The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Ridge Die In Dubai – Will Brooke Learn Bill Orchestrated Helicopter Accident

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Will Ridge Die In Dubai – Will Brooke Learn Bill Orchestrated Helicopter Accident

A crisis is unfolding this week on CBS’s popular soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge jetted off to Dubai to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding, however Bill was apparently two steps ahead of Ridge and ordered the pilot in his getaway helicopter to dump Ridge in the Persian Gulf. Although there are some slight holes in this storyline, like how did Bill know Ridge was going to take a helicopter? The bottom line is, Ridge Forrester is missing in action.

The obvious question on everyone Bold and the Beautiful fans’ mind is, will Ridge survive the helicopter accident? Or is his character lying lifeless somewhere at the bottom of the ocean? Meanwhile search and rescue teams are combing the Persian Gulf searching for Ridge, and Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Katie and Eric will hop the next plane to Dubai to assist in rescue efforts.

So, will Thorsten Kaye’s character die on Bold and the Beautiful? Most likely Ridge Forrester will survive. Generally when a major character is killed off on a soap opera, spoilers are leaked months in advance hinting of the demise. There has been no news that Thorsten Kaye is exiting the canvas, so at this time we are going to assume Ridge Forrester turns up alive and well.

Ridge Forrester most likely won’t die, but a near death experience could definitely create some drama on Bold and The Beautiful. Ridge may be seriously injured, or even comatose after the fall. Perhaps the B&B writers will go with the amnesia storyline, and have Ridge wake up and forget that he was engaged to Katie and think he is still in a relationship with Brooke. There also will be the fallout between Bill and Brooke if Brooke learns that Bill actually orchestrated the accident.

So Bold and the Beautiful fans, do you think Ridge will survive his dip in the Persian Gulf? Do you think that he may be seriously injured afterwards, or perhaps have problems with his memory? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • Rachael Cooke

    I hope Ridge is gone for good. This new Ridge is one of the worst actors I have seen in a while The story line does not make sense
    with this Ridge playing the role. He looks lost / dumbfounded about
    everything and he is difficult to look at. Please release him from the role or let the role go away.

  • Midwest Viewer since 1990

    I think after some very short term amnesia Ridge should marry Katie, and live happily for a few years. Brooke and Bill should, also, marry and be happy with their jet set lifestyle for a year or so. DO NOT STOP ANY MORE WEDDINGS AS VOWS ARE BEING SAID. To repeat that scenario is to kill the show!!! In fact, this time it was way too much. :( (Stopping Bill & Brooke’s wedding should only have been done with R. J. having an accident and the Quinn photo being a secondary delay.) Had enough of Quinn interfering – let Hope and Liam marry….. Maybe, a double wedding with their “Mom”and “Dad.” Like Brooke the best over the years. But, the theme of B and B’s “musical” husbands with Main characters should be dropped for awhile. Maybe, secondary characters could take on that role…..could bring back previous characters: possibly Nick, Clark, Bridget, and focus on lives of Forrester Creations Employees’ (models, etc.) to expand scripts. Too, bad Sally’s role was written out. Loved her surprises in the show. Maybe, Quinn is that role, but she doesn’t need to be as evil as Sheila Carter. B and B needs 2 or 3 royal families not just 1 family. Forrester Creations could have some remodeling done – bring in some exclusive architects, contractors, etc. for some new characters. B and B needs some new sets anyway. I DO LIKE THE SCENES USED FOR TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF L. A. KEEP THAT UP!!

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  • Christina Citizen

    Ridges “accident “will bring he and brooke closer. The wedding will be ridge and brooke. Hope and liam will get married also.wyatt will part ways with his mom

  • Jessica Abba

    Will anyone ever get married in this soap? So far a lot of weddings…….but……never …….a marriage.

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  • Lisa S

    For the love of God please B&B writers please dont do the typical thing that ALL SOAP OPERA do when a main character disappears which is have them come back and thnk they are still married to someone they are not married to. Please just bring Ridge back knowing he is still in love with Katie and have them get married but have deacon go after Brooke. And hurry and bring this Ivy Forrester girl in and have her go after Wyatt and let it make Hope CRAZY JEALOUS and have Liam notice Hope being jealous and let it cause a rip between Liam and Hope . And please tape Ally mouth closed I’m so tired of this little girl barking orders running around the office like she is security for forrester. And please please let Carter see the reason Maya is so on Oliver is because she wants him. I still remember Maya really liking that kiss that Oliver gave her.And bring Steffy, Thomas back I’m so sick of all these logans.

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