The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Saves Ivy From Drowning But Loses Hope – She Marries Wyatt! (VIDEO)

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Saves Ivy From Drowning But Loses Hope - She Marries Wyatt! (VIDEO)

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased for weeks now that Liam would be surprising Hope with a wedding in Paris. But, according to the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoiler video, there will be a twist in Paris that none of us saw coming. When we left off on Friday August 8th, Liam was rushing to meet Hope, but Quinn pushed Ivy Forrester in to the river. Liam had to make a choice, should he leave Ivy in the river and meet Hope, or show up late to his rendezvous with Hope and make sure Ivy was okay. Well, according to B&B spoilers, Liam rushed back to save Ivy. And, by the time he arrived at the spot where he was supposed to meet Hope, she was long gone.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased that Liam would surprise Hope with a wedding in Paris, and he still may. But, according to the B&B promo video, Hope is going to have a huge choice to make because Liam isn’t the only one who is determined to marry her. In the new promo video, Liam arrives at the base of the Eiffel Tower and Hope is already gone. Hope is devastated that Liam stood her up, but of course Wyatt is there to comfort her. He takes her out on a boat, and proposes to her, and it looks like Hope might say “yes!” In the Bold and the Beautiful spoiler video, Bill calls Liam and reveals that Hope and Wyatt are getting married!

So Bold and the Beautiful fans, it looks like we are back to square one with the Liam-Hope-Wyatt love triangle. Do yoe think that Hope will really go through with the wedding and marry Wyatt? Or, will Liam be able to change her mind before they say their “I Do’s?” Are you Team Wyatt or Team Liam? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers!

Soap Opera Spy Facebook fans are not pleased with Hope:

This is the stupidest storyline ever. Who does that. She doesn’t know why he didn’t show up. How could she be so in love with one man and then marries another on a whim. Makes no damn sense. Hope is a damn idiot.

Now that’s just stupid! Deciding who you marry is a little more serious than deciding what you will wear or what you will eat!

According to when Hope married Liam in Italy (another country), they had to file papers back in LA (the USA), to make it legit! I’m wondering if they will bring this up if she marries Wyatt (in another foreign country) and they will have to file papers back in LA to make their marriage legit! If that’s the case, Liam still has a chance!

I can’ t take anymore!! Really?

Didn’t see it coming? EVERYBODY saw it coming!!!

Soap version of the “bachelor ” … Lol

that a trollop….doesn’t bother to wait stupid blonde bimbo – she deserves quinn…needy biyatch has to have a man coddle her…mama’s girl alright!

Of course on B&B we know that there is many a slip between cup and lip… so don’t be surprised if something interferes with Wyatt getting to marry Hope in Paris!

  • Nancy Furr

    We are so sick of this crap.We don’t want Hope with Wyatt.He is no good for her.He is crazy like his mom.Liam has waited so long to marry Hope and then y’all pull this crap.We were all so happy and ready for them to start their lives together.And then y’all throw the crazy lady back on the scene.Enough now we are over it.Were gonna stop watching if y’all don’t do the right thing by Hope and Liam.THE SHOW HAD GOTTEN SO STUPID AND DUMB.You can’t be in love with one guy one minute and then another one in another minute.Y’all make Hope look so stupid.And trashy looking.She is no role model for anyone.So do the right thing if you want us to keep watching.

  • PassionQueen77

    What can i say about this storyline it is dumb and dumber. Hope is going to marry Wyatt instead. What is wrong with this picture. It looks like Hope decided to go with Wyatt because he gave her the diamond. This has to do with what Ricardo diamond. Quinn killed Ricardo so Wyatt can get to use the diamond to give to Hope. Liam and Hope should of had cellphones at Paris. It seems like the writers wants to mix up the couples. Liam should be with Ivy and Hope should be with Wyatt. This is so stupid and weird. I thought Hope was over Wyatt. I might tune in and see what happens with the show. Mixing up the couples is a bad idea. Brooke should dump Deacon and go be with Bill. Bill is a good guy who made some necessary decisions with his life. Yeah Bill made some bad decisions. Bill and Brooke should get married. Ridge should be all by himself for now. I hope Katie takes off that engagement ring and give it back to him.

  • carolyn parrish

    I like your idea, let’s just stop watching if Liam and Hope do not get married. I, too am sick of the writers are so lame that they keep putting out the same story line, rehashed and why would we want to see this crap? No one is as wishy washy as they make Hope out to be. She made a decision, yet when Wyatt starts all of his digs about
    Liam, she doesn’t say anything. I kept waiting for her to grow a set, but of course, true to form, says nothing. I was yelling ” tell him he lied to Liam when he took this job about his intentions and you have already made your decision whether Liam comes to Paris or not. Tell him your love is unconditional” . But she doesn’t and I am finished with this.

  • Bruce

    How did Quinn know that Liam wasn’t going on the Spencer jet? How did she get a seat behind them and Liam not see her on or off the plane. That is ridiculous. How could Quinn push Ivy in to the river and when Liam turn around he don’t see Quinn or no one else notice in busy Paris, France. Somebody else should have seen this. Where was the police? Come on writers make it almost realistic. It is not children watching, it is adults.

  • Debra

    if Hope marry Wyatt i am done with this story just crazy crappy writing!!!!! they need to get some new writer this has going on to long. also make no sense and Brook and Deacon is a joke!!!! i hope they read with people are saying or they are going to lose a lots of fan. so i am asking all who believe this is gone to far if Hope Marry Wyatt and not Liam to stop watching the show. The only way they will know fans are done…..

