The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Picks Liam At Last – Wyatt Dumped – Deacon Sharpe Meets Quinn

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Picks Liam At Last - Wyatt Dumped - Deacon Sharpe Meets Quinn

The search for Ridge Forrester continues on CBS’s daytime drama Bold and the Beautiful during the week of June 9th-13th. B&B spoilers for the upcoming week tease that Bill and Justin will continue to work together and keep their involvement in Ridge’s unfortunate fall from the helicopter into the Persian Gulf a secret. Brooke may be able to overlook the fact that Bill hooked up with Quinn the day she was supposed to marry Ridge, but everyone knows she will never forgive him if she learns that he orchestrated Ridge’s accident.

Back home, Hope finally makes it official and ends her Spencer love-triangle by announcing she wants to be with Liam, not Wyatt. There is no doubt in everyone’s mind that the deciding factor was Quinn’s involvement in Ridge’s possibly fateful trip to Abu Dhabi. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Wyatt will be devastated by Hope’s decision, and blame his mother Quinn for losing the love of his life. As if her own son turning on her isn’t enough, Rick will kick Quinn while she is down and give her the boot from Forrester Creations.

According to B&B spoilers for the week of June 9th, Sean Kanan will return as Deacon Sharpe on Friday June 13th. Quinn will head to a bar and proceed to get drunk after her rough week, and run in to fellow Forrester outsider Deacon Sharpe. If anyone knows what it is like to be manipulated by the Spencer Family and trampled over by the Logan women, it is Deacon Sharpe.

The question of Oliver’s loyalty to Aly Forrester will also arise again during the week of June 9th. And Maya’s own fiancé Cater will grow tired of her meddling in their relationship and obsessing over Oliver’s intentions, regardless of whether she is right or wrong about the strange new coupling.

So, B&B fans, do you think that Hope’s decision is final, or will she prove to be more like her mother than we all realized and end up running back to Wyatt? Are you happy that she has chosen Liam for now, or were you rooting for the other Spencer brother? And, what do you think of Quinn meeting Deacon Sharpe? Do you think they will start doing some evil scheming together? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Soap Opera Spy fans weigh in on the goings on on B&B:

Hope is choosing Liam! Good choice, and I love it!! I knew they would be back together!

Hope choose Liam. What an idiot! He’s a self righteous jerk and not even good looking. Might stop watching. Is she going to marry him again? Those two are so boring together. Couldn’t they find her someone new and exciting?

I might have to start watching B&B again for Sean, hope they writers there will give him some good material to work with. It’s pretty sad that at GH the only good stuff they have him was with Michael or as a figment of Sonny’s imagination.

They really did not give him much to work with on GH.. Hopefully he will get more on B & B

Me, too! Especially if DOOL continues to lose prime players. I may have to find a new soap to love

How Many Hope/Liam weddings have there been already. Since the writers are so stuck, don’t plan on them actually finishing a wedding. They seem to want this storyline to enter into the 3rd year. Am I the only one that is sick of it?

OMG A J is reincarnated to Bold and Beautiful!!! I miss him on G H!!!

Yes Hun thanks I’m looking forward to Hope and Liam getting married too, I read a lot of people are! I’m glad she will be making the right decision! Lets hope Eric fires Quinn after what she did, and she takes her pathetic son with her, lol

I am so glad Hope and Liam are getting back together! He is so nice looking, and also hear they may be getting married some time this month, I will be watching that:)

For those of you who had hoped the Hope-Wyatt-Liam love triangle was going to change shape and perhaps loose a vertex – just forget about it! Now that Hope’s dad Deacon is back on the scene he will be interfering in Hope’s romantic life as well!

62 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Picks Liam At Last – Wyatt Dumped – Deacon Sharpe Meets Quinn”

  1. Patty Fronk Cralley says:

    I am so glad that Hope chose Liam. And as far as Deacon and Quinn, they deserve each other.

  2. Elizabeth Marshall says:

    Liam and Hope for good let Wyatt find some other like maybe Steffy who is more suited like his Mother.

