The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thorsten Kaye, Sean Kanan, and Don Diamont Competing For More Airtime in Diva War?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thorsten Kaye, Sean Kanan, and Don Diamont Competing For More Airtime in Diva War?

Wow, there is a huge mess brewing on the CBS lot and for once it has absolutely nothing to do with Jill Farren Phelps. In fact it’s not even on The Young & the Restless‘ sound stage for a change! This time around battle lines are being drawn on the set of The Bold & the Beautiful. The trouble first began when Ronn Moss left the soap last year. He was a fan favorite and with his departure fellow actor Don Diamont (Bill Spencer Jr.) fully expected to get more airtime and to become the leading actor in his age group on the show.

Instead, B&B had other plans. They recast the role of Ridge Forrester, who had been played by Moss, and in waltzed Thorsten Kaye, also a fan favorite. Diamont was immediately ticked off and the two men have never made friends. Diamont has a chip on his shoulder that has caused Kaye to freee him out while befriending everyone else. The aging actresses on set have been amused because these macho men are being more catty than even the women usually get when fighting for screen time.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Don Diamont, Thorsten Kaye, and Sean Kanan Competing For More Airtime?

According to the June 23rd print edition of GLOBE Magazine, the situation has taken yet another turn for the worse because another actor, Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe), has now been thrown into the mix. This is his third time back on B&B and his character tends to be a real scene stealer. Plus, Sean doesn’t care who likes him and is known for his abrasive personality.

Now there are three 50-something year old guys that can’t stand each other trying to be the fan favorite and it’s a competitiveness that the producers are loving. How long between the bad blood and flaring tempers turns into a three-way physical altercation…that seems to be the burning question. Do you think that the tension between Kaye, Diamont, and Kanan will end anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Don Diamont, Thorsten Kaye, and Sean Kanan Competing For More Airtime?

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  • nikki

    This is almost funny. Don Diamont (Bill Spencer) is a good actor and so is Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharp) but NEITHER can even come close to Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) The fact that two of them would even try to compete with him is funny. D.D. use to be the gardener in Y & R for the Abbott family. He was married to Tracey Abbott for awhile and he was not a top actor back then. Sean never plays nice guy so it’s kind of hard to really like him. His acting is ok but mediocre. Why is it always the second-rate actors that try to put the top dog down. Jealousy will always kill them in the end.Ron Moss thought he was number one and the story revolved around him. Does anyone even remember him now???

    • Floridagal322

      Remember Ron Moss well and miss him The “new” Ridge doesn’t match him in acting ability, looks, personality. Instead of being a well-dressed, attractive man who looked like he belonged in a couture fashion house, Ron Moss, we now are asked to accept a mumbling, unkempt guy who looks more like a blue collar worker or “sanitary engineer”. Don Diamont’s $bill looks like the sensual, crafty, manipulative villain he successfully plays and Sean Kanan’s Deacon is believably contemptible as the snake he plays.

      • Maggie Ames

        I always thought he was gay. I guess the scarves threw me off.

    • Maggie Ames

      I remember his scarves…never really liked him. I always thought he might be gay. LOVE the “new” Ridge~!~

    • Maggie Ames

      Great minds think alike. Love the “new” Ridge. Ronn Moss almost looked gay to me. I think the scarves threw me off.

  • Jane

    I vote for Don Diamont

  • Wildwestwishes

    I do not think Thorsten Kaye is a good actor at all. Don Diamont is a great actor at least he has depth and passion in his acting . It will be nice to see Sean Kanan for a change. I hope the do not cast h as an ass… Don Diamint deserves more air time !!!

    • Maggie Ames

      Don Diamont is a bully.

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  • nikki

    Oh for God sake. We got it. You don’t like the new Ridge. It doesn’t take 4 comments for people to understand that.

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  • Maggie Ames

    LOVE the “New” Ridge~!~ There is more chemistry between Ridge and Caroline than there EVER HAS BEEN ON THIS SHOW BEFORE…EVER! It’s so refreshing to see this. The show was all about Hopeless and Broken. Ridge has told her NO so she’s going after Eric to protect her mentally imbalanced son with Eric. Don Diamont is a pompous ass. He’s always threatening someone. Ridge doesn’t have to threaten. He is sexy, hot, kind and compassionate. Caroline and Ridge have OFF THE CHARTS CHEMISTRY! I thought my TV was going to go up in smoke! I just hope the writers know how to handle off the charts chemistry!

  • Maggie Ames

    Agree 100%…

  • Lisa

    Thorsten Kaye hands down.

  • June Davis

    THEY SHOULD ALL ACT THEIR AGE!!!! stop acting like a bunch of cry babies!!!!!

  • Candy

    this new ridge looks like he smells to sigarett and alcohol, and how he act, what whit he s head all the time?? move/ band it always right ore to te left and make an stupid face??