besides Steffy coming back and she gonna go after Liam again. Wyatt and Hope all the way…they are soo cute together and he truly loves Hope and only Hope. Liam is nothing but a playa. One look at Steffy and he melts like butter and puts hope on the back burner while he chases behind Steffy. Wyatt and Hope need to get married and raise their family. True Love = Wyatt & Hope…..Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Spencer yay !

  10. Karen says:

    I am done with this Liam Hope story line if they drag this out me and my family say goodbye and we will watch Days.Enough is enough.This soap is the same people sleeping with the same people.There isn’t many people left in town.We need a murder some action.days of Our Lives is a thrill everyday it is fast paced.not like this show.

  11. vanessa says:


  12. Debbie says:

    I agree! This shows ratings will really drop if Liam and Hope don’t. Get married. Come on now. This has been going on to long. Quinn nor Wyatt can act, poor decision making by casting them. It is getting so bad that I don’t care if I watch it or not. Along with about 50 more of the people that I work with.

  13. Marin says:

    No, I’d actually like to see Wyatt accept the olive branch Liam has tried to extend multiple times, and ultimately both of them act like brothers. The two of them teaming up against Deacon….backed by daddy Dollar Bill….THAT I’d watch!

  14. marta says:

    I love Wyatt he is so damn sexxxy.. Yummy.. I love the story line .. If u let Wyatt go I will no longer watch b&b bcos no one else has the balls on this show.. All the men have weak story lines ..n liam is not a good actor anyway.. Yimmmy Wyatt I can watch him all day long.. Love Wyatt!!!!!!!!!

  15. Angry says:

    my opinion: I don’t like Liam for Hope after the whole Steffy ordeal….but Steffy isn’t there anymore n Hope is not the person i thought she was so let her move on with Liam………Wyatt who i love should get to explore a new love interest n he should forget about Hope with boring Liam

  16. Gail Asprey says:

    For years Bell has teased Hope and Liam fans with an on again, off again relationship between this couple. The only thing the writers on this show know how to do best is recycle story lines with different characters. If Bell splits this couple up this time, it might just come back to bite him in the butt! Its time for everyone to stop interfering and let Hope and Liam be happily married.

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  19. Janetsshy says:

    Really give up Wyatt and leave Liam and Hope alone she has made the right choose. So writers give them a family and send Wyatt back to the forest along with his crazy mother.

  20. Pam says:

    I’m loving that Deacon reached out to Wyatt. That was cool of him considering that Wyatt is once again paying for his mothers behavior. I hope that those two become real good friends and allies. I can see those two being real good friends. Bill hasn’t even stepped up and checked on Wyatt after his break up with Hope and we all know that Quinn has her own reckless agenda. Deacon can probably relate to Wyatt in some ways, since he was also the outsider that no one ever trusted. It’s time for Wyatt to have people in his corner who won’t turn on him at the drop of a hat like Hope, Liam and the Foresters have despite him not being involved in his mothers antics. It’s nice to see Deacon back. I’m hoping he doesn’t allow Bill to manipulate him like years ago. I remember Deacon in the Karate kid when he was real young. He’s just warming up. He’s a great actor and think he and Wyatt act well together. He brings out the more macho side of Wyatt since Deacon is a strong male character. I’d love to see Deacon kick Liams arse for playing his daughter for years and cheating and leaving her for Steffy over and over again.

  21. Pam says:

    People keep forgetting that Deacon was around years back and aware of the 4 years of cheating and betrayals toward his daughter by Liam when he kept cheating and lying to Hope. Deacon is not new to the show. He’s quite aware how easy it is to be looked down on and not given a chance when your last name isn’t Forrester. Deacon is right for reaching out to Wyatt. His own father never bothered to see how he was doing and his mother is out of control. He has no one. He’s innocent yet he’s being treated like trash and Deacon empathizes with that. When all the hatred is put aside, Wyatt is still a human being.

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