The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Sharpe Returns – Sean Kanan Back on B&B – Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy Forrester Starts in July!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Sharpe Returns – Sean Kanan Back on B&B - Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy Forrester Starts in July!

There’s a wedding in the works on CBS’s daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer are preparing to say their “I Do’s” in Dubai, however they have to overcome a few obstacles first, like their exes Quinn and Ridge who seem determined to thwart their nuptials. Even if they do manage to pull off the ceremony and say their vows to one another, they will face even more obstacles when they return home, like Brooke’s ex Deacon Sharpe.

It was announced a few months ago that Sean Kanan would be leaving ABC’s soap opera General Hospital and returning to his role as Deacon Sharpe on Bold and the Beautiful. According to the June 9th edition of ABC Soaps, Deacon Sharpe’s big return to B&B will air on Thursday, June 13th. Let’s also mention that Sean Kanan is a true gentleman and was quick to give Michael Muhney his best wishes after Jill Farren Phelps fired him from The Young and the Restless.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kanan’s character, Deacon Sharpe is an old love interest of Brooke Logan and the father of her daughter Hope. The last time we seen Deacon was in 2012 when he tried to help Bill Spencer break up Liam and Hope’s marriage because Bill didn’t want his son and Hope together.

Brooke seems to let a lot of things slide when it comes to the men in her life, but she draws the line when it comes to her children. If Deacon reveals to Brooke that Bill enlisted his help to try to break up Liam and Hope’s marriage, Brooke is not going to be happy camper and it could drive a serious wedge in her relationship with Bill Spencer. How would you feel if you found out your husband tried to break your daughter’s heart and stop her wedding?

Also, history has a way of repeating itself on daytime dramas. Let’s not forget that Brooke and Ridge actually broke up over Deacon the last time he came to town. Ridge was furious when he learned that Brooke was talking to her old flame Deacon behind his back and lied about it. Perhaps the same thing will happen two years later with Bill.

Bill and Brooke’s relationship isn’t the only one that could be seriously affected by Deacon Sharpe’s return to Bold and the Beautiful. Let’s not forget that Deacon played a role in the demise of Hope and Liam’s relationship. If Deacon comes clean then Hope may realize that she never should have fought harder to save her relationship with Liam, and never would have wound up Wyatt Fuller. Perhaps Deacon’s return will finally end the Hope-Wyatt-Liam love triangle once and for all.

What do you think B&B fans? How will Deacon Sharpe’s return affect Bill and Brooke’s relationship? Do you think he will expose Bill’s secret and reveal that Bill tried to break up Liam and Hope’s marriage? Could you see Brooke and Deacon getting together again after all these years? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Update: The Bold and the Beautiful producer and head writer Bradley Bell has announced that a new cast member, Ivy Forrester, played by Ashleigh Brewer will be appearing in early July.  “We are thrilled to introduce Ashleigh, whose poise and talent are already known in Australia and the UK,” said Bell.

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  • ann

    i want bill and brook to stay together so hopefully they’ll beat all the odds.

  • Nelson

    Ridge claims he loves Katie go on with your life. I can’t stand Bill or Brooke, they deserve each other low life skanks!!! Bed hoppers!! What happened to sisterly love it really impressed me how Brooke took up for Katie against Bill. Wow that horse of different color didn’t last long. Hope, Liam an Wyatt situation come on where’s the class for our young girls.Is this going to be like mother like daughter?

  • Naomie Latour

    Maybe Decon and Quinn will be a couple one day but it would be a month by mistake. Because Quinn is like Anne Boleyn she loves power and that Bill is her Henry VIII (king), would be more Decon are Henry Percy Earl of Northumberland. I believe Brooke is Lady Elizabeth Blount of Bill, that is Katie Catherine of Aragon of Bill, maybe one day Bill will besion of Jane Seymour (it will not Brooke) in his life but at the moment he needs a Anne Boleyn (Quinn) in his life.

    • PassionQueen77

      That will be in your dream of yours. Deacon and Quinn won’t mix because Quinn is desperate for a man. I am so glad that i didn’t watch the show this week. It sucks and the writers doesn’t want to see any couple happy. I would watch the show after Quinn and Wyatt leaves the show for good. Bill and Brooke deserves to be happy together and the writers wants to break that up then the writers are fools.

  • brandy

    I actually stop watching because everything was to repetitive now they have hope with two guys just like mom back in the days trying to do a Brooke ridge relationship stupid. let hope be with Wyatt and bring Stephanie back!!!! Maybe if they come up with more original topics I’ll start watching again. I checked this site just to see what was going on since its been over a month since I watched and its still stuck on the same cycle. oh know somebody’s trying to break up a marriage boring and what the hell happen to Katy I liked her with ridge cuz it was different and unexpected.

  • Jgs Daycare

    Agree bring Tyler Steffy Thoamas home

  • Patricia Williams

    Yes let De con and Brooke be together.

  • Twila Sherrod

    I want Brooke and Bill to stay in love and Ridge and Deacon be thrown in the garbage. And anyways Bill was drunk, Quinn seduced Bill. And Liam can witness that.

  • cassandra730

    SIck of Wyatt and Quinn…Hope and Liam were meant to be and its time to stop making up lame excuses for them to break up…If Deacon and Quinn hook up that is more reason for Hope to stay away from her and Wyatt. Sorry for Wyatt but he was preying on her when she was with Liam. As for the Ridge situation, we already know Ridge saw that spencer publications logo on Justins jacket before he fell out which means he is alive and he is going to remember. This will of course ruin Brook and Bill and Katie will be hurt over it too Bring back Bridgett, Tony and Kristen…we need some new blood.