The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Returns and Threatens Liam and Hope’s Relationship Again?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Returns and Threatens Liam and Hope's Relationship Again?

The Bold and the Beautiful has finally wrapped up their missing Ridge storyline, and on the last episode of B&B, Ridge returned home and was greeted by a slew of his friends and family celebrating his homecoming. Ridge’s memory is starting to return piece by piece, and he seems genuinely determined to get his relationship with Katie back on track.

Ridge’s temporary disappearance and near death experience did set the stage for an interesting new twist. At Ridge’s homecoming party, Eric announced that Ridge’s children, Steffy and Thomas, would be arriving soon to see their father now that he is home and safe.

Steffy Forrester hasn’t been on the Bold and the Beautiful since she thwarted Hope and Liam’s last wedding day (courtesy of Quinn), and Hope wound up calling off her marriage to Liam and began dating Wyatt Fuller. Steffy and Liam have had an on-again off-again relationship for years now and she stopped two of Hope and Liam’s weddings. When Steffy is around, Liam just can’t seem to control himself, and she has a history of coming between the couple.

Wyatt has been fighting an uphill battle trying to break up Liam and Hope, but with Steffy back in town, he can just sit back and wait for history to repeat itself…again. What do you think Bold and the Beautiful fans? Will Steffy come between Liam and Hope again and set the stage for Wyatt to swoop in and reconcile with Hope? Quinn used Steffy to break up Liam and Hope before; will she do it again? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

58 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Returns and Threatens Liam and Hope’s Relationship Again?”

  1. Herekittiez says:

    Since Ivy forrester is being cast, Wyatt won’t be interested in Hope anymore..:) My bet is steffy will mess around with that triangle. Glad to see my girl is back!

  2. Kathy Sandru says:

    I do not want to see Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) be brought back as a plot device to either break up Lope or to pump up ratings during upcoming sweeps. She is far too much of a talent for that. If Bell is putting her and Adam Gregory (Thomas) back on contract, they deserve their own storylines. A real power grab for Forrester should occur, since both Steffy/Thomas are 30% shareholders in Forrester Creations & have been marginalized for too long by the Logans. Thomas could either rekindle a romance with Caroline or maybe have an “undercover” affair with Quinn, while Steffy could make Liam insanely jealous by hooking up with either Wyatt or maybe Carter?! In any case, they deserve their own story arcs & not propping up Bell’s “golden girl”.

  3. I am so EXCITED that she is returning. This is going to be sooooooooooooooo good to see what Steffy is going to be up to.

  4. josie says:


  5. Donna Hoobler Byrley says:


  6. Donna Hoobler Byrley says:

    So glad Steffy is coming back, the story line is always better with her home….should be really good

  7. maryjolocke says:

    yes liam will fall steffy and dump hope

  8. maryjolocke says:

    yes liam will fall for steffy

  9. Elsie Taylor says:

    I think Steffy should maybe hook up with Wyatt and make Hope see what she missed. Steffy and Wyatt are adventurous and fun, not boring like Liam and Hope. Steffy, Thomas and even Thorne are true Forresters and continuously get passed up by the Logans who are nothing.

    • ione713 says:

      Actually Steffy and Thomas are NOT true Forresters since Ridge was fathered by Masimo Maroni. The only true Forrester is Thorne.

  10. gml0603 says:

    We’ll maybe Wyatt will see Steffy in person and she’ll turn his head. Steffy in pictures versus in person is wildly different

  11. angelica vasquez says:

    I hope Liam gets back with Steffy bc Hope is still in love with Wyatt. I wanted Hope and Liam back tty ogetger but the writers always seems to screw that up. Please writers keep Ridge with Katie don’t break her heart. She deserves to be happy with Ridge. No more Brooke with Ridge. Start a new storyline bc Ridge and Brooke is so old……

  12. Nicole says:

    I don’t like stephie but i would love to see her meddlle with ridge and katie and bill and brooke

  13. PoGoRed says:

    Oh no! If Steffy breaks up Liam&Hope, I’m done for good watching the B&B. It’s old it’s very old. I’ve been watching since B&B first aired but no more for me. It’s already twisted. Why can’t Deacon Sharpe be Wyatt’s father and let Quinn add that to the list of lies she has told. She just wanted Bill to be his father her own selfish reasons. I can’t stand with Wyatt or Quinn… Wyatt is not a good actor anyway. The same old story lines over and over… When Steffy gets back and it starts all over. There is only so much we can take in 30 minutes.