  3. PassionQueen77 says:

    i am glad that Hope choose Liam over Wyatt. Wyatt and Quinn can leave the show for good. I can’t wait to see when Quinn gets fired from Forrester Creations. Where is Ridge. Why haven’t the writers show Ridge yet. I hope that is the last decision of Hope is going to do. The love triangle was going on for months.

    • Brit says:

      Omg YESS I totally agree with you!! Quinn and Wyatt are stupid just leave!!! Team Liam all the way!

    • datdude Mike says:

      I agree, that luv triangle was getting old glad it’s over. Wyatt and his crazy ass mom can kick rocks

  4. Nikki says:

    I agree me too, Hope should be with Wyatt!

    • Brit says:

      Ummm no!! Liam is way Better than Wyatt. Wyatt is a wimp. And ugly. Liam is perfect and hope is lucky to have Liam

  5. Christel Carelock says:

    I knew she was going to choose winey Liam, but like the others below, just bring Steffy back and see if hope stays with Liam then. Deacon and Quinn?? That will be something to see. Lol!!

  6. darlene says:

    Hope is such a brainless women. Wyatt is her future not liam

    • Brit says:

      Ummm no Liam is her future!! Get it right come on! Liam is to good for hope. Your brainless. LIAM IS PERFECT. Not u

  7. darlene says:

    Wyatt is to good for hope and liam is not good enough

  8. Candiegrl says:

    I am so glad that Hope chose Liam. I think that they make the cutest couple and I am hoping that t they make it all the way this time. I so tired of somebody always coming in the mix and breaking them up.

    • Snoopy112 says:

      Me too. I hope Liam n hope get married at last and live happily ever after. I hate annoying Wyatt n his mother. I think they should be kicked out of forester creations for good. They belong in jail. That should be the next story line. They do something and they get busted n exposed that they r using hope to line their pockets n they get arrested n thrown in jail. Also for the jewel hoax. That’s a strong story line.

  9. Debbie says:

    I’m very disappointed that Hope picked Liam when Wyatt has been so dedicated and Liam always too quick to kick her to the curb for Steffy …

  10. sprocket says:

    I am really tired of this Hope & Liam triangle. Liam always ends up hurting Hope. If Steffy ever came back, Liam would run to her. Give it a rest. Find a new man for Hope to fall in love with, say Oliver the photographer at Foresster Creations.

    • Soap lover says:

      People please. Do not forget this entire Liam, Steffy and Hope saga started because Hope broke off the engagement without thinking clearly. Hope told Liam to go back to Steffy due to the pregnancy.
      Hope called off the wedding due to Quinn’s manipulation.. Hope ran like a baby instead of going inside the cabin to see why Steffy was there talking to Liam. We can disagree on Liam vs Wyatt. I am sure we all can agree no one wants a crazy evil mother in law like Quinn.

    • Sprout says:

      I want Hope and Liam together finally!

  11. Chris N Cindy Runyan says:

    Ok…so I used to be a Hope and Liam fan. That was until Wyatt came along. He just makes it that much more clear that Steffy and Liam belong together and so do Hope and Wyatt. Liam is acting so childish and he just seems so pathetic. And Hope seems more and more ridiculously blind not being able to step back from her situation and realizing she needs as far away from Liam as possible. Bring Steffy back so these guys have more than one girl to obsess over!

  12. laurie says:

    I can’t stand Liam, I want hope with Wyatt, they look so good together, they just click together. I think stephie and liam should get back together .

    • lemondrop1 says:

      sorry I think Wyatt is a big mama’s boy , and he never ever closes his mouth , it’s unattractive. he has only been around a few months and he’s a grown man who depends on his mom, and even at the end, he allows her to steal keys to a cabin. he then tells hope she can’t leave, wow, sounds a bit possessive and stalky for me. if she leaves Liam again I am done w/ that show it recycles stories. over and over.

  13. DSR says:

    Hope made the right decision. Brook will stay with Bill til the truth comes out. Then she will find Ridge on some island they will get back together. They always do. Deacon and Quinn now thats going to be delicious. The devilment those two can cause. I like the Steffey Wyatt idea.

  14. duchessei says:

    I agree it is all Quinn’s fault. Liam is such a a big pussycat. No woman wants a whiney punk for a husband.

