The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June 30 – July 4: Quinn Attempts To Kill Liam So Hope and Wyatt Can Be A Couple?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June 30 - July 4: Quinn Attempts To Kill Liam So Hope and Wyatt Can Be A Couple?

Fans of CBS’s daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful are frustrated with the never-ending love triangle between Liam, Hope, and Wyatt. It’s safe to say no one is as frustrated with it as Wyatt’s mom Quinn Fuller. At this point she seems more determined to get Hope and Wyatt back together, than Wyatt is. How far will she go to reunite Wyatt and Hope though?

Since Hope chose Liam over Wyatt, Quinn has gradually become more and more unhinged and unpredictable. First she sent Ridge the selfie that resulted in him nearly dying in Abu Dhabi, and on the June 26th episode of Bold and the Beautiful she had an altercation with Liam and attempted to stab him in the neck with the sword pendant on his necklace. Deacon paid Quinn a visit in her warehouse, and she was welding metal with a crazed look in her eye, she announced to Deacon that she actually planned to kill Liam.

So, the question on every Bold and the Beautiful fan’s mind is obviously, is Quinn crazy enough to really try to kill Liam? Let’s not forget this is the same Quinn that dangled Aly over a bridge when she threatened Hope and Wyatt’s relationship. And, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of June 30 – July 4 tease that Liam has a serious accident at his beach house in Malibu.

What do you think Bold and the Beautiful fans? Is Quinn capable of actually killing Liam? Will she really go that far to ensure Wyatt gets Hope back? And, what about the accident Liam has, do you think Quinn is responsible? Share your thought and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL daily for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

21 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers June 30 – July 4: Quinn Attempts To Kill Liam So Hope and Wyatt Can Be A Couple?”

  1. Tammi Califf says:

    I hope Quinns plan back fires me as a fan is so ready to see Liam and hope get married Bill needs to step up and put Quinn in her place and maybe she will fall for Deacon something needs to happen or at least put her in a padded room

  2. lorina says:

    u may be sick of Quinn but she brings all the drama without her the story is boring.

  3. Queenlo says:

    Im sick of her too she needs to go Asap.

  4. PassionQueen77 says:

    i agree with Carol. I am sick and tired of this Quinn. Liam was walking around the house and i know Quinn is the one who is going to try to kill Liam. The writers is so dumb of letting this Quinn biatch get away with everything. Quinn needs to leave the show. All Quinn does is to destroy people lives. Wyatt doesn’t want anything to do with his mother good for her. For Liam getting into little accident is so dumb. These writers needs to go. They don’t care for the characters at all. I rather move from watching the bold and the beautiful to watching Days of our lives by next week. The writers just want to bounce back and forth with the couples because they are confused who to pair up who with who. For Rick marrying his enemy Caroline was so dumb. Why should a guy marry someone who he doesn’t like it is dumb. Break up Rick and Caroline because Caroline was just a rebound since she came into town. Caroline was the one who tried to break up Maya and Rick by stalking them with that guy name Rafael. The only way i would watch this show full time that is if Quinn and Wyatt leaves the show, Brooke and Bill should continue there wedding in Ahu Dubai, Hope and Liam get married to eachother without any interruptions.

    • blueyedgurl83 says:

      I agree with passionqueen77…. I love this show, I record it every day, but this Quinn is really working my nerves…. she needs to go to the insane hospital, let Hope and Liam, Brooke and Bill all 4 go get married somewhere without anyone messing it up…. As far as Rick goes I think he still loves Maya and I think eventually they will be together, cause Caroline just had her baby in real life so I bet she wants to take time off, so that will be the end to Rick and Caroline. But pleaseeeee, lock Quinn up and throw away the key.

  5. PassionQueen77 says:

    Quinn is thinking about herself alone she thinks killing Liam is the answer which it isn’t. Poor Liam getting into a serious accident. This show needs a good detective for this storyline and good doctors on staff at the hospital.

