The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope Marriage and Wedding in Monaco or Do Brooke and Ridge Marry Instead?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope Marriage and Wedding in Monaco or Do Brooke and Ridge Marry Instead?

Weddings on CBS’s daytime drama Bold and the Beautiful seem to be cursed. For some reason, no one can get through a ceremony these days.  First, Brooke tried to tie the knot with Ridge, and her sister Katie passed out moments before they finished their “I Dos” and successfully thwarted their nuptials.  A few months later, Brooke and Bill headed to Abu Dhabi to get married. One would think travelling halfway across the world would reduce their chances of interruptions, but that wasn’t the case.  Ridge paid a huge price, possibly his life, but he was able to stop their wedding ceremony on the beach.

You would think the characters on Bold and the Beautiful would just give up already, but according to B&B spoilers in the June 23rd edition of Soaps In Depth, Liam and Hope will be considering getting married in a few months.  Executive producer Bradley Bell also announced that this week they are shooting a wedding in Monaco.  The characters shooting in Monaco include Wyatt, Liam, Ridge, Brooke, and Hope.  So, perhaps Liam and Hope do more than just discuss marriage, and they actually go through with the nuptials.  Why would Wyatt be on site though? Does he try to stop the wedding just like Ridge did in Abu Dhabi?

We also can’t help but notice that Bill and Katie aren’t shooting in Monaco, but Ridge and Brooke are.  Does that mean that after Ridge is rescued from his dip in the Persian Gulf, he and Brooke get back together?  What if the wedding in Monaco is actually Brooke and Ridge trying to say their “I Dos” again, and Liam just brought both of her boyfriends along with her to watch her Mom get married?  On the bright side, the fact that Ridge is heading to a wedding in Monaco means that he isn’t dead!

What do you think, Bold and the Beautiful fans?  Which B&B couple will be trying to tie the knot next?  Is there a chance that Brooke and Ridge get back together after his near death experience?  Or do you think it is Liam and Hope that attempt to get married this time?  Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

People at Soap Opera Spy have opinions on the romantic situation on Bold and Beautiful:

I don’t know but I’m so tired of the back and forth with Hope/Liam/Wyatt & the stopping of weddings, that’s all that’s been going on for a couple years now. Getting old.

Getting so tired of this. I bet Hope is going to have an accident driving back after she breaks up with Wyatt or Wyatt will kidnap her. Maybe she will not break-up with Wyatt. Good Grief!! Why doesn’t anybody ever elope in the soaps. Oh, forgot, I guess Bill tried to do that with Brook.

hope plans ANOTHER wedding????? why do the soap gawds put us through this????

Hope Is An Idiot!!

Another Hope/Liam marriage is not something that I want to see. It’s been done over & over. Enough already. Please let them each meet someone else. Quinn at least keeps the show interesting. Steffy use to do that but I don’t think that she’s coming back. I’ve been seeing her in movies. So it’s FF on Hope/Liam for me. Agreed that Ridge looks like he needs a bath. Is he using?

I reckon it is a Lope wedding that Wyatt will try to stop, and also Brooke/Ridge have reunited (why Ridge is there with Brooke)

It doesn’t look like this new marriage possibility is generating too much excitement amongst fans – let’s see how things work out.

50 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam and Hope Marriage and Wedding in Monaco or Do Brooke and Ridge Marry Instead?”

  1. Aretha Watkins says:

    Well I’m thinking hope n liam they deserve to be married wyatt no brooke n ridge maybe n brooke n bill maybe but I don’t know really but we shall see.

  2. PassionQueen77 says:

    Hope and Liam deserve to get married and don’t let anyone interfere in there wedding and there marriage. Most people doesn’t like Liam because they think he is a wimp. Liam is not a loser and he deserve to be loved for the second time. Wyatt is the one who is a wimp who just want to manipulate Hope and others trying to be a loyal boy. Wyatt is a momma’s boy who wants to do everything of what his mother tells him to do. If i were Wyatt i would cut ties from his wicked mother and make my own decisions on my own. Quinn doesn’t have anything else to do more then to manipulate of who she wants. When Bill gets home i hope he takes back everything he gave to Quinn. Good for Quinn there won’t be no job for her anymore. She showed that photo thought it wouldn’t affect everybody else. It affected everybody else. She doesn’t care. I am glad that Hope is dumping Wyatt to be with Liam. Liam is very honest, caring and he knows what he wants. Screw the haters who says that Liam is a wimp and doesn’t know what he wants. Liam is a good guy who knows what he wants. Bill and Brooke deserves to be married in Ahu Dubai when they find Ridge. When Ridge is alive and well then i hope the wedding continues for Brooke and Bill. As for Katie and Ridge they might get married who knows. Putting Brooke with Ridge is not a good idea because Ridge is controlling and selfish person. Brooke wouldn’t want a guy like that. Bill is the guy for Brooke because he knows what he wants with Brooke. I liked sister swapping husbands but since if it is going to end then i will be sad of missing about it.

