The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Week of June 2: Ridge Helicopter Fall Disaster – Quinn Controls Everything

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Week of June 2: Ridge Helicopter Fall Disaster – Quinn Controls Everything

The Bold and The Beautiful has been pretty uneventful over the course of the last few weeks, but according to B&B spoilers for the week of June 2 that is all about to change. While Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer prepare to say their “I Do’s” in Dubai, Ridge is en route to stop the wedding. Thorsten Kaye already teased weeks ago in an interview with TV Guide that when he arrives in Dubai there is an altercation and Ridge winds up falling out of the helicopter and disappearing into the Persian Gulf.

When Katie and Eric Forrester learn about what happened in Dubai to Ridge they hop on a plane and race to the Middle East. But, first Katie blames Quinn Fuller for Ridge’s accident. If Quinn had just minded her own business and hadn’t sent Ridge the photo of her and Bill in bed, he never would have jetted off to the Middle East to stop the wedding.

Once Eric and Katie leave for the Middle East, Quinn is far from being in the clear. She must then deal with the wrath of Hope and Liam, who are just as furious with her as Katie was. Liam and Wyatt actually wind up in a brawl over what his mother did, and the effects it has had on the Forrester Family.

The Forrester Family is Quinn Fuller’s life-line, and paycheck. Her latest scheme could cost her and Wyatt everything. Not only will they most likely lose their positions at Forrester Creations, but Wyatt will also probably lost his chance to be with Hope.

What do you think Bold And The Beautiful fans? Ridge will most likely be okay, there hasn’t been any reports of the character leaving the soap opera anytime soon, but do you think Quinn is getting a raw deal by being blamed for Ridge’s accident? Sure, she sent him the picture. But, Ridge is a grown man, he chose to fly to the Middle East. Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold And The Beautiful spoilers.

  • wendy

    Can’t stand Quinn bitch ass! They need to kill her off the show…bill & Brooke should go ahead n be married & hope get back with liam.

    • Chloe

      I couldn’t agree more about Ridge needing to clean up. He looks like a street person. Hair is always a mess and looks dirty. Beard is disgusting. Keep Brooke with Dollar Bill. No Ron Moss = no more Brooke and Ridge. Thorsten Kaye is horribly miscast. Ridge and Katie are a bore. Can’ stand Quinn and Wyatt. Get rid of them.

    • Pinky6

      Totally agree!

  • grumpy1

    This latest plot has been little more than a tourist ad for the Arab Emirates. The acting has been so awkward and has too many touristy comments in the dialogue. I hope Ridge fails; it’s also okay by me if he falls. I’m tired of the stupid drama that always surrounds weddings and births. Can’t the writers come up with some fresh ideas? It’s probably time for me to stop watching B & B, especially if Taylor is coming back. The show is just absurd–and boring.

  • grumpy1

    I also wish Ridge would get a shave and a hair cut. The unshaven, grubby look is out of style and just makes him look sleazy.

    • Donna Troxler

      I don’t want hope n liam together. I hate wyant n his mom she annoying n I don’t want bill n brooke together ridge needs to disappear all together n katie needs to go

    • KUBBE

      This Ridge needs to go. Team “Bring back Ron Moss!”

  • Angel

    Ridge needs to worry about Katie and not Brooke. I hope Brooke still marrys Bill and Quinn and Wyatt gotta go they are so damn annoying

    • Wendy Cox

      Well said, my friend!!

  • Rosalie Orlando

    the story line is one of the worst i have ever seen. get real. ridge and katie good even tho he is a narcisist hope and liam a must brook deserves bill and wyatt GOODBYE you nut!

  • Ali R

    Bill didn’t even cheat on Brooke she was hung up on Ridge at the time. I don’t know why they want to make it seem as if he was not loyal. As far as Ridge is concerned, they need to re-cast. I don’t like the new Ridge. I hope Brooke doesn’t call off the wedding. Quinn has no purpose on the show. That’s a salary B&B could keep.

    • Wendy Cox

      I couldn’t agree more!!

  • Sherrie

    I think bill and brooke should be married

  • sharonj

    I don’t like ridge he wanted katie and he should be happy.but l cannot stand quinn and her son .i turn the channel and watch something else untill they are off. They make me sick.

  • Sherrie

    Why do they have hope with that ugly ass wyatt no woman would choose wyatt over liam in their right mind

  • Pinky6

    The absolute worst line… How Ridge land the the plane get a ride ride the boat an Brooke still hadn’t walked the path??? Really. Hope the wedding still continues
    Can stand Quinn and Wyatt… Be gone already.. Bill was not unfaithful if Ridge must know Brooke was too busy trying make it work with your narcistic butt…
    I’m sick of Hope games, she néed to dump Wyatt… Now who is childish???

  • pennylane

    action action action.. i love it.. i love it when the show heats up

    • B&B

      You guys are all wrong. Hope should be with Wyatt and Liam, Bill, and Quinn. need to Fuck Off.

  • Cramsde

    I think Ridge is a little over the edge with his holier than thou attitude. The new Ridge doesn’t really cut it for me. Nothing like Ron Moss! Brooke is an attractive woman but whoever did her hair and eye makeup didn’t do her justice. I hope Brooke marries Bill.