    • Michelle Poulin says:

      I started watching this with my mom and I kinda hated it but I’ve gotten into it so far and I’m really Hate thatThat goody two shoes would choose wimpy boy over awesome hot Wyatt, Not at all interested in thereNext chapter boring

    • Brit says:

      Ummm no that’s you!! Liam is perfect!! Wyatt is the wimp are u kidding me have u seen him lately!! Come on your just JELOUS u don’t have Liam your the puss just leave!!

  15. nadege tibate says:

    Bring steffy back please

  16. […] The Bold and the Beautiful fans have been impatiently awaiting Sean Kanan’s return to the CBS daytime drama as Deacon Sharpe, Brooke Logan’s old flame and the father of her daughter Hope. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers Kanan will return on Friday June 13th, and his first scenes will be with none other Quinn Fuller. […]

  17. Michelle Poulin says:

    I absolutely agree with you

  18. Kristen says:

    Hope should be with Liam and it better stay this way. Wyatt and his mother are two annoying characters. Liam and Hope should’ve gotten married a long time ago. Wyatt doesn’t deserve Hope. He is a schemer especially since he made up the jewelry heist and had innocent people framed. He’s just like his mother.

  19. Brit says:

    NOOO!!! He has to be with LIAM!! HOPE IS LUCKY TO HAVE LIAM!! Liam is so much better so she better stay with Liam

  20. Jane says:

    The character of Wyatt is so obvioiusly gay.

  21. Brenda Smith Decker says:

    Keep hope with liam…stop making these girls look like trash….she is suppose to be making A point to young girls….

  22. amy says:

    So glad Hope choose Liam finally!! I will and always be an hope and liam fan!!! And if they dont end up together well there’s no point in watching the show anymore

  23. alicia says:

    I’m team Hooe and Liam all the way and am happy that (hopefully) they’ll be married and happy already! We’ve waited long enough to see it

    • Lil says:

      I hope Hope & Liam get married I want to see them together, it’s been a long time coming it would be nice seeing them start a family, Wyatt needs to find a new interest, he’s not right for Hope their standards do not agree, Duncan needs to mind is own business to he should take Quinn and go on a long cruise and forget to return everyone would be happy with them gone. Let people pick themselves who they want to be with instead of all this interfering with family trying to match make I’m really sick of it & I hate watching the show when Quinn & Wyatt are interfering with Hope’s life.

  24. lorii says:

    I think hope made the right choice. I do not like wyatt or quinn. Take wyatt and his mom off the show.

  25. datdude Mike says:

    Thank u 1000 times for putting hope back with liam, everything is right with the world, please,please, please keep it like that

  26. Nicole says:

    Yes yes yes. Hope and Liam. They should elope.

  27. Carley says:

    I can’t believe that would let Quinn ruin it for Wyatt ! I don’t like Liam he had plenty time to do right before and he didn’t . Hope never pd for any of Brooke’s mistakes! I am going to quit watching this show and to believe I had everyone at work watching this but it’s kool . I made them stop watching y & r when Sharon messed with nick and summer! Now this ones gone! Guess we will try days of our lives !

  28. luvSteffy says:

    I love the idea of Wyatt & Steffy meeting and growing closer together. Them dating would be perfect although they wouldn’t be the cutest couple. But ,however Liam would get jealous and on Wyatt back about how he better treat Steffy right and all his attention would go from Hope to trying to protect Steffy. Then Hope would get mad and rethink her decision about Liam & know that things will never change and miss what she had with Wyatt but know that she blew it & missed her opportunity. And let Wyatt & Steffy be happy

  29. Holly says:

    It’s about time that Hope and Liam are back together but for how long is the question? Writers??? Please don’t jerk us around make this time be the forever time let them have the life they should’ve had a long time ago if everyone and their brother hadn’t interfered!
    They should be married and maybe even have a kid. As far as Quinn and Wyatt go they can be ran over by a Mack truck for all I care I can’t stand either one! They are no good! Please get rid of them both ASAP!

