The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Tries To Win Back Hope After Wyatt Wedding With Encouragement From Ali and Ivy

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Tries To Win Back Hope After Wyatt Wedding With Encouragement From Ali and Ivy

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased for weeks that a couple would be getting married in Paris, France. But, the last couple any of us expected it to be was Wyatt and Hope, especially since when Hope arrived in Europe she was still Liam’s girlfriend. A course of unfortunate events, obviously influenced by Wyatt’s crazy Mom Quinn resulted in Liam missing his date with Hope at the Eiffel Tower because he was busy fishing Ivy Forrester out of the Seine River.

When Liam finally arrived at the tower, Hope was long gone, and Wyatt was comforting her since Liam stood her up, or so she though. Hope was apparently so devastated about Liam ditching her, that she decided to marry Wyatt, then and there.

According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Hope marrying Wyatt doesn’t mean it is the end of the Liam-Hope-Wyatt love triangle, not even close. Fans that assumed Hope had made her final decision by saying her “I Do’s” with Wyatt…are sadly mistaken. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Liam is not ready to give up on his half-brother’s bride.

After a pep talk from Ivy and Ali, they convince him to tell Hope what happened and Paris and why he was late. They truly believe that once Hope knows why Liam didn’t show up, she will have a change of heart about her wedding to Wyatt.

The bottom line is, if Hope truly cared about Liam that much there is no way she would be able to change teams and marry Wyatt at the drop of a hat. What do you think B&B fans? When Liam explains to Hope what happened in Paris, will she realize she made a huge mistake marrying Wyatt? Or, will she stand by her decision? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • Candace

    I am so so sick of that Hope mess No one makes that many attempts to get married. Move on L

  • Candace

    I am so so sick of that mess Hope should get what she deserves sleeping between two brothers. Just like her mother. Like mother like daughter. Move on Liam when Quinn and Wyatt get finish with her she is getting what she deserve.Liam should stop begging and move on. I can’t stand Wyatt and his crazy mother.

  • Priscilla

    OMG do people not realize that Liam could of still went to Hope but AGAIN chose to go to somebody else once again. Liam Never puts Hope first ever she deserves somebody who puts Her first and Wyatt does. Ivy told Liam to go to hope she was fine and he could of called Hope also. So please stop all this boohoo over poor Liam. Do people not remember what he did to Hope with Steffy


    I don’t know what he writers are thinking to marry Hope off to Wyatt. He and his crazy mother are so repulsive. Only way out is for the marriage to be illegal.. Please let Liam and Hope get together even tho she is a little FLAKY.

  • Weez

    I agree I want to see Hope and Liam married for REAL and done with Wyatt and his mom. They need to get what’s coming to them!!! Hope the wedding wasn’t for real and Liam and Hope gets Married Quick Fast and a Hurry for real once and for all then they can focus on Quinn and Wyatt get what’s coming to them over the murder and the diamond. I don’t want to stop watching this soap. But I definitely will and I know others feel the same way!!!!!!!!

    • anonymous

      I agree with you a hundred per cent I hope the wedding wasn’t for real either, & when are we gonna see the police go after Quinn & Wyatt???????

  • Teresa

    I hoped that he would be done with Hope . After all it took a couple of hours for her to hop in bed with Wyatt.I for one am sick of the merry go round of the triangle.

  • Delta

    Almost ready to stop watching, have been here from day one, so over Hope and Liam just missing out!

  • Weez

    I also want to see Hope and Liam to marry for Real. I want to see Quinn and Wyatt get what they deserve over murder and the diamond. Tired of all the stopping and mess with Liam and Hope marrying. Get them married and go on please!!! There’s a lot of story lines you can do from that point on!!! Don’t want to stop being a fan BUT I sure will!!!

    • Storylinesucks

      Wyatt is oblivious of how evil the mother is. Hope and Wyatt belong together, Liam and either Ivy or crecre miss f can have something. Hope is just like the mother, “go with your heart” she doesn’t deserve Liam, besides, of it were me I’d be so sick and tired waiting for the supposed love of my life, why does hr need to be convinced, you love someone take them as they are and work on the relationship. Liam is no saint. I’d leave too and hope to God I’ll be making the right decision.

