The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thorne Confronts Oliver Over Aly – Quinn Battles Liam Over Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thorne Confronts Oliver Over Aly - Quinn Battles Liam Over Hope

One would assume that Ridge’s near death experience and homecoming would give the Forresters and their friends and family an excuse to take a day off from the drama, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of June 23-27 tease tons of upcoming drama for B&B fans.

According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Quinn is not ready to give up on her mission of reuniting her son Wyatt and Hope. Quinn almost seemed more dedicated to winner Hope back than Wyatt actually does. During the week of June 23rd, Quinn will attempt to form a partnership with Hope’s father Deacon, and she has a serious altercation with Hope’s boyfriend Liam. Let’s not forget that Steffy Forrester is on her way back to B&B and that could work in Quinn’s favor in her efforts to derail Liam and Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of June 23rd also tease that Wyatt joins forces with Hope’s father Deacon in an attempt to get closer to Hope. Deacon has more important things to worry about than Hope’s love life, Brooke forbids Hope and Deacon from spending any time together, which was the whole reason he came back to town.

According to spoilers, Maya will also stir up some drama of her own on Bold and the Beautiful, when she reveals she may not be entirely over Caroline’s husband Rick Forrester. After Maya and Rick share an awkward and hot moment in the Forrester steam room, Caroline is floored when she learns Maya is after her hubby again. B&B spoilers also tease that Thorne puts Oliver on the spot and questions him about what fans have been wondering for weeks now…is he just using Aly or does he truly care about her?

So B&B fans, what do you think of the spoilers for the week of June 23rd? Are you surprised that Maya is after Rick Forrester again, what about her fiancé Carter? Do you think that Oliver is using Aly or does he have genuine feelings for her? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thorne Confronts Oliver Over Aly - Quinn Battles Liam Over Hope

16 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thorne Confronts Oliver Over Aly – Quinn Battles Liam Over Hope”

  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    That is fine that Thorne examines Aly and Oliver relationship. Aly should date a guy around her age. Oliver should do the same. Oliver is not Aly match and i don’t really care for his relationship with Aly. Steffy is making a brief visit to see her father. Yes Steffy is a slut who bounces from one guy after the next. Wyatt deserves to be with that new girl Ivy Forrester. Hope and Liam deserves to get married and start a family. The writers is depressed and confused and doesn’t know what to do with the show anymore. The writers should quit and give it to someone else to do the show. The writers is confused to put which couple together. This show is all about is sex, manipulations and breaking up weddings. That is bad. If someone should get married to there mate let them get married.

    • oliverally says:

      I think Oliver and Ally are cute together. So what he is a little older. We all know what his intentions were when he first got with her, I don’t blame him. Oliver has been thrown all around this show, maybe they can make these two the first couple who really married and stayed together for a very long time without divorcing because of another man or woman interfeared (if I spelled it right, lol).

    • oliverally says:

      It seems to me that Oliver stuck his foot in his mouth and now is really having feelings for Ally. I think they are a good couple to start fresh and make something last; marriage, kids, home. Make a strong relationship out of Oliverand Ally for the first time in The Bold and the Beautiful history, lol.

  2. Saiaa says:

    First of all , Caroline used every dirty trick in the book to steal Rick away from Maya after Rick made it emphatically clear that he was no longer interested in Caroline. This viewer never forget how Caroline and her rotten uncle Bill conspired to threaten Maya with prison, old fiances and numerous other devious devices to keep Rick away from Maya. And now Maya is the villain? Give me a break!

    • forwyatt says:

      I so agree with u. They need to put the cutest couple ever back together. Rick and Maya

  3. gml0603 says:

    [quote]Quote [b]Evita[/b]: [quote]Quote [b]ericlizafan[/b]: I don’t know who’s the bigger hypocrite, Hope or Liam.

    Lope isn’t going to last, they never do.[/quote]

    You forgot Wyatt. He is the biggest hypocrite.[/quote]

    I will say this. At least Liam didn’t run for the hills seeing a hug between Hope/Wyatt the way Hope ran seeing a hug between Steffy/Liam. I know it’s not 100% the same situation but it has to kill Liam even seeing them smile at each other. Still Liam wants Wyatt to keep his house key. Judging by spoilers I bet Quinn finds out Wyatt has Liam’s keys, she breaks in and hurts Liam.

    I just want Hope and Liam to last for awhile this time. Someone needs marriage and a new family on this show. I would say forever but nothing is forever on any of these shows. I just don’t want her with Wyatt. Steffy used to be how Wyatt is now interfering using one platform. Steffy would sell her love on being better than Hope and Wyatt on not being Liam. Both Steffy and Wyatt broke these two up with the help of third parties. Can they win them over on their own? I haven’t seen it yet.

    I ended up really liking Steffy in the end but I know I’ll never feel like that with Wyatt. Steffy is classy….Wyatt is creepy. The only way I MIGHT change towards Wyatt is if he supports Hope and Liam marrying in Monaco. He called Liam his brother yesterday I think for the first time. Maybe if Ivy is his love interest I’ll revise my opinions later

  4. gml0603 says:

    Maya after Rick and Oliver? She is really losing it…leave Caroline alone. Aly should know what Oliver’s original intentions were

    • forwyatt says:

      I think Maya and Rick were a nice couple. They need to put more into that story line. Yeah she found out he was a Forrester, so what; its done. Now they need to put them back together because Caroline basically ran her away and they forced Maya with Carter, which whom need to play the lawyer he is for awhile. I don’t see the click there with Maya and Carter.

  5. jerder says:

    I have no problem with Thorne examining Aly and Oliver’s relationship especially after her struggles with the past. I sooooo hope that Deacon does not let Wyatt convince him to help him get Hope back, I would rather see Deacon find a way around Brooke, even if it means Hope getting into a big argument with her mom to make it happen. And, to help Deacon build a sustainable and long term relationship with Hope I would like to see him help Hope get who she wants, even if it’s Liam (which I would like to see finally get together as husband and wife) even if it means getting in good with Wyatt and Quinn to keep tabs on them and to prevent them from manipulating Hope and/or Liam. And this may seem weird, but I think and Wyatt and Aly would make a good pair, they actually have similar character and personalities even if they do not always see eye to eye.

  6. Tanya Moore says:

    Can’t they let Hope be happy with Liam haven’t Hope and Liam been though enough and Quinn should just leave for good and I Hoping Hope father goes the right thing for Hope Quinn is going way to far of hurting Hope and Liam love them together and Wyatt will be happier with someone else

  7. forwyattt says:

    I know that Liam and Hope were together first but that Wyatt is the one for her. He is sexy, handsome, he doesn’t have a stick up his butt like Liam. Liam has hurt Hope so many times, too many actually. They need to back CrazyQuinn up and let Hope and Wyatt make their way back to each other and stay together with a future and all. Liam stinks. I don’t even know how Hope could trust his behine. I am for Wyatt with Hope all the way……… Liam think he can run both companies, lol the boy is sick. I don’t care I hate the way he did Hope in the past with Steffy. That’s who he need to be with. Hope was about it and he wasn’t, his brain was in his pants; back and forth between the two females.
    So, what they bring Wyatt on there for? To look foolish?, no put Hope and Wyatt back together because they make a better couple and bring Steff back to Lil short Liam. Liam stinks, his chacracter stinks. Love sexy Dollar BILL THO, LOL.

  8. forwyatt says:

    That’s the juice of the show, lol.
    Stupidity, lol

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