    • abrie says:

      I have to agree! I’m a fairly newcomer to the viewing audience, but I’ve had my fill of the repeated interruptions in Hope and Liam’s relationship and can’t stand Wyatt and Quinn. Stephie getting involved again would be enough to make me find something else to do with my time”

    • datdudemike says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better. Well said

    • jan says:

      I agree about the Steffie line. Hope and Liam belong together. Steffie lied and plotted to get Liam.Wyatt is not a honest man because he seems to go a long with his Mom just to get Hope. Sick of it all.. Let’s get one couple( liam and Hope) married and let them be the stable couple on the show.

  14. Adrianne marshall says:

    I hope steffy is back for good really missed her, but I do feel that she shouldn’t be the reason hope and liam have another failed wedding. Someone else should be reasponsable for the end of that merry go round. Maybe hope should end things with liam once she realises she really wants Wyatt when she see him with another woman Ivy Forrester. At least then solely hope fans won’t be able to blame steffy yet again.

  15. Adrianne marshall says:

    Sorry but hope and Wyatt are a better couple to watch than hope and liam I like hope but watching liam and hope is bloody boring. But of course this new ivy character has to fit in somewhere so then of course they will fit her with wyatt so I guess hope will end up with liam even though liam and steffy would of been good.

  16. Sharlene says:

    I just said..bring Steffy back……. did not know that was gonna really happen. Laim loves steffy always has and always will. She brings the best out of Laim as Wyatt and Hope bring out the best in each other as well….. Steffy teaches Laim to live a little and Wyatt teaches Hope to let go and live a little too…. Great story and a great way to start the summer….and let them just be happy for awhile…and babies and all that good stuff……. and Let Katie and Ridge stay together….(sick of him and Brooke)…..they have a true connection that goes deep you just see it……a great love story there. Brooke and Bill deserve to be together and I do believe Brooke actually brings the good out in Bill…let the action/summer begin…..bring it on……. <3 Love it

  17. Yvette Ferguson says:

    If you bring liam and steffy together. I will not watch bold and beautiful anymore sick of same old stuff with her and liam i think liam and hope need to stay together and steffy needs a new man Wyatt needs a new woman not hope

    • Miss FYI says:

      Everyone thinks or believes Liam and Hope should be together or married. Liam is a traitor just like his dad and Hope is a wh#re just like her mother, so therefore she deserves whatever she get. Wyatt and Quinn bring the drama to the show and it is day time drama.

    • datdudemike says:

      I agree please please don’t put liam and steffy back together. That ship has sailed, please leave it out to sea

  18. Aretha Watkins says:

    I don’t think liam going to leave hope for steffty she’s not going to bother them they just come to see ridge that’s all its not going to happen leave hope and liam alone this time steffy is out of liam life.

  19. Beverly Brice says:

    I love Steffy and I hope and her Thomas bring some life back to the Hopeless show. I love Steffy and I think her and her cousin Ivy would be a powerhouse that Hopeless and the Logan sl-ts didn’t see coming. I however do not want Steffy with a looser like Liam. Lamb boy is such a boring little boy who can’t make a decision nor tell the truth—He knew about Quinn and his father but placed the blame all on Wyatt and Quinn, what a jerk. Let Steffy come back with a powerhouse story and a good looking frenchman in tow.

  20. April Sherrill Reyna says:

    I really hope Steffy comes back! She makes the show!