    • cclark says:

      I am with you Passion Queen77, Liam and Hope need to get married already, Bill and Brooke need to get married and everyone needs to leave them alone for a while, move on already to other stories and let these charactors alone for a while and let them be happy.

  3. Misty one says:

    Where did they find this Ridge? He looks like he needs a good scrubbing, haircut and a shave. And he has to have more than one suit! Both Brooke and Katie are both beautiful and refreshing, and he is such a horrible contrast. Maybe the Persian Gulf will clean him up! And again–get Wyatt out of Hope’s life once and for all!!!

    • angelica vasquez says:

      I agree about ridge he needs to shave. Yes get Wyatt out along with his wicked mother. Hope and Liam get married. …..

  4. pfm says:

    Hope and Wyatt!!! Hope is settling if she picks Liam.

  5. JoyBB says:

    i will stop watching the show if Hope and Liam get back together. Liam is wishy-washy; if Steffie shows back up in town – watch out Hope! The Wyatt-Hope chemistry is much better. I like seeing them together despite Wyatt’s crazy mama!

  6. Elizabeth Marshall says:

    Hope and Liam please let these two finally marry, please please. New Ridge needs to go bye bye.

  7. lilchris says:

    Whoever u are they will always have their ratings boo boo team Liam and hope all the way.

  8. Mary Homer Kuney says:

    Ok enough already, let Liam and Hope finally get married. There is nothing attractive about Wyatt and he seems very much a boy.

  9. Josey says:

    I actually disagree. I think Wyatt is a good person who loves Hope. I think they deserve a chance. I do, however, think he should cut ties with his mom. Liam’s a good guy but I think he should find someone else. If Hope doesn’t pick Wyatt, I atleast hope he finds someone else that will make him happy.

    • angelica vasquez says:

      Would You wanted a wicked mother in law. I wouldn’t Wyatt is a mama’s boy. ……… He got with Hope bc of his mother’s wickedness and his lies. Liam won Hope with his love and not through manipulation like Wyatt.

  10. truth says:

    I know that’s right. once again back to hope and liam untik another girl comes along. sick of hope and liam.

  11. Wyatt and Hope( Liam had his chance— multiple times). Brooke and Bill and Katie and Ridge. Keep Quinn around, she keeps it interesting. Please bring someone else in(a girlfriend)for Liam. Bring back in the young redhead and her photog boyfriend. If Jill F. Phelps is over this show too, then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, GET RID OF HER. Cool her off in the ocean in Abu Dhabi!!!!!

  12. jerder says:

    Oh I am sure Wyatt will try something to stop Liam and Hope from getting married, in some ways he is no different than his devious mom Quinn or his father Bill when it comes to getting what he wants whether the other person wants the same thing or not. Like sneaking into the steam room in only a towel after Quinn told him she was in there, and waiting until Liam walked into Bill/Liams apartment to passionately kiss Hope, knowing full well she was sharing the bedroom there with Liam. Wyatt and Quinn HAVE NEVER known the whole story about the manipulations by both Steffy and Bill to keep Liam and Hope apart, yet they go on and on and on about how Liam can’t be trusted with matters of the heart, how he is wimpy, how he takes advantage of the trouble Quinn and Wyatt get in the middle of (although he doesn’t, but Liam doesn’t run from them either), how he did all these terrible things to her, etc. Anything to Wyatt and Quinn can do to paint Liam as this terrible person to convince Hope that Wyatt is such a nice guy and so much better for her, and would never do what Liam did. . .Liam is the only person who has never interfered or meddled in Hopes life. He was just too blind and naïve to see what Steffy and Bill were up to until it was too late and paid the ultimate price by losing Hope. Wyatt, on the other hand, is a spoiled little boy (not a man like Quinn swears he is to Liam), lets Quinn do whatever to make sure he gets Hope then plays dumb, or the victim, when Quinn gets caught. Wyatt is much more like Bill than Liam could ever be. Too bad Liam can’t see that his dad (Bill) has not changed at all.

  13. BB fan says:

    I can’t stand Wyatt and his mother . I’ve bee watching from the beginning, but if they don’t go I’m not watching it anymore. Just get Liam and hope back together and stop the cycle like her mother did

  14. sexy lady says:

    hope and liam

  15. JoJo says:

    Okay writers…..please let it be Hope & Liam and no one stopping their wedding!!!! Brooke doesn’t need to be with Ridge……boring! Honestly if Hope & Liam don’t get married I am done with the show…..lets move in the right direction! Hope & Liam finally have the wedding of their dreams…………………….