  30. keya luv says:

    Y’all need to get a life its just entertainment this how its goes Hope choose Liam 4months later she is back with Wyatt. Then she will be back with Liam then back with Wyatt then someone new will come in the picture same old same old plz bring some excitement to the show for once all these love triangles is getting boring how about bringing Sheila Back!!!!!!

  31. Lora says:

    This might make me stop watching B&B. I really only like Hope when she is with Wyatt. They have some good chemistry together and he loves only her. I love watching them two together. Let Steffy and Liam get back together.

  32. bold and beautifuls #1 fan says:

    So glad hope made decision to go back to liam. Such a good looking man with a good head on his soulders. Hope has had a lot of her time to figure out what she wanted. Liam gave her space and she now knows what it was like ro love two people. I always new she would go back to the one who truley loves her and isn’t crazy wishy washy. Whyatt shouldn’t’ have listened to your crazy mom. Can’t wait to finally see Liam and Hope get married and share their winderful life together.

  33. Sandy says:

    I Love HOPE n LIAM! Keep Wyatt needy and scary ass away from the both of them. Quinn and her reliable grown as son Wyatt need to go away ~ also, keep Steffy dark and fake ass away from them as well

  34. katie says:

    ok all good w liam & hope now this Ridge disappearance is taking too long!!! I am sure someone found him, he’s in a hospital w amnesia and later he will remember the pilots jacket wit the Spenser logo and……. so lets do all that fast !!! leaving us hanging for long its not a good idea!!

  35. #BB!! says:

    I want to see a Steffy/Wyatt romance!!

  36. Dalton one says:

    I hope Hope ends up with Wyatt he has the true love for her. Liam just can’t stand to loose.

  37. First, bring this soap to an hour slot. Second, Hope and Wyatt. Liam always chose Steffi over Hope. Wyatt is exciting and Liam is Boooooring! I like the current Ridge, although he is a stark contrast from the other actor. Keep Ridge with Katie. I like Katie. Brooke…. Well she is a man/bed hopper. No morals, and no boundaries in her life. She will go after anything regardless of the consequences or collateral damage! As far as JFP she has GOT to GO, and the sooner the better. CBS, listen to your consumers.

  38. Alicia says:

    Absolutely hate Wyatt and Quinn and watching because of them

  39. Alicia says:

    Yes lol. Wyatt is ugly and sucks and his mom sucks worse. Wish they fell out of the helicopter and couldn’t be recovered hahahah

  40. Lori says:

    Me too! Love Hope and Wyatt!

  41. Rebecca Thomas says:

    Hope should be with Wyatt! Liam is BORING!!!

  42. Nella Ho Coy says:

    I rather Liam and hope together they have been through so much too much people meddled in their lives and now they have conquor that battle ship at last.. I hope that Hope will open up her eyes for the up coming mess her dad has in store for her n stick with Liam. If she doesn’t she is mor of an idiot than I thought

  43. Lil says:

    Hope didn’t make a mistake she is meant to be with Liam they belong together, Wyatt is a pushover, a mama’s baby he needs to grow up & find his own mate not somebody elses

  44. […] What do you think Bold and the Beautiful fans? Is Ridge suffering from amnesia, or is there something else wrong with him? DO you think he still loves Katie, or will he try to win Brooke back? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. […]

  45. […] his daughter back from Liam. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Deacon isn’t a fan of Liam and Hope’s relationship. The last time he was on Bold and the Beautiful he was working for Bill Spencer and trying to stop […]

  46. Camilla Taetzsch says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Wyatt is devious and annoying and conniving? Unless Hope changes her values and decides that’s the kind of person she can be with…. then Liam is the guy for her

  47. Camilla Taetzsch says:

    I would LOVE it if they brought in Steffy and she and Wyatt hit it off. Their personalities seem more in sync

  48. sean says:

    Liam&hope are awful together. I m hoping liam will wake up and realize he belongs with steffy he is in love with her and more importantly she is 100% devoted to him.Hope has divided feelings something she’s been all over liam for months about hypocrite!

  49. Cindy says:

    I cannot stand that Hope has now married Wyatt, I was a big fan of Bold and Beautiful, but cannot stomach this recent development, going to quit watching until something changes.