  • chris

    I have to agree with a lot of you! Brooke and bill are happy and I love them together. I am also sick of Quinn and Wyatt! Be nice to see Liam and Hope together! But true no one is ever allowed to be happy. I will stop watching bold and beautiful if the wedding doesn’t happen.

  • PassionQueen77

    The show is full of holes. The writers likes Quinn because she brings the drama to the show. Quinn is wasting her time on the show. Quinn just want to ruin other people lives with the photo. Little does she know that will affect others with this photo. The writers just want Quinn to air out her dirty laundry. I can’t wait when Bill gives it to Quinn when he gets back at home. Ridge thinks that Brooke would want to listen to him. I don’t think so. Brooke will still be happy with Bill. There is one more wedding to consider very soon it is Katie and Ridge. I heard that Ridge is leaving the show. If he does then he won’t be missed. TK doesn’t play the good Ridge on the show. Ridge is going to fall off the helicopter good for him. He is a jerk and i don’t think Katie should marry him either. Katie can still give Ridge back the ring. Ridge is hung up on his ex that is Brooke.

  • Bobbie

    I cannot stand Ridge.He is arrogant, self centered and a creep! He’s not even a Forrestor and should be totally disowned! Quinn and that little creep of a son are quite a pair! I cannot stomach either ofthem and I hope they get the axe. Liam has paid his dues and needs to be happy with Hope! Even though she is wishy washy and can’t make up her mind!

  • debs

    Time to let brooke settle…bill is wat she need. .time for a new vixen sexy talented smart business woman. A new breed Sally Spectra…take out some of d lovey dovey nonsense..take out taylor…she look so fake and stiff..let brooke stay with bill no matter what.

  • JoJo

    Bill and Brooke need to be together….They are in a beautiful place…let them get married & have a romance I Dubai…..what was the point of having all this for Quinn & Ridge to ruin it!!!! I am going to throw up if the writers put Ridge & Brooke back as a couple……

  • felicia

    First of all, l hate Brooke w/Bill, he was her sister husband, love of Katie’s life, she sacrifice her health to bring his child into the world because she loved him dearly, then she goes through postpartum depression and Brooke her big sister sleeps with her husband, that is wrong on so many levels, Brooke is not to be trusted at all, slut and Bill needs to be leave the Logan sisters along, he has them so divided and he is not worth it, Bill and Quinn should be together, they are both self-centered and modest and doesn’t care who they hurt to get what they want, And Hope is so stupid to be giving Liam the time of day, Liam will be devoted to her as long as Steffy isn’t around, Why, because Steffy is the woman for Liam, not Hope, Please bring Steffy back, l love her character, she brings out the man in Liam l think Hope should give Wyatt a real chance cause he is the one who really loves Hope and only Hope

  • cathy

    I always thought Jason Gerhardt would make a great recast for Ridge. At least he is closer in looks to Ronn Moss ad far as the chisled look goes.

  • beachbaby

    Please bring back NIck Moroney he was really good with Brooke, also Bridget she was so good on the show, She showed some conscious morals more than most on the show. We need some diversion from the Quinn. She has had her day in the sun’ Let’s spread some acting around so it does not get so repetitive.

  • Jfresh Swagin

    smh brooke was happy ridge let it go move on damn!!!!

  • Judy

    Quinn and Wyatt need to go away ASAP!

  • renee

    So much hate for Quinn on these messages! That is the main reason she will stay on the show. She is the woman everybody loves to hate lol.

  • sharon

    the show is getting more ridiculous by the day.

  • valene

    Ridge needs to get a life and move on! As does Hope! Make a decision already!

  • Barbara Shanklin

    Ridge should have fallen & Quinn with him this show is getting ridiculous let Bill & Brooke get married if they don’t I will stop watching it again I stopped for 10 years & will stop again you need a new writer hope you clean Ridge up while he’s in that water

  • neetu ramcharitar

    Quinn is not to blame. Ridge should have known better at least quinn was honest to tell ridge what happened.

    • pc323

      I agree. Not Quinns fault. It was Bills fault. Justin was driving the helicopter & Bill gave him the signal to do that.

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  • Nancy

    I hope Brook and Bill end up together. I think Thorsten Kaye and Heather Tom work well together and that since Ron Moss is not Ridge anymore, they can move on. I like Quinn, but she should probably be arrested or something from all the things she has done. Hope needs to make a decision, dating two brothers is just icky. I hope Oliver cheats on Aly so we can see her psycho side again. She makes a good psycho.

  • loyal fan

    Quinn makes the show interesting since Stephanie is gone Dollar Bill deserves to be jelted finally payback for all the wrong he has done Brook and Eric need to get back together and bring in new men for Hope and Katie. Sisters swapping husbands who doesthat

  • Pamela Smith Wright

    Get rid of Quinn and ridge and Katie. She’s just a cry baby. Let bill off the hook and him and Brooke get married.

  • Wendy Cox

    I would love it if Quinn and her whiney little brat just get on down the road!! Leave Hope and Liam alone. They have history!! And it’s time they have happiness!! And I hope that Bill and Brooke get married and Ridge and Katie deserve each other!!

  • Wendy Cox

    Yuk!!! Quinn and her son Wyatt need to move on!! As for Deacon, he is a puke!! As he was on y&r!! Get rid of him!! He is a loser!!!!!!!!!