    • sweetie peetie says:

      I will definitely not watch this show anymore if hope marries WYatt. He’s a dufus and his control freak mom is EvIl

  16. chevonda says:

    I really don’t want to see Hope and Liam together. I think Wyatt gave her life while Liam just took her for granted. I like Liam and Hope but together their boring. They always seemed to be happier when they were with other people. JMO

  17. angelica vasquez says:

    He deserve another chance he told Steffy he wanted Hope and has been waiting for Hope. Hope and Liam get married already. They both deserve each other. ……..

    • keren says:

      no, he doesn’t deserve more chances. He never really loved Hope. He loved the idea of Hope because everytime Steffy was around he turned into her. He is the worst character and Hope deserves so much better than that loser.

  18. angelica vasquez says:

    I agree. Leave Hope and leave alone! !!!!!! Let them get married and have kids………

  19. angelica vasquez says:

    Your right had. Sheinterfere between hope and Liam and hope and Liam deserve each other

  20. angelica vasquez says:

    I agree all the way but he needs to shave lol. I. Think he is handsome for an older man…..

  21. angelica vasquez says:

    I like Ridge with Katie. I do like brook with dollar bill but I hope she leaves him. There was no need for him to do what he did to ridge he should of come clean with Brooke. Bc he didnt cheat on Brooke she was getting married to ridge.

  22. angelica vasquez says:

    I love Liam and Hope together they deserve to be together without any interruption. Liam start being more romantic. Trek her how much you love her. Take her to a romantic place and Mary her there don’t tell anYone go and elope. Writers please no more Ridge and Brooke it’s so boring it’s been the same thing for almost 25 years now. Time for change please. ……… let Ridge marry Katie and Brooke with Bill. …..

  23. angelica vasquez says:

    Sorry but I disagree. I like Hope and Liam. …

  24. angelica vasquez says:

    Sorry. Hope and Liam belong together.

  25. angelica vasquez says:

    They had. Hope and Liam belong together.

  26. angelica vasquez says:

    I agree. Leave them alone. They deserve each other

  27. barchar21 says:

    Just let Hope and Liam finally get married. Don’t make it a Brooke and Ridge and Taylor all over again. I stopped watching for over a year before because of the same stuff over and over. Started watching again and now it is the same stuff just different ppl. May have to not watch again until the writers come up with something new. Just let them be together and Brooke and Bill they deserve each other. Ok done venting now.

  28. shari barnes says:

    I. Would love to see liam and hope get married. It would be about time.I love lope together. They r so great together. Wyatt is a mommas boy and always will hope said they had a lot of fun but hopes true love has always been and is and always will be liam.

  29. Annette says:

    Hope and Liam are boring. Hope should be with Wyatt.

  30. CCLARK says:


  31. Sid says:

    Yes, let’s have A NOTHING wedding between Hope and Liam. I read a couple of months ago that the B&B was casting a “British sex kitten.” I bet Liam’s relationship status will change as soon as he lays eyes on another woman. I mean, come on. All those “manipulations” with Steffy? What a joke! Nobody ever FORCED Liam to kiss, make love to, or even get Steffy pregnant. Those were choices he made on is OWN! If I were Hope, I would want a man who was 100% devoted to me, and always had been. I wouldn’t ever be a sloppy second choice after Liam got dumped by Steffy. Wyatt should move on though, because Hope obviously doesn’t want nor deserves a man that loves only her. Cheers to a short and drama filled marriage!

  32. sweetie peetie says:

    Yes writers you better not let it be any other way But hope and Liam getting married a staying together and having children. be enough already!

  33. sweetie peetie says:

    Then don’t watch it. It’s just your opinion like you said but majority of the opinions are with hope and Liam just like I am

  34. #1 Fan says:

    I hope Ridge and Brooke reunite!!!

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  36. +385 says:

    Wyatt and Steffy should get together!!!

  37. Paula Wilson-Moore says:

    I want Hope and Wyatt to get married! Lope is the past and is NOT MEANT TO BE! Had ample chance stop forcing something that is not there! Hope and Wyatt have good chemistry!

  38. Paula Wilson-Moore says:

    No more Fruit Lopes! Keep Hope and Wyatt together! Have more chemistry! Want a HOTT marriage!

  39. jdbms10 says:

    I think it’s hope and liam . wyatt will stand up for liam and ridge will give hope away and brooke is the mother. so i think that is how it will go!!!

  40. Pam says:

    Hope and Liam are more like brother and sister. Tired of LOPE. They are a major bore. Yawn!!!

  41. Cyndi says:

    I like the old ridge. I can’t get use to the new one.

  42. Angela says:

    Exactly. Let Liam and Hope get married! (Kim Matula needs to come back