  • feed up

    Yeah they are a power couple. She came from a criminal and a sex maniac and Wyatt drives a trailer and came from a evil nut.

  • Peaches

    Hope is a dumb ass woman! She has no morals or respect for herself! Just like her skank mom brook! How in the hell she gonna marry wyatt! I hate him! He just like his evil mom! If hope marry wyatt she is in for a rude of wakeing! Limm is so stupid! He is too weak! Ivy told his dumb ass to go on! He should have got hope and then they both could have went back for Ivy! Man this shit is not reality! Go away Wyatt and Quinn. Well Wyatt is not an honest man! He or his mom killed that man! Grow up dumb blonde ass hope!!!

  • Pam

    Feed up,

    in response to your comment there is nothing wrong with being a sex maniac with your man or woman. I hope that Wyatt and Hope will continue to be sex maniac with each other as husband and wife. Wyatt has been more than patient. I hope he goes in there like a maniac and ravishes her. He needs to plays catch up lmao. Deacon is a good guy, who made some mistakes and paid for it, so give it a rest.

  • kmw

    I am sick of the Quinn and Wyatt story. It is dragging on and if they put Hope with Wyatt and am switching to Days of our Lives, which is on at the same time!!

  • Kelly Strunk King

    I have watched this show from day 1, the story line between Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Evil Wench Quinn has gotten old. Wyatt should give up and let Liam and Hope finally have their day! I am definitely team Liam!!!

  • glenn47

    So we have shallow Hope now. Delightful, not. What, a guy travels around the world to meet with her and she has no concerns as to why he is late or if he is safe.
    She deserves what she gets if she chooses Wyatt and his deranged mother.

  • glenn47

    And what kind of respect has Wyatt shown his brother since day one. None, he has been snarky since day one. He claims he wants to be close brothers, then yet again, he stabs Liam in the back in Paris. I am done.

  • annette chapel

    who cares what his excuse is this time liam has always had some kind of an excuse as to why he does what he does and wyatt has never ever let hope down they belong together i am so happy they are getting married and little mrs f can stick it where the sun don;t shine now too….

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  • Jeannie

    Stupid she belongs with Liam Wyatt is a wimp

  • Jeannie

    Give Liam and Hope the wedding they deserve

  • Lee

    I’m sick of the whole craziness with Liam & Hope. This is past ridiculous. I’m also sick of the Logan sisters sharing men & Wyatt & his crazy Mommy Dearest.

  • BrittJackson12

    Yes! Wyatt and Hope need to be together Liam had so many chances to marry her and he didn’t if he loves her as much as he says he does he would of just married her anyway run away and get married idiot. Now Wyatt gets her! Yay!

  • shigh

    I guess that the famous “Hope’s message” is that she’s a total ditz. The whole idea that she would marry such a liar on the spur of the moment shows that she really does belong with Wyatt and his nutty mom. Liam is better off with such a silly girl. At least now we can stop listening to Wyatt and his mother talking about Steffy and Hope and Liam’s history (which of course they know nothing about). Really stupid plot twist, I say.

  • Libby Brady Ezzell

    The writing on the show has really been bad. I have been a fan of the show for years now I find myself flipping the channel. Really can’t you at least let one young couple be happy. We worry about a youth. This really helps them alot ….. not. Thinking Channel 8 may be getting a new fan. Writers need to be fired. Really!

  • Libby Brady Ezzell

    So true

  • msfranbm


  • wendy smith

    I can’t stand Wyatt. I don’t want to see them get married. She should have at least called Liam before she made a choice. But of course Wyatt and his mother knows how to intimate people. If Hope and Liam don’t get together I can’t watch it anymore. Yall have put Hope and Liam through so much. Put them back together that is HOPE AND Liam.

  • William Stevenson

    This is a on going thing Liam should drop Hope and hook up with Ivy. she is better or bring Steffy back Hope should feel like she is a loser and Wyhatt is just like his mother Quinn

  • Keke

    After seeing Hope & Wyatt get married, I am more than done with this soap opera. To the B&B writers, I hope marrying Hope & Wyatt was worth it because u just lost a lot of loyal fans. U seem to forget that we-the fans-made u a success

  • Cgib

    Hope is portrayed as a dumb girl!

  • jfray87

    I don’t get the hoopla about hopiam. Liam should’ve been done when he got with steffy. Hope met wyatt on good terms and she fell for him. wyatt has been loyal the whole time. Even though quinn does the most we can’t talk about mothers cause look at brooke…didn’t she “accidently” sleep with Oliver when he was with hope? So neither gets mother of the year. Team Hyatt because he loves only her and helps her career. Karma is a bitch ain’t it liam?!!!!

  • Patti Branson

    If Hope marries Wyatt I AM DONE WATCHING THIS SOAP!

  • mary

    If hope marries Wyatt I will stop watching quin and Wyatt need to go

  • Ann Knighton

    Hope and Liam will always be a better couple than Wyatt could ever be, I will never watch this show ever again, the only way I will watch is let today show be nothing but a dream for Wyatt, we want Hope and Liam together now, no more wasting time

  • Shasha Hawood

    TOday is my last day looking at B&B i do not like what happen you writes really put hope and wyatt to get married not good. I’m done watching B&B

  • Ann Knighton

    And you are just as crazy as Wyatt and his stupid mother Quinn, they both need to be locked up

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  • Doris M Hughes

    Team Liam!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THOSE TWO. I also think Quinn killed the original owner of the hope diamond.

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  • Drutra

    What is Hope? 12?

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