    • Hlo

      I totally agree hope and Liam deserve to be together and forever I will not watch it anymore if they keep them apart this is getting old they belong together enough already Wyatt is a dork! He doesn’t know what love is he just wants Liam’s life and everything else

  • Had enough already!

    I agree, this story line is getting rather old!!! Wyatt and Quinn are users and I am pretty sick of them. Move on or I will…..


    I have stopped watching. I’m tired of the three-way. Can’t the writers come up with better story lines. Liam and Hope marriage needs to happen. The viewers need this.

    • maria mason

      not watching anymore either! Wake- writers!!!!!

  • keanie21

    This story line is so stupid. If your boyfriend was suppose to meet you and he was late, wouldn’t you call to see if he was OK? Of course you would and you surely wouldn’t marry his brother minutes later. Hope is suppose to be a good person with morals. Well I guess the writers are trashing her character. Maybe its time for Liam to move on, Hope is not the same anymore, I’ve lost all respect for her.

  • Erin

    It’s not Wyatt that crazy it’s his mom that’s crazy and I’m done with the whole Liam hope thing it’s old news Liam could have made it to the spot but no he decided to lay down so it was kinda is fault too.

  • Spety

    I find myself turning tv off enough of the love triangle Quinn and her son should go back where they came from !

  • Vale Avril

    I Hope that Liam and Ivy get together. It seems like Ivy is falling for Liam. When it Will happen i already know Hope will be jelous of Livy!

  • Linda721

    The story line is so stupid!! Let Hope and Liam be happy once and for all. Quinn needs to get what she deserves and if hope stays with Wyatt after learning the truth I will stop watching!! Quinn is crazy so stupid she can just hop on a plane like she just happened to have her passport with her !!! Come on writers !!!!

  • alict

    I agree on why would they make hope exactly like her mom? I hate the wyatt and Quinn characters and they keep trying to shove them down our throat! Haven’t been watching that much and good thing i plan on keeping it that way!

  • Amber R.

    True,I mean what do you expect from the guy who saves little animals?
    I mean seriously!????

  • CULater

    I’m tired of people interfering with Hope and Liam. BB your making her out to be just like her Mom. I’m tired of waiting to see Hope and Liam reunite. I’m planning to stop watching the show. No one can be that dumb. Why didn’t she just call if she loved him so much. Good luck keeping the viewers watching.

  • angel

    I am done with this show..These are mature adults running businesses acting like children..Hope flipping the script and marrying Watt way too unbelievable…I done B&B.

  • Pepper

    This is one of the stupidest story line ever and frankly move on to some of the other actors & actress on the show

  • Pepper

    This is one storyline I wish was over it is not fun watching this anymore you should call it brook and hope show lets see how many family members we can sleep with winner gets to sleep with bill next this soap you do not have to watch In over a month and it will still be hope with brother. And brook which brother or father or her entire forester man she wants next

  • Dontbleavit

    REALLY !!!!!!!!!! You had them get married!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!! Hope is supposed to be in love with Liam!!!!!! And you just through it all away just because Liam was late!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!! I hope your righters get them back together!!!!!!!!!! I am not happy with your righters, and I am not the only one that’s mad!!!!!!!!

  • Carrie Wendel

    I agree with you 100%.

  • Mrs. Shelton

    Steffy and Wyatt need to get together! They are both manipulative. Liam and Hope are usually the victims of the dirty ones, Wyatt, Quinn, Steffy, Bill, Deacon, etc. I am a an of Liam and Hope, but this time Hope was dirty!! Wyatt should have to pay for tge diamond hiest and allowing the other man to go to prison. Who does that? Quinn should in trouble for all her dirty deeds. I hope this bites Hope and her line in the butt. Something needs to change or I am going to stop watching. Been watching for 15 years!!

  • jacob221

    Steffy and Liam All the way

    They make each other happy and are equals without all these perceived expectations of how each other is supposed to act

    Liam was attracted to Hope first because she was seen as young sweet and innocent and pure and nice virginal little girl of a fantasy

    trying to be the opposite of her mother

    After a while it gets old and you’re still acting like a little girl after years and the other person gets bored

    Hope always like she’s trying to fix somebody and too mothering
    that gets old fast

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  • Nan

    I am disgusted and frustrated by the writers and Hopes reckless decision to marry , uck , Wyatt !

