The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Which Couple Get Married In July – Hope and Liam, Ridge and Katie, or Brooke and Bill?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Which Couple Get Married In July - Hope and Liam, Ridge and Katie, or Brooke and Bill?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease another wedding will take place this summer; the cast and crew filmed the nuptials in Monaco on June 9th, and they are set to air during the month of July. The obvious question on every B&B fan’s mind is, “which couple will be walking down the aisle?” None of the couples on B&B seem even close to ready to say “I Do.”

Ridge and Katie are technically engaged, but he just suffered a near-death experience. And, regardless of how many times he tells people he is “fine,” he is clearly still a little out there. The odds of Ridge and Katie repairing their relationship and making it down the aisle in less than a month are slim to none.

Bill and Brooke could give it another go at a wedding in Monaco, since their last wedding was interrupted and never finished. But, since Ridge returned, fans have noticed Brooke acting strangely towards him, almost as if she suddenly wants him back. Besides, it’s a soap opera, so we all know it is just a matter of time before Brooke learns Bill and Justin were responsible for Ridge’s dip in the Persian Gulf. Once the truth comes out, there is no way she will marry Bill.

Hope recently chose Liam, but Wyatt and his mom are still determined to win Hope back from Liam. Perhaps Liam rushes Hope back to the altar to try and make her choice official, before she flip-flops and goes running back to Wyatt. Hope does flip-flop between the two Spencer brothers at a rapid pace, so for all we know she could be marrying Wyatt in Monaco next month.

The only other couple we can see saying “I Do” next month is Aly and Oliver. Sure, they barely know each other, but Aly is unpredictable and impulsive, so we wouldn’t put it past her to spontaneously walk down the aisle and marry Oliver. And, Bold and the Beautiful fans have been questioning Oliver’s intentions. Maybe he really is using Aly for her money and convinces her to participate in a whirlwind marriage without signing a pre-nup.

What do you think, Bold and the Beautiful fans? Which couple do you hope to see tie the knot in Monaco during the month of July? Are there any major couples we missed that you think could be saying “I Do?” Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Below we see a few comments from fans at Soap Opera Spy Facebook page on the wedding and romance possibilities:

I believe Oliver really cares for Ally.

Based upon some spoiler pictures that leaked, it looks like Wyatt & Hope will be tying the knot.

HOTT Monaco Wedding!!!

I think it will be….Quinn & Deacon !!!! Two unexpected people join forces to get their selfish evil deeds accomplished together.

wyatt and hope!!!!????

We don’t know yet which couple will be tying the knot but we will let you know as soon as we do. One thing we can count on is that the wedding won’t be without plenty of intrigue and drama!

13 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Which Couple Get Married In July – Hope and Liam, Ridge and Katie, or Brooke and Bill?”

  1. Kimberly Martz-Contino says:

    Please Marry off Hope & Liam! Please! They belong together!!!

  2. Emi says:

    Agreed!!!at least give their characters a chance

  3. regina says:

    Bill and Katie reunited and married…

  4. JoJo says:

    Well if it isn’t Hope & Liam I am DONE with this show!!!!!!

  5. goldie douglas says:

    Let liem and hope get married they deserve it

  6. si says:

    Hope and wyatt sick of Hope and liam they are boring together

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  10. Keke says:

    I have been a loyal fan to the Bold & the beautiful since it initially aired. Liam & Hope should be the next couple to marry

  11. Janet Hibbs says:

    Really if Hope ad Liam don’t get married I will stop watching this show I hate Wyatt.


    I think that liam shud be with steffy, they are a totali cool couple.Steffy might be a relationship breaker but Liam changed her…..a little bit…but they really love each other. HOPE belongs to WYATT and that’s it, I mean im not a big fan of Hope but ever since she met Wyatt at the woods I’ve FALLEN IN LOVE WITH HER AND WYATT.Just give them a chance people…..Hope needs to spread her wings and give poor Wyatt a chance ;………………………AND LET LIAM BE WITH STEFFFFFYYYYYY….