The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt’s New Love Interest is Ivy Forrester – Ashleigh Brewer Joins B&B (PHOTOS)

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt’s New Love Interest is Ivy Forrester - Ashleigh Brewer Joins B&B (PHOTOS)

Bold and the Beautiful fans were intrigued this month when it was announced that TPTB had cast a new member of the Forrester Family, Ivy Forrester. The part of Ivy will be played by Australian actress and Neighbours alum Ashleigh Brewer. Brewer’s character is described as Eric Forrester’s niece and a “worldly jewelry designer.” Other than that, details regarding Ivy Forrester have been few and far between.

In the June 23rd edition of Soap Opera Digest, Ashleigh Brewer discussed her new character, and dropped a huge clue about upcoming story lines. Apparently, whether or not Ashleigh landed the job was based on her potential chemistry with Wyatt Fuller. Brewer told the magazine, “Well, we finally had a meeting and it just went from there. I had a chemistry read with Darin Brooks [Wyatt] in the first meeting. The reading went very well and before I knew it they were creating a character with me.” Translation? It looks like the producers were on the look-out for a new love interest for Wyatt — and Ashleigh passed the test!

So, it looks like Bold and the Beautiful fans may have finally gotten their wish: The never-ending Wyatt-Hope-Liam love triangle might finally be coming to an end. Maybe Hope will stick with Liam for a while and Wyatt will move on with Ivy Forrester! Then again, it’s a soap opera, so once Hope sees Wyatt with another woman she may decide that she made a huge mistake and dump Liam and try to steal Wyatt back from Ivy.

What do you think about Wyatt Fuller’s possible new love interest? Are you happy that he is moving on with a new character, or do you think that he should be with Hope right now? Let us know what you think about the new couple in the comments section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

photocall for the TV Show ‘ The Bold and the Beautiful’ as part of the 54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival on June 8, 2014 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. 

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49 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt’s New Love Interest is Ivy Forrester – Ashleigh Brewer Joins B&B (PHOTOS)”

  1. Cathy Thomasson says:

    I never liked Wyatt with Hope. I am thrilled they will finally break the love triangle. I want to see Hope and Liam get married for good and have babies!

  2. ndavlin says:

    She reminds me a lot like a young Quinn…

    • Justin Colson says:

      Wyatt should be with Ivy. They would be a perfect match. Hope doesn’t deserve him and can stay with the Liam. Ivy is prettier than Hope anyway.

  3. Roxanne L Clark says:

    I want Hope and Wyatt to stay together as a couple I don’t wanna see Hope with anybody else but Wyatt I want Liam to be with Ivy Forrester thank you

  4. Wyatt fan says:

    Love it that you are giving Wyatt a new interest…Hope wasn’t good enough for him. She deserves swishy-washy Lame.

    • nikki says:

      I could not agree more. I don’t know what cry baby I dislike more Liam/Hope/Katie. I want to see Steffy back. I would love to see her & Wyatt get together & Hope try to get Wyatt back then & have Wyatt turn her down flat.I don’t think Quinn will get fired because Ridge will be thankful that her picture stopped the wedding hopefully Katie will realize she’s just a pastime for Ridge until he gets Brook back.

    • Wendy Dillard says:


  5. PassionQueen77 says:

    I knew she will be Wyatt love interest. This is a great idea. Wyatt deserves to be in love with a brunette. Ivy Forrester would be the perfect girlfriend for Wyatt. Hahahaha good for Quinn. Quinn has no job and nothing else to do. Liam and Hope are meant to be. They could have kids together. I can’t wait to see there wedding in Monaco. I hope they don’t get interrupted by anyone. Quinn and Deacon can hook up with eachother and make some passionate sex with eachother hahahaha. Deacon must of know about Quinn. Where is Ridge.

  6. Melissa Lowe says:

    I am overjoyed, happy and excited by Wyatt’s new love interest because he is a great guy. My wish has come true…leave Hope behind. I hope he get’s a Trust that he has access to right now from Bill will put the icing on this wonderful cake. I wish B&B was an hour.

  7. Mel says:

    I am and always will be a Hott fan but hey this could be existing and if I decide to like Ivy I will be an Ivy and Wyatt fan. Also though a chemistry reading doesn’t just mean that. There were also rumor of her being a love interest for Liam. I can’t wait to find out and I do agree Wyatt deserves better even though I am still a Hott fan but was not happy with Hope

  8. Peggi Love says:

    I’m glad Ivy is coming on. I want Hope to go back to Wyatt and Liam can have Ivy. Hope is map pier and more energetic and loving with Wyatt. Keep them together.

    • Mrs Baker says:

      I want someone to mess with Quinn maybe Bill.For how shes messed with Hope an Wyatt ,Brooke an Bill now Ridge it just goes on.Kinda sick of her always winning.Cant wait for Ivy an Wyatt to hook up.Would love Steffy back with a new man.Lets see how Liam handles that.I live for Bold an the beautiful.Wish it was on for an hour seven days a week.What you all think? I cant stand Aly either she needs to end up pregant oh yeah.To funmy Mrs Baker

    • Mrs Baker says:

      What. You think about that Peggi

  9. lele says:

    I agree hope is just like brook the signs are there.