  • leapbaby

    I agree! Keep Hope and Wyatt together!!!!! I am sick of whiney Liam, maybe he needs someone else to make him grow up! He is such a wuss

  • Mary Kay

    The whole thing is trashy. Who runs back and forth between brothers? Oh, that’s right! Brooke!!!! Not to mention Ridge and Thorne ‘s father. Brooke hooked up with Eric as well. Are there any other people in the world who are available? Hope appears to be a chip off Brooke’ s block. Both her men are whimpy milk-toasts. Wyatt just wants anything his brother has. Liam went back and forth between Hope and Steffie. Trashy!!!!

  • Crys1440

    This show is turning into Days of our lives. The same exact thing happens over and over again. The audience really want a specific couple together and then others always interfere. It ends up taking years and by the time the couple eventually end up together you’re so bored by it already that you don’t even care anymore. I used to like this show because stuff actually happened, but now it’s just like the other stupid soaps on TV!!!

  • barely watching

    This is a rediculous story line, let Liam move on Hope is not worth the effort,

  • Britney Annette Brown

    I think Hope will stand by her decision about marrying Wyatt because that’s what she thinks she has to do and as we all know Hope always TRIES to do the right thing! I think the only thing that will make her change her mind is if Quinn actually killed, Ricardo or Roberto whichever his name is, because she will be reminded of why she didn’t want to be with Wyatt in the first place. But probably by then Liam will have moved on with Ivy more than likely. Me personally I’d love to see Liam and Hope live happily ever after but maybe it’s not their time or maybe they aren’t meant to be! Maybe Ivy is the girl for him! She does have values and respect for herself and Liam looks for that in a woman. I love this show so much!!! One thing you can not argue with is that the story line is boring. The writers keeps us on our toes!

  • reco1

    Hope acting just like her mother, its one thing to switch story,

  • reco1


  • reco1

    She acting just like her mother, its one thing to switch story, but be consistant with yo fan man damn mite not watch it for a month, hope a thot, wyatt its easy to get her liam she mite not be ready for you bro.

  • Jeanniemac

    I am so fed up with the Hope& Liam story line. I feel the writers are taking us for granted. I am not watching the Bold and Beautiful again, it us so lame. Tired of Wyatt and his CrazyMom.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t the writers ever go after Wyatt & mommy for all the tricks & stunts they have pulled &show them up for their real selves instead of makeing everything go their way put them in their place once & for all, see if Liam & Hope can make it & if Brooke & Bill can make it Deacon & Quinn need to be together they are both devious they’d make a good pair they can look threw the bars at each other if you know what I mean & poor little baby boy can cater to them both.

  • anonymous

    I truly hope you are right on this I hate them both to they ruined the show

  • anonymous

    I disagree it was Hope’s idea to choose LIam because of Wyatt’s mother & all the stunts & tricks they both had pulled, I don’t feel it’s wrong to save someones life Liam was being a true gentleman we need more of them in this world, what was 5-10 minutes to wait for him she could of called him

    • Pam

      He could have called her as well.

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  • Mama T.

    By then it will be to late. She made her bed now she has to lay in it. That’s what happens when you make hasty decision’s. Now the fun begins…when Hope gets to watch Liam with another woman. Boo hoo hope.

  • Mama T.

    Do you mean Ivy?

  • Mama T.

    Wyatt was sure acting cocky today. He will end up alone same as Hope.

  • Tiffany

    I forgot that she slept with Wyatt cause I wasn’t watching it at that time because Hope was with Wyatt. Yeah what’s up B&B? Did the morals Hope had suddenly disappear. Wow. Come on now B&B get it together. Stop playing ring around the rosey and let Liam & Hope be married once and for all. Y have them go thru all of that and be apart. B&B writers can do so much better. If u don’t your devoted fans will be devoted to something else u need to get it together.

  • peetie

    My sentiments exactly angelica writers are making this soap totally unrealistic and stupud!

  • peetie

    No not that attempted murder committing psychopath mother of his. Everyone needs to warned