  21. Cj says:

    Enough all ready! Let there be some happiness for a change. Leave hope and liam alone.

  22. Sunny says:

    Please please let Liam and Hope get married for real! The twists and turns and plots against them have been played enough! Time for a very real and very beautiful wedding to happen!

  23. Ecubonit says:

    If steffy breaks up hope and Liam I m done with this show. I have been watching since the beginning . I watched y and r for over 20 years and since they killed a kid on the show and got rid of Adam and billy I haven’t watched it in 7 months.

  24. tired of same old crap says:

    it is time for Liam and Hope to be together. We need new drama

  25. Ebony Cheatham says:

    Wyatt and Steffy need to get together let Liam and Hope stay together I also like for Ridge and Katie to stay together I think Brooke is getting to happy that he may have loss his memory so he come back to her she need to stay with Bill.

  26. […] Deacon, and she has a serious altercation with Hope’s boyfriend Liam. Let’s not forget that Steffy Forrester is on her way back to B&B and that could work in Quinn’s favor in her efforts to derail Liam and […]

  27. dani700 says:

    We are doing mighty fine without Steffy! We don’t want her back as we don’t ‘is her. If JMW returns, it’s because she has nothing in her plate. She needs to find something else if she thinks she’s that good.

  28. dani700 says:

    We are doing fine without her! The last time she returned, Liam kicked her out. JMW must have some other work lined up. If she returns, it would be because she has nothing lined up.

  29. Eliza says:

    Steffy coming between Liam and Hope is such old news. Let Hope and Liam get married and let Steffy find her own guy she can have a fling with. That same old story line has been done way too much. I did not watch the show everyday when Hope and Wyatt were together because I am tired of Hope and LIam being separated. Let them get married and let the other characters have their own story line.

  30. AJ says:

    Hope is a chip off the ole block. Because you can’t shake a whore tree and eXpect and angel to fall out.

  31. Barbara Garcia says:

    Ahhh! I’ve watched B&B since the first episode and this is crazy! First of all will someone please give Quinn a good a#$ whoopin’ (like Brooke or Hope) @ this point even Pam Lol. Seriously though, can we actually get through a wedding! Maybe focus a little more on Ally & Oliver or Steffie & Deacon. Anybody. Just as long as I don’t have to see Wyatt and his “mommy”..

  32. Miss FYI says:

    What if Steffy takes interest in Wyatt and Liam becomes over protected like Ridge is with Brooke, leaving Hope puzzled once again.

  33. JoJo says:

    Oh no! I don’t think I can watch if B&B drag out this saga with Hope & Liam………lets move on to something new……….like a wedding for Hope & Liam finally!!!! one that won’t be interrupted!!!!! UGH…I just don’t know if I can watch that stupid story line again…..Let Steffy move on……let Wyatt move on…….So over this!!!!!

  34. JoJo says:

    Oh yes a good twist would be for Wyatt to not be Bill Spencer’s son after all………

  35. lorin says:

    Quinn is the action in this story, when ridge figure out that accident he will be bac with brooke, steffy should have been back hope should be back with wyatt the storyline is so freaking boring. lets go steffy, Deacon and Quinn. im so shock that ridge didn’t play with his memory
    who is producing this show

  36. lorin says:

    why is maya and carter in the story? will maya discovered her baby is alive? whatever happen to daisy? brooke , Katie, hope, and liam mess ben going on forever

  37. Maxine says:

    I think the bold& beautiful is just a mess, to much of the same shit over & over everytime, Liam & Steffy should had a baby, they should put Liam & Steffy back together, I would love to see Steffy return with a baby that’s what you call a twist.

  38. Stephanie Nutting says:

    Please no more Steffy, Liam , and Hope!!! Enough of that story line. It’s old news. I will stop watching if you start that all over again. I hope the writers can come up with a new story line please!!!!

