The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Week of May 26: Katie and Quinn Battle – Brooke and Bill’s Wedding Ruined by Ridge and Quinn?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Week of May 26: Katie and Quinn Battle - Brooke and Bill’s Wedding Ruined by Ridge and Quinn?

The drama on CBS’s daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful is really heating up, and according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers the week of May 26-30 will be packed full of can’t miss drama. Most soap operas have a few love triangles, but B&B boasts a complicated love square between Brooke, Bill, Ridge, and Katie. And, it looks like it is about to get even more complicated.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that on Tuesday May 27 Ridge and Brooke will arrive in the Emirates and begin planning to say their “I Do’s.” They have both had plenty of practice getting married, but unbeknownst to them this may be the hardest wedding to pull off yet.

Back home Ridge receives a gift from Quinn, a photo that she took of herself in bed with Bill. Armed with the ammunition he needs Ridge prepares to crash their wedding, confident that they photo of Bill and Quinn will force Brooke to cancel their nuptials.

Ridge is so caught up on thwarting Bill and Brooke’s wedding plans he seems to have forgotten about his own fiancée, Brooke’s sister Katie. Although Ridge insists that the reason he is so obsessed with Brooke and Bill’s wedding is because he is concerned for his son RJ, Katie still is feeling neglected and upset that he is focusing so much of his energy on Brooke. According to B&B spoilers on May 30 Katie goes head to head with Quinn and calls her out for her involvement in Ridge’s scheme to stop the wedding.

So B&B fans, do you think Brooke and Bill will be able to say their “I Do’s” before Ridge and Quinn are able to stop them? Do you think that Ridge is over-stepping his boundaries, or does he have a right to be so upset about Bill being the step-father to his son RJ? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • betty johnson

    i think the writer should let bill and brook get marry and let hope and liam get marry as well these four couple are made for each other they are ment to be for ever they are the best and they belong let these ppl get marry.

    • angelica vasquez

      I totally agree. They need to bring a man for Donna, and Katie and Ridge should get marry. ……

  • melanika

    Believe it or not, it’s not okay to court quasi-incestous relationships in a sane civilized world. If my sister slept with my husband there would be hell to pay. This is horrible writing by twisted mindsets that for years have been promoting this sick male fantasy of basically sleeping with an entire family of women. The women of B&B are stepford wives passing themselves off as strong women but who stay in the bedroom more than the boardroom. The meaning of “in bred” is clear on this show. American lust has gone way out there. Brooke is the consummate whore sorry to say. To justify it they made her best buds with Stephanie, the woman whose life she destroyed before she died on the show. A way to make Brooke a saint. Having slept with an entire family including the stepson almost. Having a child by your daughter’s husband? And the writers are so hot for that story line they are bringing deacon back to remind us it happened and it is all okay. They have a resident pyschiatrist on the show but she’s been infected with the incest virus also and is sleeping with the brother of her ex-husband. Who can she counsel? Basically, insanity and incest rules on daytime television. The more amoral and sociopathic the better. No wonder most of the shows went off the air and these will soon follow. Lol.

  • angelica vasquez

    I agree. He is so stupid using him son. When the truth is he wants her. He’s always dumping someone who cares for him.

  • angelica vasquez

    I can’t stand Quinn they need to get rid of her. ……

  • angelica vasquez


  • PassionQueen77

    The show is about who is sleeping with who. The writers likes the logan family and they are on the show everyday. They don’t care for the character happiness they rather ruin it by there schemes and manipulations. I am glad i don’t have to watch the show for the entire week. It is bad. Brooke and Bill wanted to get married but the writers rather let Ridge and Quinn interfere with there wedding. That is so dumb. Ridge still loves Brooke but he dumped her to be with Katie. I don’t think the weddings is going to happen between the sisters. One of them is jealous of the other person. Liam knows that Quinn is a evil person. The writers are lazy to bring in a new woman for Liam. Liam can leave Hope alone because she rather be with Wyatt. New storylines needs to develop very soon. The writers needs to be fired very soon.

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  • Deb Kia

    Ridge need to let Brook go,he tell katie he loves her and she is so dum.Get a life girl.Quinn is a full blown nut case,waiting for a straight jacket.She is going to make hope leave wyatt,she is messing with hope mom happiness.Deacon and Quinn should get together,the devil and the wicket witch.Ok where is Eric,let him and Donna get back together.

  • Shelly37

    Ridge getting on my Dang nerves, if he want Katie why he so worried about Brooke!!! And I think Bill have suffered enough anyway Katie brought everything on herself! !!!!!!

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  • tersa

    Ridge is going to try and stop the wedding but I believe the jet will crash and temporarily stop the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see If I am right?? Tune in!!!!!!

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