  10. lele says:

    Liam is weak and hope is just like her mother. When things down they either run to a more comfort zone which is normally someones bed. Hope suppose to have this hftf good character but sorry hope your not. First you are or were sleeping with 2 brothers that’s NASTY. Second you still went in between kissing them and making them wait for you. Wyatt didn’t deserve that you of all people should know ow that felt. You and Liam deserve each other but Liam is weak. You dump Wyatt because of his mothers flaws.

  11. vanessa says:

    wyatt need some body better for him

  12. vanessa says:

    I hope not

  13. pattersongeraldine56 says:

    Well he need to move on. Let keep claim. Move on something else interested.

  14. Janie says:

    Wyatt is exciting for Hope I think Liam is boring ! Liam will just disappoint hope again and she will go running back to Wyatt again .

  15. Barbara Newley says:

    You guys have it wrong. Hope is going to be very jealous of Ivy and Wyatt. But, Hope is so not deserving of Wyatt. She is breaking his heart and he is really a good guy. Quinn needs to leave them alone.. Another thing Bill better get ready coz all hell is getting ready to break loose. This is how Quinn is going to win. Bill, I do not like

  16. Keith Stuart Jr. says:

    I am excited about Wyatt’s new love interest. He was too good for Hope. So sick and tired of Hope acting like her mother Brooke, bouncing back and forth between men. She has no integrity. She needs to be ALONE.!!! Its about time this little triangle takes another turn. This is best for Wyatt!!!

  17. Barbara Shanklin says:

    I’m so glad I hate Hope she don’t deserve Wyatt she’s just like her sex craved mother I’m glad you got someone for him can’t wait to see her face

  18. rihanna pickett says:

    Move on Wyatt hope belong with liam ok cool move on

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  20. Lovette says:

    Hope needs to be with Wyatt they were great together i luV Liam but their relationship would be boring i still believe he belongs with steffie

  21. tangie says:

    Y does everyone think that, how many times has Liam broke Hopes heart with Steffy, why should he b given so many chances, love is not suppose to hurt, sorry

  22. tangie says:

    I totally agree, y should she be his second choice

  23. Wendy Dillard says:

    I disagree Quinn brings excitement . Pam need to remember the things she did to Donna before she pass judgement. Liam and Hope sick of the run around. Maya get off Oliver and Ally concentrate on that sexy man that loves u. Brook well I don’t know you are running out of men to sleep with. Katie stop crying get a life and move on, be like Donna don’t bring your man around Brook. Wyatt find someone that only want u. Stop sharing that’s just nasty.

  24. Wendy Dillard says:

    They both are childish, yes keep them together,Wyatt deserves better.

  25. Nicole says:

    I hate to see wyatt with hope.he is like a Middle School crush.liam is here future.

  26. Laura says:

    I am glad to see that Hope & Liam can finally be the couple that we have wanted them to be ….Glad that Mr. Bell has brought Ivy on the show to be Wyatt’s new love interest & now maybe that Psycho mom of his will plummet to the bottom of the Persian Gulf like Ridge only never to be seen or heard from again!…Lol….well at least maybe she will be outta Liam & Hopes lives!

  27. Joyce says:

    kringe r boring..boring..yawn

  28. kadie says:

    Finally wyatt new love like it

  29. dani700 says:

    Wyatt and Ivy look good together. Let Liam be with Hope please!

  30. dani700 says:

    Hope and Liam belong together!

  31. Verna says:

    I am glad that Wyatt will have a new girl. He deserves it after the terrible callous way Hope dumped him. Now Hope needs to get dumped for her frivolous ways. Enter Steffy………..

  32. pamelainpa says:

    It’s time for Hope and Liam to be together, get married and be happy!!

  33. Stephanie Moody says:

    Actually She is Ally’s cousin as Ridge is ONLY steffys dad. Allys dad is Thorne which thorne is BIOlogically erics son. so Yes ally and Ivy is BLOOD related

  34. Carol Williams says:

    I do not like Wyatt at all. I do not think he is classy enough. I do not mean to to be mean, but I get creeped out by the person playing Wyatt. He just looks so ugly. I also think bringing deacon back was a Hugh mistake. I am so tired of the storyline of people breaking up Hope and Liam… They should have been together a long time ago. The show is getting stupid. I do not watch as much. Get rid of Wyatt
    , Quinn and deacon.

  35. Rachelle says:

    Well, I’d be pretty disgusted if my son were to date one of my step-daughters. I guess it depends on personal values, and we each have our own. As long as Brooke doesn’t marry Bill, then all will be good in my book. Surely Brook will get back with Ridge? LOL, I have to make sure I remember that none of this is real.

  36. david says:

    need new drama

  37. mary hutcheson says:

    Please leave Liam and Hope alone…… Ivy Forrester, who are her parents?

  38. Truly says:

    I like all the young people being added. Though I do not see a need to rush to get married for any of them, as they are all young. More dreamy travel to exotic places. More adventures, parties, fun, camping, oodles of romance and excitement. Great job on the show.

  39. lisa says:

    Hope has been hurt so many times by liam she should move on and dont look back liam only want hope when he can’t have steffy

  40. Anna says:

    I think Wyatt and Ivy will be a good match! I’m tired of Hope and Liam! They deserve each other. They can have an open relationship… I like Wyatt and it would be nice to see him with someone serious. And that Ivy girl is beautiful!!!

  41. Bren65 says:

    Yes! Love Wyatt and ivy! (Also happy to have steffy back too)