The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Rushes to Stop Brooke and Bill’s Wedding in Dubai – Brings Quinn’s Blackmail Pic

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Rushes to Stop Brooke and Bill’s Wedding in Dubai - Brings Quinn's Blackmail Pic

There’s a wedding in the works on CBS’s daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, but like any soap opera wedding there are also plans in the works to derail it. Bill and Brooke are planning to tie the knot and say their “I Do’s” in beautiful Dubai. However, their exes Quinn and Ridge are determined to stop the ceremony.

Quinn had a one night stand with Bill Spencer while Brooke and Ridge were standing at the altar. Unbeknownst to Bill they didn’t go through with the wedding, so after drinking his sorrows away he had sex with Quinn. The next day Bill learned that Brooke and Ridge never said their “I Do’s” so he rushed over to her house and began trying to win her over. He never mentioned to Brooke that he had slept with Quinn the night before. Technically he didn’t cheat on Brooke because she was set to wed Ridge, but there is no doubt that if Brooke found out about their night of passion their wedding will come to a halt.

Little does Bill know Quinn snapped a selfie while she was in bed with him, and she has sent it to Ridge. Ridge is currently engaged to Brooke’s sister Katie, but he was enraged when he learned Brooke was preparing to marry Bill in Dubai. Ridge claims he just doesn’t want his son RJ to inherit Bill Spencer as a step-father, but it is becoming pretty clear that Ridge is not over Brooke and although he doesn’t want to be with her, he doesn’t want anyone else to be with her either.

The question on everyone’s mind is how far will Ridge go to stop the wedding? Will he really fly across the world to Dubai to interrupt their “I Do’s,” now that he is armed with a photo of Quinn and Bill in bed together? And, what about Katie? How will she feel about her fiancé abandoning her and flying to Dubai to stop Brooke’s wedding? Unless she is in complete denial, it should be clear to her that her fiancé is obviously not over her sister Brooke.

So Bold and the Beautiful fans, do you think that Ridge will hop on the next plane to Dubai? If he does show up at the wedding and show Brooke the picture, do you think there is a chance she will still go through with the wedding? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • PassionQueen77

    Yes i think that is possible for Quinn to fly to Dubai with Ridge to stop the wedding. Quinn is a manipulator who wants Bill and he doesn’t want her. The writers likes a woman like her who can manipulate people. I wonder how long this manipulations is going to continue. Hope/Liam/Wyatt storyline is so boring and for her dating two guys is so dumb. This show needs new writers and new storylines. It is just the same old and the same old. The writers doesn’t want to see any of the couples happy. They get happy for a while then something else happens. I would return watching this show once Quinn and Wyatt leaves the show. They being on there is a waste of time. Quinn has nothing better else to do. I don’t think Katie and Ridge is going to get married either. Ridge can’t seem to let go of Brooke. Brooke is happy with Bill. Ridge just want to interfere with Brooke life all the time. Ridge is jealous that RJ would look up to Bill so what. Bill was just being nice to RJ there is no problem with that. If anyone who thinks Quinn should be with Bill is very delusional. Bill is happy with Brooke. Hope should choose neither of the brothers. The new girl who is coming into town should be Liam new love interest. Hope can’t make up her mind of who she wants to be with. Liam is wasting his time being with Hope while she dates Wyatt at the same time. The writers looks confused and doesn’t know what to do with the show anymore. They can quit and let someone else take the good writing for the show. Eric needs to retire from forrester creations. Fix up the Ridge storyline and make him move on with his life with Katie. The writers doesn’t care for the characters at all.

  • nikkig04

    Yes I agree!! The writers must go I have stopped watching the show. Quinn and Wyatt need to go and brook and bill should end up together. Seriously everyone should end up happy for once. And hope with liam. And if not then at least steffy should come back! This show has gotten so ridiculous and the whole ridge and brook pattern really needs to stop. I don’t like the actor that plays ridge anyways.

    • angelica vasquez

      I agree. The writers need to let Ridge and Katie and Brooke with Bill. It’s always the same old thing. They leave each other than go back to each other. Boring I’m so sick of the writers. I also think they should bring new men one for Donna and Quinn. Hope with Liam. …….

      • nikkig04

        I know. They should. And what happened to Bridgett and nick and all of them. That show is really gonna go down hill if they do not do something about it soon to catch the viewers eye.I feel the same way about the young and the restless that one is just as bad if not worse.

  • Hope196237

    I love Katie and Ridge together, Brooke and Bill deserve one another…and as far as Hope and Liam go, I am so happy Liam is getting to feel what it is like to be treated like an idiot. Quinn is good value, especially when she is fighting with Aly…….Aly is a total nut job, she has issues……lol Wyatt is ok, dont really have a negative thing to say about him. Only thing that riles me is how he and Hope are just always smooching and not really having any intelligent conversations. I think Thorsten Kaye is a great Ridge, much much better than Ronn Moss, he is more believable, rough edge and sooo good looking. Oh and he doesnt walk funny or speak in a husky whisper.

  • Laquita Anderson

    I hope brook and bill stay together and ridge need to move on with his bore life with katie and hope and wyatt. Are good together too I hope they stay together! !!

    • crystal

      Ridge should be with katie. n bill and brook should get married hope and liam get married dont bring stepie back

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  • nikkig04

    Yes Lula u are sooo right. I think it would be easier for us to except ridge ruining the wedding if it were to be ronn moss. But I like bill and brook together I hope that picture doesn’t ruin it. We all need to get together and be the writers lol cause us as viewers know exactly what we want to see!

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