    • Paintlady says:

      Just end the show all together, u are running out of ideas and grasping at straws! Brooks slept with everybody and her sisters husband , Katie and ridge crazy!!! It’s no wonder why Ron Moss quit the show( former ridge ) story lines do have their LIMITS! Just stop already please

    • Jeanie says:

      Why are all of you calling Quinn crazy? I guess everyone has forgotten what Bill did to break-up Hope and Liam. I’m sick of Hope & Liam — Brooke & Bill.

  6. Ellen Salas says:

    I’m tired of the Quinn who in their right mind would just stand there and let someone walk into their home. Hello call the police throw her out do something. I hope that Quinn leaves something that implicates her hurting Liam finally and send both Wyatt and his mom packing. I hope Maya gets the boot too sick of her whinny ass always crying she’s a little gold digger biatch! Caroline needs to have Ricks baby and start a new Forrester heir.

  7. sam says:

    Quinn might be a nut case but Liam is such a whiner. I’d like to see him off the show completely. Its enough to turn your stomach and Katie is the same way. Kill them both off and Miya with them. B and B needs more characters like Brooke who have some grit ridge is too full of himself and who wants to watch that onTV when we have to deal with so many people like that in real life. We want quality entertainment not watch what we have to deal with right outside our own front doors

  8. LaRon Martin says:

    I am enjoying the character of Quinn Fuller. She reminds me so much of Sheila Carter. I hope they have more outrageous scenes with her.

  9. LaRon Martin says:


  10. charlene says:

    I’m sick of everything going on with B&B. Is this what goes on in the families of the writers. Sisters screwing each other’s ex husband. Wanting to marry each other’s husband. SICKENING!!! Who does that?

    Hope, Liam, & Wyatt are all tiresome. Hope doesn’t deserve either one of them. Liam should have stopped chasing Hope when she started screwing Liam’s brother Wyatt. Hope is young & immature. She is a contradiction of her so-called beliefs.

    I am truly sick of wasting my time watching the show knowing what is going to happen before it comes on. GET NEW WRITERS THAT WILL WILL MAKE B&B INTERESTING AGAIN.


  11. Blondie 0317 says:

    I have been watching this show for about a year and a half now. I am not a writer but I could do much for for the show than the current writers. Wyatt was at Liams house. They had a brotherly moment with Liam fixing the ice cream. Wyatt should have asked to spend the night because his mom Quinn was at his house getting on his nerves. Liam have let him spend the night. When she broke into the house, she should have went into the bedroom and stabbed Wyatt thinking it was Liam. Wouldn’t that have been much better? As far as Rick marrying Carloline, he was much better with Mia. I would have carried that Romance longer letting her thing he was poor. That would have been so good. They either drag things out forever or don’t carry them out long enough. As for Ally, she should have taken Taylor somewhere and tied her up, went a little more crazy, and oliver and Thorne tracking them down. She forgave way to fast that again was another story line that went way to fast. I have several ideas that could make this show better, as I am sure the rest of the audience could as well. Just my opinion. It could be a number 1 soap opera if done correctly.

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  13. LaRon Martin says:

    This is entertainment. This is not reality. I personally enjoy scenes like this. It makes the show interesting, because right now it is very blah. I enjoyed The Bold and the Beautiful when Sheila Carter was on their, I enjoy the suspense and the danger, so everyone is not going to enjoy Quinn Fuller, but I love her, she brings so much to the show. KEEP HER, BECAUSE I THINK SHE IS A KEEPER!

  14. 20 year mid west fan says:

    No, Hope and Wyatt don’t fit. But, Steffy and Wyatt would. The foursome could have some drama.

  15. Pam says:

    Quinn is the most wonderful amazing character on this show. I hope she settles the score and takes Liam down.

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  18. T. T. says:

    Bring in a new women for Wyatt. Make Hope want him again