  39. […] Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recently teased that Steffy Forrester was making a comeback on the popular CBS soap opera. When Ridge arrived home, safe and sound, after his nearly fatal […]

  40. mariaelenaRod says:

    The same, same, same old storyline. Steffy and Hope in conflict. Evil vs Good. It’s sickening. . Steffy has been in bed with Bill and Liam Spencer. So put Steffy back in bed with Bill Spencer and Katie fighting with her not her sister or just don’t come back. OOOOOOOOO Incest! Can’t Steffy make money in movies outside of the soaps. Or she and Quinn could make a couple and they would make good mates. Birds of a feather should stick together. The two of them can wreck havoc on The Spencers and Forrester companies instead of wrecking havoc on peoples’ love lives. It is so old; pep it up. Quinn and Steffy are everyone’s dark nightmares. Quinn doesn’t need a man; Steffy doesn’t need one either because she just wants to wreck a man’s life. So now after her return, Steffy realizes she is a lesbian and Quinn her match.They have such common. Another storyline: Deacon and Steffy – now that could bring more sparks than Quinn’s warehouse and explode for the “sweeps”. Deacon and Steffy’s dark side could really turn up the heat. D&S could battle with Quinn; she needs two villainous people for warfare. She is one ruthless contender. The sister swap is stupid and demeaning of two intelligent career women who also are family oriented. Memories should bring back Brook and Ridge. But this new Ridge (hereinafter “Baggage”.) Baggage has no charisma like the “Real” Ridge. Wow the old Ridge was one heck of a looker and cool like Cary Grant. This Baggage looks like an old dirty bum, unshaven to hide his bad appearance.Baggage is suppose to be the head of a couture fashion manufacturer and be a beautiful man. Beautiful rhymes with delusional put Baggage with Quinn; they’re both delusional. B&B needs to man up Liam and slap the crap out of Quinn; that “Oh, I’m so scared” attitude is so unbecoming and stupid. Liam should Knock the heck out of Wynut and Quinn; they both need it. Also Hope should stop jumping to conclusions what happened to communication.I say bring it on with Oliver and Ally. Oliver is one gorgeous dude and Ally is beautiful. This should be a beautiful love story that initially began as a business deal with Oliver but grew to love Ally. Oliver is a super stud and Ally is potential diva. Ally’s face is beautiful and put some good-looking clothes on he. B&B is suppose is a dress designer house yet the clothes the gals are from the the bottom of the barrel. So, maybe that’s what B&B suppose to mean not Bold and Beautiful but Bottom of the Barrel. You gotta get on top of it B&B; no awards; not good! In Truth, Maria Elena Friskel

  41. Sharon Blake says:

    I love wyatt leave him there he is a good actor

  42. Kassie says:

    I think that would me so alsome I would love that but u arnt going to change the charecter I love her

  43. cmack328 says:

    I think Steffy should come back & be with Bill so he can stop chasing Brooke around like a sad puppy. I agree that Steffy & Thomas should make a power play for the company. I’m sick of the Wyatt, Hope, Liam merry go round. You would think Hope was the last woman on earth! Maybe this Ivy chic will go after Liam. I want Brooke to be alone & give her “girl parts” a rest for once. I’m sooo sick of her & her promiscuity….

  44. jules says:

    and where did they get this ugly ally who cant act and oliver so sad he looks awful now. get someone who can act.please hopeless and wyatt cant act wither. steffy is the only real actress and shes moving on

  45. belinda berry says:

    Liam is such a douche, Hope can do so much better. It would be nice if Steffy came back, hooked up with Liam and a new character was introduced to steal Hopes heart.

  46. Cmc413 says:

    I want steffy back

  47. Sparkle says:

    Steffy needs to be sent back immediately, she is the reason most people tune in. Liam should be insanely in love with her fighting to get her back, but, she would be with someone else. I think they have a strong chemistry.Enough of Hope’s drama with Liam, she should be the one with less attention from Liam.

  48. skusicki says:

    Agreed! Liam and Hope are awesome! Wyatt is the WORST husband ever haha. Him and steffy I could see. I have them both they deserve eachother!