The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam’s Serious Mysterious Accident – Oliver’s in Trouble Becuase Aly’s Being Used

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam's Serious Mysterious Accident - Oliver's in Trouble Becuase Aly's Being Used

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of June 30-July 4 tease a week of can’t miss drama on the CBS soap opera. Quinn Fuller recently proved she will reunite her son Wyatt and Hope by any means necessary, even if it means killing his half-brother Liam. According to B&B spoilers, Quinn will be in hot water once again after Liam is injured at his beach house.

According to B&B spoilers, Ridge and Katie’s relationship is at a stand-still because he is neglecting his fiancée and spending all of his time trying to get his memory back. And, he seems to be succeeding. It is only a matter of time before he recollects his nearly fatal helicopter ride over the Persian Gulf in Abu Dhabi, and realizes Bill’s henchman Justin was the pilot. He may not have to remember though because spoilers tease that Justin begins panicking and unraveling slowly, certain that Ridge is on to him.

After Aly and Oliver’s bizarre Renaissance date, they return to Forrester Creations and Oliver finds himself in a world of trouble. Maya plays her recording for Rick and Caroline, and they begin asking the same question fans have been pondering for week now… is Oliver just using Aly or does he truly care about her? Meanwhile, Rick will have some relationship problems of his own, and begin questioning his feelings for Maya and Caroline.

So Bold and the Beautiful fans, what do you think happened to Liam at the beach house? Did Quinn finally go too far? And, how do you feel about the reemerging love triangle between Caroline, Rick, and Maya? Do you think Rick will wind up going back to Maya, or stay true to Caroline? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL daily for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

People on Soap Opera Spy are full of feeling on these issues:

Can’t stand Wyatt! I hope Liam gets the help he needs, and him and hope get married.

Quinn is crazy.

Please tell me that Liam badly injured isn’t referring to a sprained ankle .

I sure hope that Rick stays faithful to Caroline! Not a Maya fan here.

Kill Liam off or recast. Can’t stand that actor! And he needs to shave anyway. I literally gag every time Hope has to kiss him. Major YUCK!

Liam needs to quit telling Hope and start making a Police report and hire a body guard.

maya was sort of cray cray when she first got out of prison then in a split second butter would,t melt in her mouth – i knew that facade would not last last…………….lol.

with all the stuff that quinn has pulled concerning liam why hasn’t he reported her to the police & had a restraining order put on her – no he would rather run to hope & do his exasperating whining so she can continue feeling sorry for his butt…………

Will we ever see a resolution to the Liam, Hope and Wyatt love triangle – how far will Quinn go to promote Wyatt? We will soon see!

Soap actors film scenes for “The Bold and the Beautiful” on location in Paris, France on June 12, 2014. All of the actors had just attended the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and now were back to work on their trip to Europe!

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12 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam’s Serious Mysterious Accident – Oliver’s in Trouble Becuase Aly’s Being Used”

  1. 20 year mid west fan says:

    Rick should stay with Caroline! Maya could go to art school to learn to design clothing for future conflicts in years to come. Why not get some plugs in for college education?
    Quinn needs to be arrested for attempted murder. Liam and Hope should marry and start a family. Wyatt should rebound and marry some new girl on the scene. Down the road, maybe, conflict and partner changes….

  2. PassionQueen77 says:

    It seems like the writers doesn’t care for Liam. Either keep Liam on the show for a while or just get rid of his character. Liam shouldn’t be getting into some serious accident. These writers writing is getting from good to bad. Ever since Stephanie left the writers has been giving there characters bad parts for them to play. If i were the characters on the show i would just quit the show from now before the writers decides to give them bad parts to play. There is no surviving couple on the show besides Hope and Liam, Brooke and Bill, Ridge and Katie, Aly and Oliver, Pam and that weird guy, Maya with nobody, Rick and Caroline. These writers thinks they know what is best for the show but they don’t. They got one producer and head writer for the show. The writer for this show is Bradley J Bell. He only cares about the logan family that is it. The forresters family and the spencer family, he doesn’t care for them at all. All he wants for Ridge to do is bounce from woman to woman. Ridge reminds me so much like Victor from the young and the restless. In the past Ridge was dating between Taylor and Brooke back and forth and love triangle wasn’t going anywhere. Now the writers wants Ridge to have a love triangle between the sisters. That is dumb. Ridge should pick one and stay with them for a year or two. None of these couples relationships last for long. All of them is breaking up. That is how the young and the restless is too.

  3. PassionQueen77 says:

    Caroline was just a rebound for Rick. Rick married Caroline last year which it is dumb. Maya wanted to be with him last year but couldn’t because Rick was taken. The writers care about is partnership so much that there head could spin. Rick is a good guy and he deserves to be with Maya. If it wasn’t for Caroline and the writers Rick and Maya would be married by now instead of Rick go married to Caroline. Caroline is evil and all she cares about is her needs that is it. Liam is a good guy who has a good heart and it is very sad for his accident. Quinn and her mamas boy Wyatt needs to leave the show as soon as possible. Their drama needs to come to a end by this fall. If they are not gone by this fall then i won’t be watching this show anymore. The writers can’t stick with one couple that could stay for long more then a year. I rather watch Days of our lives around that time or the social. If Quinn and Wyatt are not gone by this fall all i am going to say is goodbye the bold and the beautiful. Thanks for the good times of watching the show, but i can’t watch it anymore that is what i would be saying.

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  5. arod says:

    Call the cops on that psycho, Quinn. I hate her. My blood pressure goes up every time I see that witch!

  6. arod says:

    Wyatt needs to goooo!

  7. arod says:

    Let Hope & Liam get married already.

  8. arod says:

    I agree. Leave Stephanie where she’s at, please.

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  10. Rose says:

    Get rid of Maya & get rid of Katie

  11. Rose says:

    Put Quinn in a Hospital for Where there are a bunch of Psychos put a story line on that topic. Thriller. More spark Romance between Ridge & Brooke